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My true condolences

KIUC did the right thing

It started with a disagreement with a decision of the KIUC Board of Directors. The KIUC staff is now being faulted for not finding 250 qualified members on its “second petition.”

Meanwhile, the coconut wireless continues to buzz as to why (1) despite the 2-1 vote by the members; (2) despite the additional cost of $60,000 to conduct another election; (3) despite the existing legal safeguards which deal with water usage in Hawai‘i; (4) despite the unanimous assurance of the Board of Directors and its CEO that they are not blind to the cultural, recreational, environmental and economical concerns which may be involved in the issue; and (5) despite the certification of three observers as to the propriety of the election.

Despite all these considerations, it becomes difficult to fathom the motivation which prompted the filing of the “second” petition three days after the results had been announced.

In any event, the “second” petition, which alleges that “the Board has stacked the deck” and created an “illegitimate election process,” does not cite any provision of the KIUC Charter or by-laws violated by the election process.

Perhaps, the petition could be better resolved in another forum instead of another election.

Coconut wireless contributors re-assert their faith, confidence and trust in the board, its CEO and the staff of KIUC in their efforts, with integrity, to do that which is best for all the people of Kaua‘i.

Criticism to the contrary, notwithstanding.

Alfred Laureta, Lihu‘e

Review what?

 Wednesday’s front page article, “County mulls Charter Review Commission’s future,” asserts that the workload of the Charter Commission is winding down. I contend that after nearly five years of continuous existence the commission has not even begun to perform its first task, which is to study and review the operation of county government under the charter before proposing charter amendments.

Charter amendments may be placed on the ballot by the council and by citizen petition also, but only the commission is in a position and is required to conduct a comprehensive review of government operations as a prelude to proposing charter amendments.

It has lately become customary to call the commission the “Charter Review Commission,” which implies that it only reviews the charter. The 2006 Charter Commission lent credence to this mindset when it narrowed the heading of Section 24.03, which defines the task of the commission from “Mandatory Review” to “Charter Review.”

Misnaming the commission makes it easier to interpret its mandate to mean that its task is to propose isolated amendments — “tweaks” — often suggested by the administration, which do not disturb the structure of government and do not interfere with the ways the government presently operates.

When citizens challenged this placid routine in 2006 by calling for a proposal that would allow residents to decide whether or not to adopt a county manager system of administration, two successive commissions, including the current one, beat back the challenge.

The current commission still has more than five years to take up the task mandated by the charter by devising and implementing a plan to study and review the operation of county government.

Horace Stoessel, Kapa‘a

It’s your choice to be vaccinated

Your privately owned immune system and your dear keiki’s immune system should be conservatively protected at all costs.

There are others on this planet who wish to harm us through monetary investments and defective drugs.

The strongest are those who held on to natural traditions, in whatever culture, homeopathic and naturopathic means and solutions.

If I could give you a golden egg of knowledge, here it is: Increase the spiritual wisdom of your ‘ohana; consider saying “no” to most vaccines.

Please consider researching first, before just accepting the fear marketing, propaganda and subtle suggestions of the so called health department.

Behind the curtains of the vaccine wizards, they plot against your ‘ohana and your genetic structure. The new flu-marketing campaign will be the biggest attempt ever to alter and mark you with a H5N1 marker.

Remember, there are still “local” options for your immune system; don’t allow fear to rule your mind and heart. And please consider your child’s point of view; they too have a soul.

Think, and pray first before vaccinating. Stay calm, know you are strong, and go to a health food store.

Winikeneke Leaf, Lihu‘e

My true condolences

Almost every night on the news there are reports of another Hawai‘i-based soldier killed in one of the two useless wars the United States is involved in.

My heart goes out to the families of these brave men and woman, my true condolences.

It’s time to end these useless wars, it’s time the news media photograph our young men and woman coming home in body bags and showing that on the evening news as they did during the Vietnam era.

When people see the body bags on a daily basis the horror of war will start to penetrate through the hearts and souls of every American; protests and demonstrations against the war will commence, only then giving peace a chance.


James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapa‘a


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