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Local heroes

Allow me, on behalf of the two rescued kayakers, to publicly thank Captain Chris Turner and first mate Erik of Na Pali Riders raft tours.

About 9:30 a.m. off Ke‘e Beach, Chris was signaled by a kayaker to watch for a kayak in trouble.

Going immediately into search mode he soon spotted the swamped kayak with two paddlers desperately clinging on about two miles offshore and rapidly drifting into the Ni‘ihau Channel where they would surely have perished. Having spent years at sea I can attest to how very lucky they were to even be spotted.

The shivering men were expertly brought aboard, kayak and all. A Coast Guard chopper flew over and Chris signaled the rescue was complete. The men were safely delivered to Ke’e Beach.

All this was witnessed only by the thrilled raft passengers.

Dave Au, San Diego, Calif.

Smart meter not smart choice

KIUC is going to spend $11 million to convert electrical meters to smart meters, an imperfect technology which has been banned in some mainland areas.

Mike Yamane, KIUC’s chief of operations, says that one of the money saving advantages of the new technology is “personnel and equipment.” 

Since KIUC will be transferring the meter readers to other departments instead of laying them off, how does that save money on personnel?

Also, another question is whether anyone on this island or in the state received a commission from the vendor, NRCA, for delivering this contract. If so, how much was the commission?


Linda Estes, Koloa

Clarifying ‘nitpickers’

I have always considered the word “nit-picker or nit-picking” as uncomplimentary or even derogatory and so I, personally, have avoided their use in support of my views and opinions in my letters to the editor.

However, since Mr. Glenn Mickens in his letter of Aug. 1 introduced those terms and again in his letter of Aug. 16 (Badge of Honor) he says with pride: “We nitpickers continue to wear this title with honor,” I feel free to use those terms in our letter- writing exchanges.

What is it that the “nitpickers” are so proud about? Mr. Mickens, says “this term should be clarified.” Let’s do that.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “nit-picking” is defined as “minute and usually unjustified criticism–nit-picker.”

According to the Random House Dictionary, “nit-pick, v.t. slang. to be excessively concerned with minor details–nit-picker.”

And so it is. Why do “nit-pickers” wonder why the “status quo” is so slow to change with officials who are elected to office or are appointed to office.? Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. How about concentrating your efforts in the next election and elect those candidates who agree with your “nit-picking “ view and opinions.

Alfred Laureta, Lihu‘e


Smart meters are simply the latest implementation of a total control grid for the people to live under.

Soon all appliances will be fitted with microchips which will allow them to be controlled remotely these appliances are already being developed by Google (whose CEO stated that people have no right or expectation of privacy in the online world).

As the article in TGI states, if your washer is on during peak time it can be shut off remotely. Imagine your home being controlled by KIUC or a government agency at the state or federal level. Yup this is no fantasy, it is an Orwellian/Huxlean dystopia coming into life. You should resist these meters as a matter of principle.

For those who say we have peak energy problems, well, adjust the rate so that the peak 5-7 p.m. rates are higher, people will then reduce their consumption.

In the end, we are all going to have to reduce energy usage, that is clear, but do we have to live in a constantly monitored state in our own homes? A giant open air prison is being constructed for us to live in, and this is just one more wall.

We can do better. We must do better. People must wake up.

Rick Goding, Kekaha

Neighborhood centers

I am writing to praise one of the amazing resourses here on Kaua‘i: the neighborhood centers.

The Purple Striped Honu Theatre for Kids is preparing our fall/winter production of “The Sleeping Giant” to be perfomed at the various neighborhood centers across the Garden Island.

This will be our third production utilizing this wonderful resourse. The managers at each of the neighborhood centers are all very accomodating to us……and are truly excited to see us perorm for the keiki of the island. I look foward to working with each of the managers as we move into our next play season.

I am amazed at how much activity there is at each of the centers. And each center is very unique as well.

Mahalo to all the managers at the neighborhood centers.

Richard Porto, Princeville


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