Call of Duty multiplayer update has arrived

No more waiting. Following the Call of Duty XP event, the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer info has been revealed. If you haven’t seen or heard the following info yet, you can catch them on YouTube or on Xbox Live insider moves. So let’s get to it. Robert Bowling had the following to release.

First off is the mutiplayer killstreak system. Infinity Ward have totally change the killstreak and turned it into a point streak system. So now you get points for kills, doing objectives, assist and other ways to build up your point streaks instead of just getting kills. This allows a more open way of getting points regardless of your playing style.

In addition to the point streaks there are strike packages. What strike packages does is allow you to customize your point streak system based on your play style. This is very similar to that of the normal killstreaks.

So if you’re an aggressive player, you would take the assault package. And the following points you get can help you get more kills. Things like airstrikes, steal bombers and helicopter in the air the would give you that air support.

The support package is for the objective player. And not only does the point streaks make you better it also helps out your team. Support packages allows you and your team to have ballistic vests, recons and other things that would give you and your team the situation awareness that helps your team accomplish your team objectives.

And for the last package is the specialist package. This package is all about the expert player. And in the specialist package all your point streak goes towards perks. So as you progress on your points or kills another perk would be unlocked. As you reach your 8th kill in a row without dying you would unlock and have all the perks available to you. And what perks are, are thing that help improve you and character. Things like Sleight of hand, which helps reload your gun faster, Dead silence, which allows you to make no noise at all, which is great for those sneaky kills from behind. But if you die, your perks reset and you start all over again. And this package come at a cost, because unlike the other packages, you don’t have that air support, you don’t have active support for your team. Its all about you being one man army.

Call of Duty has gone back to its roots, becoming the gun on gun gameplay that’s based on you, your gun and your skill level. That’s what matters the most in most matches. So what they have done is introduce the new weapon proficiency system, and weapon progression. You can now rank up your weapon just like your character. So other then unlocking attachment and camos, there’s the weapon proficiency. And what this does is give your weapon new abilities, such as more impact, less kick, farther range, less flinch, etc. Which allows you to become even better with the specific weapon.

Next is the new multiplayer game mode. Which is Kill Confirm. And what Kill Confirm is, is that when you take a guy down he drops a dog tag. And you have to pick up that dog tag to confirm the kill. You do get points for the kill, but the scoring for this game wont raise unless you or a team member picks up that dog tag. Now the trick is, is if the enemy gets to the dog tag before you he can deny the kill and your team wont get the point.

So Call of Duty has gone back to the gun on gun gameplay and that’s what Modern Warfare 3 is all about. The game is all about you and your weapon and how you would specialize in it. Its not so much about the killstreaks in the air, that you would rely on to carry you to the victory. Air support now is what its intended to be SUPPORT! But you are the guy getting the primary kills. So now when you get into a fight its all about your skill and not relying on everything else. So now its all about you and your weapon and how you use it.

Modern Warfare 3 is the game we have been waiting for all year. And is set to be release Nov. 8. And if you didn’t know already know Call of Duty has also released its hardened edition to the Modern Warfare 3 game. I don’t really know what’s in it but I’m putting a reservation on it from Gamestop. This game is gonna cause kids to skip school, people to call in sick on their jobs or quit, cause break ups in relationships and other ways that would make people stay home and level up and get fat on this game all day and night for months to come. See you all at Gamestop’s MW3 midnight release on Nov. 8.

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