Quarantine 2: First Class Terror!

“Quarantine 2: Terminal” is a sci-fi thriller about a plane that is taken over by a mysterious virus.

Released on DVD in August 2011, it was written and directed by John Pogue. This movie is highly graphic and rated R for mature audiences and has a running time of 86 minutes. However, if you feel you and a few friends would enjoy this film, you can pick it up at a local supermarket or watch it on Netflix.

Quarantine 2 starts with two flight attendants making their way to work for a flight departing Los Angeles. Passengers begin boarding the airplane, and it seems like it’s going to be a normal flight. However, what no one is aware of is that earlier tonight, a bizarre disease was unleashed in a Los Angeles apartment and no one got out alive, except for a young man who is now a passenger aboard this plane, Flight 318.

No one seems to notice as the young man boards the airplane and tries to fit his so called “class hamsters’” inside of the overhead baggage compartments. A stronger gentleman notices that he is having a hard time fitting the hamster cage inside the compartment. He gets up and volunteers to help, but as soon as he grabs the cage he gets bitten. These ‘class hamsters’ were really lab rats infected with a disease.

A flight attendant notices the complication and asks the passenger if she can put the hamsters in their baggage cargo and assures him that the hamsters will be safe down there. He agrees. After all passengers and flight attendants are seated, the pilots start the plane and the plane slowly embarks on its flight out of L.A.

 After the plane is in the air, the flight attendants ask passengers what they would like to drink. As one of the flight attendants approach the man who was earlier bitten, he explains he is starting to feel  woozy and asks a her for some water. She doesn’t think anything of it, thinking he’s just nervous being on a plane.

  When she comes back with his water, he has fainted. When she revives him, he throws up. Other passengers worry he might have the flu. But seconds later, he goes ballistic and bites the flight attendant in her face leaving a big mark and a lot of blood. Fearing the worst, the passengers panic. This is just the beginning of the nightmare.

I rate this movie a 7 out of 10. I do recommend that viewers of this film are 13 years or older due to its graphic violence and language. However, this film is a great pick for any over-nighter or those who are thrill-seekers.

• Chloe Marchant, paginator and date-night columnist for Kaua‘i Times, is ready for your questions and recommendations for movie reviews at entertainment@kauaitimes.net


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