A note from the editor

With myriad cool characters and classic creatures as possibilities, choosing the one that encapsulates you on any given Halloween can be an eight-legged challenge.

Costume ideas have been abuzz in the newsroom. Heated discussions have ensued over the merits and pitfalls of the proposals.

My desire to dress up as Lil’ Wayne, for instance, met perhaps obvious objections over potential unintended offenses on the racial front. I can’t help it that I was born white but feel black music more.

Lil’ Wayne may not exactly be an idol, or even my favorite rapper, but he meets some prerequisites for a good Halloween costume, particularly recognizability. With some dreadlocks, a crisp Reds hat, saggy pants, chains and key makeup work in the facial tattoo arena, I felt confident I’d be golden.

So, with “Red Nation” ringing in my ears, I pondered alternates. Hunter S. Thompson sprang to mind.

He’s being portrayed on the silver screen again by Johnny Depp in “The Rum Diary,” which theoretically came out Friday. I say theoretically because I’ve only been able to read about the debut since the booze-soaked, island-set film was nowhere to be found on the marquees here.

The problem with being the great doctor goes back to recognizability. An aloha shirt was popular apparel in Hunter’s world, which, when combined with some aviators, a bucket hat and ‘70s shorts, would make the costume distinct — anywhere but Hawai‘i.

If I dressed up as Thompson on Kaua‘i, I’d only get people commenting on my funny tourist costume, perhaps suggesting I should apply some sunscreen to my nose for that added touch. While dozens of locals will surely again portray visitors this Halloween — how can one resist? — I’d only find myself disappointed when my best Hunter get-up was mistaken as such.

Editorial staffers considered a multitude of other, mostly inappropriate, costume ideas but settled on nothing. The best suggestion was a bearded team of Walter Sobchaks, the character John Goodman played in “The Big Lebowski.”

We were set to have Commando Walter (from the scene in which he wears fatigues for the money drop, carrying a briefcase full of dirty undies instead of cash), Grieving Walter (dressed more respectable, by Sobchak’s standards, toting a coffee can of ashes for the scattering of friend Donny), and Bowling Walter (classic look with military utility vest, shorts and hiked-up dark dress socks).

I’m thinking when in doubt, go with something familiar. I made a mean Dracula in elementary school. I had the widow’s peak, cape, cummerbund, fangs and fake blood. Since my better half has drawn me into the “True Blood” HBO vampire series, I’m thinking a modern twist on an old favorite for tomorrow.


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