2012 Waimea Round-up

Results from the 2012 Waimea Round-Up, held Feb. 25 in Waimea.


1st- Randall Soares 17.66,  2nd- Randy Brun 18.89,  3rd- Pat Kelekoma Jr 21.11,  

4th- Stan Ornellas 22.42

Wahine Barrels

1st- Britni Ludington-Braun 16.85,  2nd- Sandra Akita 16.86,  3rd- Marti Snyder 17.00,  4th- Alexis Vasconcelles 17.08

Keiki Barrels (7 under)

1st- Kalena Gracie 21.80,  2nd- Leolani Fernandez 24.02

Keiki Barrels (8-12)

1st- Sierra Medeiros 18.02,  2nd- Zailea White 18.36,  3rd- Daejo Callo-Dupont  18.86

Open Roping

1st- Pat Brun Jr/Marcus Laymon 11.73,  2nd- Chaz Rita/Randy Brun 12.65,  3rd- Rory Souza/Brad Apo 12.97,  4th- Stan Ornellas/Kamoi Refamonte 13.50,

5th- Russell Miranda/ Louis Matias Jr  14.87,  6th- Stetson Thronas/Marcus Laymon  15.88

Double Mugging

1st- Pat Kelekoma Jr/Kainoah Wong  24.25,   2nd- Robert Rita/Larry “Bubu” Joseph 38.82,  3rd- Marcus Laymon/Kainoah Wong  38.91,  4th- Melvin Joseph/ Stoney Joseph  45.05

#4 Roping

1st- Randy Cremer/Louis Matias Jr  14.16,   2nd- Lathan Aiwohi/Kevin Fernandez 14.34,  3rd- Levi Rita/Duane Shimogawa 15.38,  4th- Tarey Low/Kainoah Wong 16.26,  5th- Randy Cremer/Kain Silva-18.75,  6th- Sammi Souza/Ashley Souza  24.21,  7th- Sandra Akita/Jason Matias  25.39

Wahine Breakaway

1st- Shannie Wong  3.09,  2nd- Kristyn Vasconcelles  3.61,  

3rd- Rhonda Kaui 3.65,  4th- Leahi Poouahi  4.15,  5th- Kristene Sugai 4.16

Century Roping

1st- Pat Brun Jr/Tom Aiu  19.00,  2nd- Kahea White/Jimmy Miranda 21.85,  

3rd- Adam Brun/Ralph Fukushima 25.48,  4th- Stan Ornellas/Stuart Wellington 6.53/1

Rescue Race

1st- Taylor Ludington/Kain Silva 10.10,  2nd- Kaleo Kaui/Kristyn Vasconcelles 10.40,  3rd- Russell Leong/Chance Olanolan 10.45,   4th- Kain Silva/Cassera Silva 10.49

Ribbon Roping

1st- Randy Brun/Brittany Brun  12.37,  2nd- Chaz Rita/Tierra Rapozo 14.13,  

3rd- Randy Brun/Taylor Ludington 15.55,  4th- Chaz Rita/Britni Ludington-Braun

Mule Race

1st- Rhonda Kaui 9.50,  2nd- Kamoi Refamonte 9.84

Mixed Roping

1st- Kristyn Vasconcelles 16.71,  2nd- Marti Snyder/Tom Aiu 17.05,

3rd- Rory Souza/Nahe Kahaleauki 17.54,  4th- Marti Snyder/Jimmy Miranda 19.23,

5th- Leahi Poouahi/Brad Apo 22.02,  6th- Kaile Jacobson/Kawika Domingo 23.17,

7th- Kaile Jacobson/Brad Apo 23.40

2012 Champion Trophy Saddle Winner

Chaz Rita


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