Letters for Thursday, September 8, 2011

• It’s OK to pray • Kudos to The Shadow

Measuring stick needs tuned

It’s OK to pray

Isn’t it interesting how those who choose not to believe in a God, especially the Christian concept of God, just can’t help but attack the very notion that God just may exist and at the same time blame all the world’s ills on religion?

Their attack is so filled with vitriol that it’s obviously not logically based. It’s fear based (“Why no God,” Letters, Sept. 1).

If a person chooses to find solace and joy in their belief in the Christian God, what plausible reason would one have to denigrate that person, or attack them for their heart felt belief? What are they afraid of?

The observation that Christians should not bless the Missile Range is somewhat understandable, however, there is nothing wrong with a Christian nation taking precautions to prepare for its defense. The argument as to whether America uses its weapons for the defense and procurement of freedom for all mankind is open to debate, and of course some would fall on the more liberal and negative side of that argument.

This author believes America has taken a strong stance to support our own, as well as others, efforts to gain freedom. Fifty years from now we’ll know what the outcome of our sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan will have achieved.

Of course, most God/Christian haters just can’t help but follow the tired and ridiculous ranting that Christians are the cause of wars and mass murder etc.

I would submit that atheists have been far more ready to commit mass murder than Christians. Kim Jung Il, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Hitler, and others of their atheistic and occultist ilk have been responsible for more deaths and acts of genocide than any other group that ever existed.

The minority groups of Muslims and Christians who have done horrible acts in the name of their religion in my view are neither true Muslims or Christians.

It’s OK to offer a prayer in blessing of a missile site as long as that prayer includes the admonition that those missiles only be used in defense of freedom, and for their protection of our right, whether atheist or religious, to believe whatever our hearts tell us without the interference and denigration of others.

Gordon Oswald, Kapa‘a

Kudos to The Shadow

Thank you, Jerome Freitas (AKA “The Shadow”) for your countless hours and years of hard work to get repairs done to the multitude of safety projects that have lingered WAY too long.

As the story goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and the hundreds of pictures you have taken showing the shoddy (or lack of) maintenance and your diligence at staying after these issues with Public Works is paying off.

And, of course Kudos must be given to TGI for keeping you and your issues published as the one of Sept. 3, “Fenced in,” does. Our paper has the power to further your worthwhile cause and is a tribute to a person who has no other gain in this safety issue fight other than to see the people’s welfare protected.

We have some good, hard working people in our Public Works Department but somewhere in the upper echelon leadership qualities are missing.

Did we have more county workers keeping our infrastructure, our roads easements and all other areas maintained in years past? I have heard yes but, do not factually know.

But, if this is true, then why hasn’t more manpower been asked for at budget time to alleviate so many of the undone projects that “The Shadow” must address?

Keep up your great work, Jerome and know that the prevention of even one accident by your efforts has made it all worthwhile.

Glenn Mickens, Kapa‘a

Measuring stick needs tuned

It saddens me every time I hear of a drowning on our island. I know everyone in water safety and the public does our best to help bring the drowning rate to an ideal zero.

What seems disheartening also to me is the way “drownings” are logged officially. Our efforts for water safety may not be measured reliably at all due to the way the system in Hawai’i pronounces a drowning.

A “drowning” by the record on Kaua’i and presumably the rest of Hawai’i is logged whenever someone dies in the water for any reason: A man has a heart attack 10 yards off shore: drowning. A woman has a seizure while swimming: drowning. Alcohol or drugs causing loss of consciousness in water…you guessed it: “drowning”.

Now if it were a deadly water hazard as the key, yes, I’d want to know what are our true drownings, where they occur and what our efforts as a community are bearing fruit, and which aren’t. It’s kind of hard to tell when the measuring stick is wildly off.

John Tyler, Kapa‘a


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