Letters for Wednesday, May 9, 2012

• Keep a bit of Old Hawai‘i alive • Congrats coach, but what about the message? • Read the dictionary, not bumper stickers • Pro Planned Parenthood

Keep a bit of Old Hawai‘i alive

This is in response to “Consultant unveils North Shore Path report” (May 3). One can find a great deal of information at the project’s website, www.nspath.kauai-style.com. One interesting point is that out of the 4,500 survey postcards sent out to North Shore residents, only 578 people responded. I have talked to several people who knew nothing about this survey and have never heard of this project.  So although the news article states 97 percent of the North Shore residents who responded to the survey were in favor of the path, there  are many of us who are opposed to it.

Also on the website you will find under “Taro farmers and wildlife concerns” that a “4-5 foot high wire fence along the mauka side of the suggested path route. This fence would serve to restrict public access into the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge, farming areas and wetland habitat.”

It’s interesting that somehow this fence would be OK for a bike/pedestrian path but temporary chicken wire around the taro patch to protect the crops from the nene and other birds is not OK.

Let us not forget the people who have helped to make Hanalei so unique in its beauty, the taro farmers.  Has anyone asked them what building and maintaining the path might do to the land, the crops and the crimes?

We love the North Shore of Kaua‘i because it is unlike so many other places that have been paved or developed.  Let us all help to keep this piece of old Hawai‘i alive and well.

Pamela Odo, Hanalei

Congrats coach, but what about the message?

Congratulations to the Waimea High School softball team for their undefeated season and their win at the Division II softball championships. All their hard work and dedication was rewarded with an overwhelming win against Nanakuli. The hours of sacrifice and endless practice must have been tremendously gratifying for all the young ladies and their families. Their poise and confidence was very apparent during the entire tournament, and we should be very proud of how they conducted themselves.

Their achievement should not overshadowed by the acts of one person, who for years has devoted all their energy and resources to the advancement of youth sports here on Kaua‘i. The annual holiday softball tournament (which has changed holidays) at Waimea as become a tradition throughout the state. Without your hard work and dedication an event such as this could never take place.

But should a coach with an enormous lead — eight runs, have been six or perhaps as much 10 — have been stealing bases during the top of the seventh inning when the opposing team has just suffered a devastating injury to a teammate with ambulances, stretchers and a lengthy time out?

The message to our young people is “Kill kill kill, don’t let up, you don’t know if that opponent maybe ready to come to life and knock you out.” Or can we be benevolent with the outcome already decided and allow the opposing team to perhaps regain some sense of self worth and thank them for a job well-done?

Ed LaRue, Lawa‘i

Read the dictionary, not bumper stickers

I have to comment on Mr. Souza’s (May 2) letter, urging voters to be “forewarned” about President Obama in the coming election.

Please explain how his re-election could result in both a “socialist” (that is, far left) nation AND a “fascist” (that is, far right) nation, two dangers of which we citizens are supposed to be “forewarned.”  Even a Harvard grad can’t lead us in two opposite directions at once.

It seems the greater danger lies in “sinking into an abyss” of partisanship where one throws around frightening-sounding terms without regard to their meaning. Our nation, and Mr. Souza, should spend more time reading the dictionary and history books, and less time parsing bumper sticker slogans.

Suzan Kelsey Brooks, West Des Moines, Iowa

Pro Planned Parenthood

In my point of view, Planned Parenthood isn’t soliciting anything when they hand out their pamphlets to teenagers. Planned Parenthood is not telling anyone to go out and start having sex; they are trying to educate teens about it.

Sex can be an awkward topic to most teens and not every teenager feels comfortable talking to their parents or family members about it,  and not every parent is willing to put their foot down and talk to their teens about the repercussions of unprotected sex. It’s wonderful that there is a place that someone can go to confidentially to ask questions about sex, birth control, STDs and abortion.

How many unwanted teen pregnancies happen each year? How many people contract an STD a year? Thousands!

When someone becomes physically active with a partner there’s so much to learn about protection, different types of birth control, and if you get pregnant it doesn’t make you a bad person to get an abortion.

I say bring on more Planned Parenthood to schools and let’s educate everyone!

Kate Moss, Princeville


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