Letters for Saturday, April 21, 2012

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Dog-free neighborhood?

 Dorothy Doe and Michael Mann, I share your pain of loud barking dogs at late night and early morning during rest hours.

However, dogs bark for many reasons at late night or early morning. They bark when people are out walking or when a loud truck/vehicle passes the property.

They bark out of control when emergency vehicles are responding to an incident with the siren on. And the biggest problem that causes dogs to bark uncontrollably is when other animals (cats, dogs, etc.) are nearby.

As a dog owner I correct my dogs and stop them from barking at night/morning. But in situations mentioned above it’s hard to keep them from barking at that time of the night/morning.

I don’t think anyone would want to hear anyone yelling at their dogs at late night/ early morning.  

If you don’t want to hear noises of loud barking dogs in your neighborhood. Find another neighborhood that is dog free. Good luck in hunting for the dog free neighborhood!

Get use to it as you would in the mainland when a train passes on its track through the town/neighborhood at late night/ early morning.

Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele

‘This ain’t rocket science’

Glen Mickens pointed out (TGI letters April 17) some serious issues regarding lack of maintenance of Kaua‘i County parks and golf course irrigation systems.

It seems to me that there are several very straight-forward options to rectifying these issues.

One option would be to train one or more of the parks personnel to do the required maintenance.

I would suspect that the company that supplied the irrigation system components could be contracted to provide training.

Also, one of several irrigation systems and equipment contractors (there are five listed in my phone book yellow pages) might be able to train a county maintenance person. An alternative option would be to contract with one of the five contractors to provide periodic maintenance.

If a contractor designed and installed the systems perhaps that contractor would be qualified to perform the required periodic maintenance.

As the saying goes, “this ain’t rocket science”.

By the way, this may be yet another example where a qualified county manager might have avoided these problems and saved tax payer money.

Peter Nilsen, Princeville

Why fear smart meters?

I’ve seen no credible, peer-reviewed evidence of additional danger from smart meters.

The meters do have the potential for giving everyone better choices in electrical generation, usage, and spending.

With due respect to those who genuinely fear for their health, could some of the opposition be from fear that some kinds of illicit activity might be detected?

Just wondering.

Dave Au, San Diego, Calif.

Smart meters not that smart

Smart meters seem to be the hottest topic in this forum these days.

Smart-meter talk will soon be replaced with the upcoming 2012 local state and national primary and general elections.

Imagine if smart meters were actually smart and could replace what we currently have for politicians. Imagine smart meters solving the recession, putting an end to barking dogs, leaf blowers and all noise pollution.

Now imagine they could end traffic congestion, GMOs, racial tensions and drug abuse!

Smart meters just need to be re-programmed to replace human politicians and we would all live happily ever after, now that would be smart!


James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapa‘a

Mahalo Kaua‘i

Mahalo Kaua‘i and The Garden Island newspaper.

On Wednesday a kind gentleman of Kapa‘a called us. His grandson had received my father’s missing Sun Streamway 7 bicycle from a friend who reportedly found it in the bushes by the Kawaihau Road.

Thanks to our letter in The Garden Island, he recognized the bike as the one taken from our driveway on Monday and called us.

When we arrived at his home, he had his grandson explain the circumstances under which he received it, returned the bike, and refused to accept any reward.

This morning my father is back riding his bicycle on the path.

Now we just hope to recover my wife’s treasured turquoise blue Trek 21-Speed mountain bike with straight handlebars.

Again, I am willing to pay a reward for any information leading to the recovery of the bicycle. Just call me at 635-9129 or 822-0163.

Again, mahalo Kaua‘i!

William Peterson, Kapa‘a


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