We Love It! for Friday, August 26, 2011

Monster Car

If feels great to own one of the cars I wanted ever since I was in high school. It may not beat a Lamborghini, but popularity wise, I think it gets just as much attention as the Lambo would — only because it has a noticeable Monster decal on it. No, I’m not sponsored. I just got these decals off eBay because Monster makes my favorite energy drinks. I wanted my car to be eye-catching, but I didn’t expect it to be so popular because of its decals. I didn’t name my car. I guess it’s already a given. When you see the car, what first comes to mind? MONSTER CAR!

— Jon Yamada, press

My longboard

As a shortboarder, I must admit I used to hate longboarders. But when an ex-girlfriend decided to take up surfing, we both got longboards. Later on, she “progressed” to a shorter board — and a new boyfriend — while I ended up getting hooked on longboarding. I still shortboard most of the time, but I also love longboarding.

— Léo Azambuja, staff writer

Netflix streaming

At the University of Idaho, my graphics professor called “Blade Runner” the best movie ever. Obviously, with 20 more years of films to compete with, his statement rings a bit hollow. But having never seen it, I thought I’d give it a view. I was pleasantly surprised with young Harrison Ford and would consider this one of his better performances. The special effects are a bit dated but didn’t get in the way.

Lewis Black, while being a very adult comic, has amazing timing and delivery. His smart, biting sarcasm of today’s political landscape always has me wanting for more, and “Lewis Black: Stark Raving Black” is no different.

Blade Runner

Cast: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young

This show is: Cerebral, dark, imaginative, mind-bending, suspenseful

Rated: R

Common sense rating: Iffy for 15+ for use of blood and light.

Harrison Ford is Blade Runner Rick Deckard, a cop in charge of “decommissing” replicants who have come to Earth looking for a way to extend their lives. Ford strengthens his resume in this science fiction thriller. 4 of 5 Netflix stars.

Lewis Black:

Stark Raving Black

Cast: Lewis Black

Rated: NR

Common Sense rating: Not for kids or adults offended by the f-word.

Lewis Black brings his brand of humor to Detroit shortly after the beginning of the 2008 recession. No one is safe from Black, especially politicians. He covers everything from economy, cellphones and getting old. 3 of 5 Netflix stars.

— Richard Stein, production/IT manager


I love the rainbows of Kaua‘i. The rainbow in this photo appeared over the Kapa‘a bypass on my way to work one morning a few weeks ago. Initially, I saw a vivid double rainbow, but by the time I found a safe spot to pull over, climb out of my car and switch my iPhone to camera mode, the outer rainbow had begun to fade. Even so, you still can breathe in the radiant light and feel the beauty uplift your soul.

— Judah Freed, special sections editor


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