Letters for Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Power versus responsibility

It seems that all our public officials have no idea what their job description really means. When they are campaigning for office, they always say all the right things and discuss how they will make things better.   Then, when elected, they forget what it was they promised to do and instead, do whatever it is they want.  

They seem to take on their job as one of power over others instead of responsibility.  

When I was hired as a resident manager at a condo complex, it was because I had experience, knowledge and convinced them I could make it better.

 I had read their house rules and explained that, as worded, they were vague and unenforceable.

 I changed the wording, got their acceptance and started to enforce them.  

What I found was that the board of directors expected me to enforce the rules on everybody but them and their friends. The board didn’t back me up, and the system failed.

We have the same thing going on in our local government and KIUC.

Our county council members, with the sneakiness of the county attorney, manipulates the law so they can do whatever they want.

Our utility co-operative, KIUC, is anything but cooperative with it’s members.

They are also doing whatever they want without the blessing of the members.  

The county council and KIUC board all need to realize that they have a great responsibility to do what’s right for the people.

They only have the power to do that — and nothing more.

Jack Custer, Lihu‘e

Real estate purchase agreements

First and foremost, it will be a great service to the community if the excellent series written by Realtor Ron Margolis (TGI: Real Estate, D7) was made into a brochure, or posted online in total, by The Garden Island, HAR or KBR for the benefit of all those involved in a real estate transaction.

An extra word about purchase contract timelines. Realtors for both buyers and sellers should pay special attention and build in some slack, extra time, for the unexpected.

Often the purchase (as opposed to escrow) contract timelines do not ‘mesh,’ or are too short, which should be caught by the diligent broker in charge who must approve all such documents.

This may be attributed to eagerness to close, oversight, carelessness (apologies to my fellow real estate professionals), or other factors.

Missing critical dates may be cause for extra paperwork, and perhaps denial by one or both of the parties, called an extension. Availability of inspectors, lender delays, vacations, even rainy weather, are often factors in delays. This added paperwork may jeopardize a successful closing, or may be cause for friction.

Regarding seller’s disclosure, this must be prepared by the seller only, and should be studied with great care.

It is here that the buyer finds out about that leaky roof, plumbing problems, a garage band next door, and other factors that materially affect the value of the property. Thanks again to Ron.

Tom Rice, Princeville

March 13 GOP vote

In the past, Hawai‘i’s Republicans played a very small role in the selection of the Republican presidential candidate.

Delegates to the national convention were selected at the Republican state convention, well after the presidential candidate had been selected by other states.

This year, however, Hawai‘i is a caucus state, and will vote for the Republican presidential candidate on Tuesday, March 13.  

Republicans (and independent voters wishing to join the Hawai‘i Republican  Party) can cast their ballot between 6 and 8 p.m. at Waimea Canyon School, Aloha Church in Lihu‘e or the Kapa‘a Neighborhood Center.

You need only show valid government-issued photo identification and fill out a Republican membership card.

If you are not currently registered to vote, you will be asked to fill out a voter registration form, as well.

This is an excellent opportunity to support one of the four major Republican candidates or write in your choice.

Remember: No vote, no can grumble!

William Georgi, ‘Ele‘ele

Forgiveness seed of peace

Eva Kor, the Holocaust survivor should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Your editorial from the Southwest Arkansas Times Record on Eva Kor speaking (Forum, Editorial Roundup, Feb. 29) about forgiveness was groundbreaking.

 She read a letter of forgiveness to the Nazis who experimented on her and her twin sister when she spoke at the 50th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation at the former camp in Auschwitz.

Here is a woman who was tortured and treated like a lab rat, by her own account, and she is extending forgiveness to her captors.

Prejudice is the cancer of the human soul, but forgiveness is the very seed of peace.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Those who choose not to forgive burn the bridge over which they themselves must pass.

If Eva Kor can forgive, then we too can forgive and not harbor resentments.

Cecelia and Cliff Waeschle, Kilauea


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