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Humanitarian award

And this week’s humanitarian award goes to you who tossed a litter of kittens — one at a time — out onto Maluhia Road below the Tree Tunnel Monday night, leaving a trail of small wet furry broken bodies.

If you read this (or can read), congratulations! Now, get your cat neutered!          

Simply amazed.

Lynn Stransky, South Shore

Blowing smoke

Mr. Zwiebel in his attempt to vilify the Bush administration and uphold the integrity of the liberal-left embarks on a journey of confusion that is really quite remarkable (“How could it be”, Letters Aug. 10).

The author confuses issues of historical fact by somehow pointing to the conservative media as if it were the only media reporting on President Bush’s warnings going back to 2001 about the potential meltdown of our mortgage market.

Mr. Zwiebel seems to point to this conservative media as if it were somehow making up the news as it went along. The same reporting of Bush’s warnings and the Democrat’s successful victory in preventing any regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were reported by ABC, CBS, NBC, and other media of the day. The far left Huffington Post and MSNBC have also published articles reporting similar data.

Mr. Zwiebel then attempts to prove his dubious point about sub-prime mortgages by attacking Rupert Murdoch and Bush’s wars as if they were the villain.

Of course, Mr. Murdoch had nothing to do with sub-prime mortgages and Bush’s wars were approved by the Democrats and continued by Obama, but hey, blowing a smoke screen by attacking the messenger is the last gasp of oxygen before expiration, right?

The author’s credibility is then called into question by his statement that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had nothing to do with the sub-prime mortgage problem.


Does the author even know who these two agencies are, or what their function is in the mortgage markets?

Needless to say these quasi-government agencies are knee deep in the scandal and embarked on a journey of buying up every bad loan on the books of every lending institution in America, and now using your tax dollars to do so! Without Fannie and Freddie buying up their bundled loans every bank and lender in America would not have made the non-qualifying and no money down loans they made! It’s quite attractive to make bags full of money making easy money loans if you don’t have to live with the outcome!

I do appreciate the author asking the question of how it was Mr. Bush and the Republicans tried to stop this nonsense a long time ago but were unable to create the Fannie and Freddie oversight agency they attempted to create given the fact that for part of that time the Republicans controlled the Congress.

It’s very simple Mr. Zwiebel. John Kerry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd were the top recipients of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac campaign money from 1988 to 2008. They actively and with vigor opposed Bush and the Republican call to regulate these two agencies. At the same time, Fannie and Freddie spent millions of dollars and flooded Washington with lobbyists.

Partnering with these four liberal Senators, along with Barney Frank and Charles Schumer, they were successful in gaining just enough independent and liberal Republican votes to block the regulation bill.

The left can use Google to try and blow smoke all day long, but the facts are there for the open minded to see. Those who limit themselves by primarily focusing only on the left or right leaning media are playing the game of life with one hand tied behind their backs. In doing so, you may win a few battles by confusing other’s perception and spinning to the absurd.

But it’s a shallow victory indeed.

Gordon Oswald, Kapa‘a


Hey, how about using the old Courthouse, the old Police Station and the Annex Building to provide places for young drug addicts groups, the homeless and other needy groups.

Lots of those living there could work to maintain such areas, without being in anyone’s backyard.


Bobbie Love, Kapa‘a

United on what?

Mr. Viguerie, from Virginia, urges people to “stay united and focused”.

Ironically, this exhortation is to “stay united” against liberals and to remain “focused” on electing someone other than the sitting President.

Being “united” through partisan divisiveness in a call for no compromise?

This is hardly a prescription for these supposedly United States.

Suzan Brooks West, Des Moines, Iowa


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