A note from the editor

We went out for lunch and returned with a Wii. Impulse buy. And, as it turns out, the perfect mind-numbing remedy for an exhausting work week.

After an addicting — and a bit nauseating — few hours LOFAO racing around with wireless wheels in hand, we parked Mario Kart. I scoped the instruction manual while throwing back another slice of pizza (the only acceptable nourishment for a weekend hunkered indoors playing video games for the first time in years).

Wow. As someone who has only recently allowed TV to re-enter my life, I can’t get over how far recreational technology has come over the past decade.

The last game I remember playing was GoldenEye on N64. And I thought those graphics were good.

My inner dork may re-emerge with the addition of a Wii, now itself already getting old as far as game consoles go, in our living room. Just a wee bit of time practicing and I’m a boxing force to be reckoned with in the ring and a dominant doubles tennis player, but my bowling has a long way to go (gotta work on that hook to the left).

That said, the more we explored the ancient city in Tomb Raider, the more we yearned for the original. The controllers alone (one in each hand!) are something to get used to.

My dad’s comments on the N64’s numerous buttons, trigger, joystick and directional pad went through my head. He was familiar with the original Nintendo’s simplicity and found all this additional functionality to be unnecessary to save the queen in Mario Brothers.

Am I really that old?

In contemplating that question, I perused the Wii manual some more. Inside those crisp pages I discovered the most amazing thing. You can access all the original Nintendo games, from Donkey Kong to Duck Hunt. Its’ like Christmas came early.

Of course, that means figuring out how to connect this contraption to the Internet and download them. That’s my mission for next weekend. Since I don’t have a broadband connection at the house, I may see if Starbucks or McDonald’s would mind if I lugged the Wii to their store so I could borrow their free wireless Internet for a spell.

I’m praying for rain. The guilt of spending a sunny day on Kaua‘i inside is too much for me to endure. A monsoon with closed roads would be ideal. Or at least a handful of streets shut down due to flooding; I still need Pizza Hut’s delivery guy to be able to reach me.


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