A hair-raising tale told well in ‘Tangled’

Disney does it right again. Putting a spin the German fairy tale, Rapunzel, the mouse house produces a beautifully animated film with superb voice-overs and a musical soundtrack complete with a breathtaking ballad.

In true Disney fashion, the film follows despair to an enlightening and predictable happy ending. Disney has brought the story of the girl with the long golden magical hair into the 21st century with wit, fun, and a very touching story.

A single drop of sunlight falls from the heavens produces a beautiful golden flower that possesses magical powers. A decrepit old lady, Mother Gothel, finds that by singing a simple song to the flower, it can keep her young.

In the Kingdom, a very pregnant Queen grows ill. The magic flower is found given to her; she is healed. In celebration of the birth of healthy beautiful princess, the King and Queen release a single golden lantern up into the sky. Mother Gothel, determined to keep her youth, breaks into the castle, kidnaps the infant and raises her as her own. To keep her secret, she condemns the child to a life inside a tall tower.

Enter Flynn Rider, a charming thief who dreams of the good life. After a successful robbery at the castle, Flynn, voiced by Zachary Levi, narrowly escapes the kings men. He comes upon Rapunzel’s tower and decides to hide there. In an awkward meeting, Rapunzel captures the new intruder and interrogates him.

Rapunzel bargains with Flynn help her with her dream of seeing special stars that only appear on her birthday. He reveals that they are actually lanterns that are released on the Lost Princess’ birthday. He reluctantly agrees and they set forth on an adventure that includes a stop at a hoodlum filled tavern, a water-filled chase with the King’s guards, and a chance meeting with Mother Gothel who lets Rapunzel continue on her journey. Alas they reach the palace and watch the release of the lanterns. They fall in love. Unfortunately, their new romance is short lived. The guards finally capture Flynn and Rapunzel is returned to her mother. Reminiscing about her adventure, Rapunzel realizes she is the Lost Princess. She confronts Mother Gothel, who shackles her for fear she will run away.

With the help of the tavern thugs, Flynn escapes jail and sets out to rescue Rapunzel. Upon reaching the tower, Flynn is stabbed by Mother Gothel and left to die. Rapunzel begs save him in return to never escape from her. As she wraps her golden hair around his wound, Flynn cuts Rapunzel’s hair and Mother Gothel turns to dust. Flynn succumbs to his wounds and Rapunzel weeps in his arms. Her tears save his life and soon they return to the castle to announce that she is the Lost Princess. The kingdom rejoices and Rapunzel and Flynn live happily ever after. “Tangled” is definitely a mane attraction.


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