Letters for Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Barriers could save lives on Kuhio Highway •

Better health for everyone • Obama,

medical pot and guns

Barriers could save lives on Kuhio Highway

I suggest that our government show its resolve to eliminate the head-on crashes that have taken so much life around the Wailua Golf Course on Kuhio Highway.

I would like to see them obtain bids on installing removable concrete barriers and the commercial vehicles that move them to accommodate contra-flow. 

I have seen these installed in San Diego on the Coronado Bay bridge and they work.

 They are smaller versions of the permanent ones seen on many freeways and they will do a much better job of protecting against a head-on collision than the unbroken yellow lines that separate vehicles today. 

If the budget can’t accommodate this, for starters, maybe we could bid out the cost of relocating the nene to Maui for a more reasonable price per head, and put the savings toward a removable concrete barriers. 

The money is always available, it is just a matter of priorities, isn’t it? At the minimum, I’d like to see a some dialogue about fixing this. 

Our county council could request its citizens to make suggestions where the county can save and then make a commitment to bank the savings for this wonderful goal. And actually do this without waiting for another earmark or federal highway transportation fund match.

Steve Mickle, Kilauea

Better health for everyone

I am writing in response to Susan Levin’s letter entitled “Green Against Cancer” published on Oct. 1. I applaud her recommendations and comments.

As a further source of information I urge people to refer to the extensive studies and data collated by Campbell T Colin and presented in his book “ The China Study.”

As a retired health care professional I was startled to see the extent of research information that is not commonly known by the public.

Many studies have found a high correlation of a whole food plant diet with the absence of our most deadly and debilitating Western diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s among others.

Look at the data and consider whether choice of food can make a dramatic change in your health.

Joan Langan, Lihu‘e

Obama, medical pot

and guns

Medical marijuana patients can be denied their Constitutional Second Amendment Right. Check online for stories and you’ll see that your gun dealer, a Federal Firearm Licensor (FFL), can now do jail time for the sale of firearms to a state-licensed medical marijuana patient.

If you are thinking, “Yeah sounds good. I don’t want some pothead toting guns,” then you are probably missing the point and that is what the federal government is counting on — a deft political play that preys on both the anti-drug and anti-gun sentiments in the name of safety.

The post 9/11 super-centralized government over-lording is all about safety. Can you feel the squeeze on your rights yet? In Obama-nation you will.

When the gun broker has knowledge his client is a legal marijuana user regardless of reason (because we all know that FFLs are on-par with medical practitioners when it comes to medicine and competency), the hero regulator cowboys at ATF can come down on the FFL.

Next, maybe we’ll have physicians signing off on what caliber rifle you are able to buy based on some testing criteria. “Sorry Mr. Butterfield, your blood pressure is too high to purchase a .308 but you are eligible for a .22 if you sign up for this prescription and join the tax-sponsored gymnasium for six weeks. Oops, looks like your insurance only covers 25 percent.”

I wouldn’t want my local gun shop to sell to a known drug addict but this is entirely different.

What next, blood screening for he who smokes two packs of Camels a day and the heavy Starbucks user?

How’s about that regular who’s medicating at the pub?

Maybe his Glock 40 has one of those built-in breathalyzer units that unlocks for operation only below blood-alcohol point-zero-seven.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned ATF enforcers are the same dudes who are running a failed “Fast & Furious” Operation that intentionally lets thousands of high powered automatics walk across the Mexican border into the hands of the drug cartels.

Some of these deadly weapons have been used to murder Americans including law agents.

Foreign drug cartels good. Lawful American citizens bad.

This is the tyranny our founding fathers were warning against.  

Rolf Bieber, Kapa‘a


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