Letters for Friday, August 19, 2011

• Thank you for a job well done • Let’s not forget the park •

The Union Label • Road repair and island beautification • Big

changes proposed for Kilauea  

Thank you for a job well done

Our family would like to congratulate and thank Kaua‘i Fire Department Chief Robert Westerman and the entire team of Kaua‘i fire fighters on an outstanding job containing and extinguishing the wild fire that was headed into the heavily populated area of Po‘ipu.

It was apparent that each and every person one his team gave 100 percent to the job at hand, extinguishing the huge flames before the wild fire consumed all of the homes and condominiums in its path.

I think we speak for everyone who witnessed how hard your team worked would agree that they deserve much praise, congratulations and thank you for a job well done.

Don Cope, Koloa

Let’s not forget the park

Last week’s article, “Old courthouse slated for renovation,” states that the Lihu‘e Civic Center Historic District is comprised of the county building, the annex and the courthouse.

That’s incomplete.

According to the 1981 nomination, the historic district is “comprised of a park and three buildings.”

The park, which many people refer to as the county lawn, is a critical fourth component of our civic center historic district. It sets the stage, so to speak, for the buildings.

In fact that lawn has been the stage for innumerable events over the years, including the proud victory parade at the end of World War II, the gathering to proclaim statehood in 1959, and annual Kamehameha Day festivities of times past, not to mention the Festival of Lights and other tented events that continue to this day.

When the county building was constructed in 1914, The Garden Island noted its position standing “on high ground … the most conspicuous object in Lihu‘e.” It is the park that emphasizes the visual stature of the Historic County Building.

As the important fourth component of the National Historic District, the park is entitled to the same recognition, respect, care and protection as the listed buildings.

Pat Griffin, Lihu‘e

The Union Label

After reading the fraudulent behind the scenes “smokescreen” antics of Abercrombie, his administration, and his union thugs over a supposed “shared sacrifice” of 5 percent pay cuts, how can anyone in this State ever again think about HOPE. Instead of cuts it looks like “the UHPA and UPW both received a big fat pay raise July 1” while teachers have “seen the State impose its “last, best, and final” offer – a 5 percent pay cut and 50 – 50 on health insurance”. 

The very same treatment the DOE engaged in 2005 when on the same day that teachers got a 6 percent increase in salaries, substitute teacher received 6 percent pay cuts: Robbing Peter to pay Paul. What about paying back substitute and part-time teachers “who were underpaid” (had their salaries embezzled) to the tune of $20 to $30 million dollars over 9 years before any pay raises are given to any education’s sector budget?         

 Hollow words from hollow politicos ensuring hollow futures for hollow children. Can it get any more pathetic than “Abercrombie and unions” for the future of Hawai‘i and our Island’s children? Evidently, “shared sacrifice” has nothing to do with educating children but rather Abercrombie’s recipe defining the blueprint of their futures: hollow lives. Is this a satisfactory goal for you, parents?    

Abercrombie’s and the union’s collusion give a new meaning to “We the People” (government) and “the union label” (workers) which, unfortunately gravitates towards a sever negative.                                    

If you care for your children’s futures you’d better start re-thinking your priorities: Stand up for your children or “throw them under the bus.” There’s been a lot of the latter going on these past two years. Isn’t big government great?    

What’s on the horizon? Big government Obamacare as horrendous and hollow as Hawai‘i’s and our children’s futures.     

John Hoff, Lawa‘i

Road repair and island beautification

Many thanks to the menehune road crews responsible for the repair of Kaumuali‘i Highway, starting at the Kipu Road intersection and then going east into Lihu‘e. 

This is as much a part of island beautification as maintaining the overgrown parcels on Kaua‘i. Thanks to all who help. And to those who don’t help, don’t you think it’s time?

Michael Diamant, Kalaheo

Big changes proposed for Kilauea  

Attention good citizens of Kilauea and surrounding areas. There are major developments proposed for Kilauea town which will change the face of the North Shore forever. These changes will center around a proposed shopping center, Kilauea Lighthouse Village. For more information on this center go online to www.kilauealighthousevillage.com.

If you care at all about the future of Kilauea, you must become informed and involved in the process that will determine the extent of these changes. Involvement and input is needed now to direct the process. Once decisions are made it will be too late. 

Be part of the solution. Come to Kilauea Neighborhood Association meetings the first Tuesday of each month at the Kilauea Neighborhood Center at 7 p.m. If you don’t participate now, you can’t complain later.

Michelle Carroll, Kilauea


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