Letters for Thursday, March 8, 2012

HospitalityForced ‘health care’KIUC voter turnout


I want to take this opportunity to thank the people at the Hanalei Colony Resort for their efforts to make our “forced” stay on the North Shore the past few days as comfortable as possible.

  I was with a large group who had been having a retreat at Camp Naue over the weekend, and we wound up stranded on the north end by the rains and the closure of the Hanalei Bridge. They not only allowed us to return to our room; they also lowered the rate considerably.

 The electricity went out for over 24 hours, but we all managed to get by. We were given extra towels, toilet paper and candles. The staff at the resort did their best to keep us informed of the road conditions. There were a few times we couldn’t even get to Hanalei because of downed trees.  

They also did their best to keep us appraised of conditions and when the bridge might be re-opened, as well as information regarding further road closures between Princeville and Kapa‘a.  To top off their hospitality, they planned to give us a free dinner Tuesday night, but word got out that the bridge was opening and we all vanished before we could enjoy their hospitality.  

Many Mahalos to the Hanalei Colony Resort for their efforts to make an enforced confinement as pleasant as possible  It was wonderful to fully experience the supportive nature of our Kaua‘i community. Lucky I live in Kaua‘i!

Wendy Beckett, Kapa‘a

Forced ‘health care’

It seems our Democrat friends and the liberal left have decided to force insurance companies, some employers and institutions to pay for the pill and after pregnancy abortion chemicals. They’re even spinning it as a women’s health issue. These left-leaning upstanding citizens have chosen a disingenuous feminist named Sandra Fluke as their poster child.

Of course in their desire to spin her as a young third-year college coed they forgot to mention she is neither young, nor a simple third-year college coed. What am I missing here?

Other than insurance companies, government, or charities providing condoms, trying to make sex safe from pregnancy through contraception is not “health care.” In fact, it’s extremely negative and can destroy a woman’s health in the long run.

There are 11, and more, reasons why those who choose to go down the free and easy, other than condom, contraception for our children are harming women, and they’re harming women to a yet to be determined serious level. Those 11 reasons are chlamydia, herpes, AIDS, syphilis, HPV/warts, chancroid, ectoparasitic infection, hepatitis B and C, and gonorrhea — all listed as exploding exponentially in young women.

These 11 don’t even take into account the exploding rates of cancer in women that have been traced back to their contracting these diseases at an earlier time in their life.

Maybe we can come up with something else to stop this massive explosion of STD care and personally destructive health costs for women.

Does anyone actually believe it’s desirable to make extracurricular “just for kicks” sex free, easy, and without any personal responsibility for our children? Do our older, and should be wiser, liberal friends and their poster woman Ms. Fluke really want our children to stay on that path?

Here’s a question to ponder. Which of those 11 diseases do you want your children to have? Which ones do you want to have? Try not to choose the incurable ones.

Let’s quit making it “Hollywood cool” to glorify “practice” creating to our children, while at the same time turning a blind eye and accepting these horrible diseases as just another bump in the road. Perhaps it’s time to start focusing on the appropriate, God or nature-intended, and very real outcome of recreational and unprotected sex, which is a beautiful little child. And maybe, just maybe, it’s time for us to teach our children personal responsibility, self control, and, heaven forbid, abstinence.

Isn’t it better to fight the rampant explosion of disease in our children than to encourage disease behavior? Do our liberal friends really want to choose disease over personal responsibility? Unfortunately, I think they do. God help us.

Gordon Oswald, Kapa‘a

KIUC voter turnout

One of the sustainability indicators we track at The Kauaian Institute is the number of major rain events like the one we’ve had this week.

I was surprised to notice that the initial gusher a week ago Sunday had dumped 6.4 inches of rain, which turns out to be the second highest single-day rainfall since 2000. And Monday, we had six inches in one hour. We’re also seeing more thunderstorms. In recent years, we’ve averaged three thunderstorm events, and already this year we’ve had two, including this one that’s gone on for over a week now.

This is terrible timing, since stormy weather puts the kabosh on plans I made for voter turnout events with Pat Gegen and Karen Baldwin in our run for three seats on the KIUC board. Did you know that barely one in four co-op members voted last year? As we’ve been asking throughout this campaign: Whose co-op is it if you don’t vote?

Still, this is the only local election where you don’t have to leave home to vote, so folks now stuck in the house will hopefully take this extra ‘chill’ time to fill out their KIUC ballots.

It would be some kind of silver lining to be able to blame this storm for an unusually high KIUC voter turnout this year.

Ken Stokes, Kapa‘a


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