Letters for Friday, April 20, 2012

• Cockfights • Gaping debt drain


While walking my dog on an isolated stretch of road in Kapahi, on Wednesday, April 18, I came upon a very disturbing discovery.

 (Or rather my dog did first.)

A half-dead rooster had been tossed into the bushes, left for dead.

As I looked closer, I observed bloody slices on his legs, as well as other injuries — obviously a product of a cockfight.

This animal was suffering terribly and I didn’t know what to but to call the Kaua‘i Humane Society, who efficiently scheduled a pick-up.

But what an unnecessary drain on the limited resources of the KHS that is.

More tragic, however, is the callous disregard for the life of this rooster, and countless others that remain hidden from view.

Needless to say, fighting cocks, an activity that goes hand in hand with gambling, is illegal in the state of Hawai‘i.

 The problem is, it is not illegal enough.

Where it is a felony in 39 states, mild laws exist in Hawai‘i.

It is merely a misdemeanor punishment for cockfighting and no punishment for possessing a cock or being a spectator.

In 2009, the Kaua‘i Humane Society confiscated over 100 fighting cocks and seized around $70,000 in cash from a cockfighting ring in Kapa‘a.

This is a high-money generating endeavor, and sadly, there have been no significant busts since.

Shame on those who engage in this brutal “sport” where the risk-taker is a defenseless animal, enslaved by heartless men.

Cockfighting can be anonymously reported to the Kaua‘i Humane Society at (808)632-0610.

Sarah Smith, Princeville

Gaping debt drain

Do you hear that sucking sound? It’s the gaping debt drain America is circling, and it’s no accident.  

Dollars are dying as gold, gas and grits prices are skyrocketing.

To “solve” this catastrophe, the Federal Reserve Bank pumps cash 24/7 in futility to stimulate the economy in what is touted as “quantitative easing.”  

A phrase that actually means “government bloating,” “currency devaluation” and “debt upon debt”.  

Envision soon mom’s wheelbarrow full of her daughter’s $100 bills to buy a bag of rice. The war you don’t hear about today involves global fiat paper used to crush liberty for communism.

An old con-game.

America has been methodically approaching this drain since the klepto-cratic  re-establishment of the Fed in 1913, then propelled exponentially closer by congressional repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act signed by President Clinton.

The difference now is that we are about to fall in. Ironically, watch for the media to trumpet in the government to our rescue.  

Savvy economists take this further.

They dismiss the TV talking head pundits and delete the trendy, “real-time” debt-clock website because both are absent of ‘The big D’— derivatives. They say our actual debt is much higher.  

How much higher?

Try a minimum of $250 trillion higher. That’s trillion with a capital T.

Not very big compared to the total derivatives paper being pushed around by the likes of JP Morgan Chase & Co., somewhere over $1.2 quadrillion by 2010.  That’s $1,200 trillion dollars, more than the gross domestic product of the world.

To put some perspective on numbers that large: one billion seconds equals 32 years; one trillion seconds equals 31,688 years; one quadrillion seconds is over 31 million years.  

Fiat paper backed only by the good reputation of its creator insured by future labor of the working class is doomed, and the designers of this credit/debt system knew all along.

It’s a crime for the ages thanks to the biggest banks in partnership with your “representatives” in conjunction with our international masters.  

Today, in post-collapse Greece for example, all the valuable public goodies like land, water, minerals and utility companies are selling for pennies on the dollar to private firms like Goldman Sachs to pay debt.

 Iceland, on the other hand, told these banksters to get lost.

Debt is your tax obligation to private banks and Rothschild elites of no actual national allegiance.

Current powers-that-be don’t want you to understand this deadly ruse.

Their job has always been to move governments toward the drain while creating big distractions portrayed as outside threats to you. Sound familiar?

It’s genius and treasonous and evil. There is no economic recovery.  

The next big plot point should unfold anytime now. Obama’s NDAA and NDRP (and next SOPA/PIPA)  are not designed to protect against threats outside the U.S.

They are laws to maintain order inside the country when our economy crashes.

 Otherwise, why in 2012 would the Department of Homeland Security contract ATK and Shelters Direct for 450 million rounds of .40-caliber hollow-point bullets and bullet-proof roadway guard booths?

Prepare for the collapse on the greatest scale — and know a cover story must protect our masters.

If history is any indicator, we are on the brink of world war or something equivalent beyond imagination.

Something that will have us begging for a new order.

Are the currents at the drain now too strong to save our Republic?

Rolf Bieber, Kapa‘a


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