Letters for Tuesday, July 5, 2011

• Mahalo to Hawai‘i’s lifeguards • Too

little, too late • Look out for ‘Big Wind’

PMRF did it again

Mahalo to Hawai‘i’s lifeguards

Here’s a big mahalo to the lifeguard who astonished beach goers on Sunday as an apparently unmanned water craft blew from nowhere quickly out to sea, well beyond the Ke‘e Beach reef.

The lifeguard paddled several strenuous miles, far out of site of worried beach goers, while helicopters passed above him providing him guidance and perhaps helping to insure his safety. His reaction time and the distance he covered to retrieve the straying water craft was very impressive. 

This heroic act, on a perfect day, shows the dedication of our Lifeguards and the perilous and quickly changing conditions they face every day requiring enormous strength.

We need more water safety officers around our islands. They have a huge area to cover, and we need to be sure they are properly thanked for going above and beyond the call of duty. This may have been a routine scenario; however, there could have been a man overboard as well.  

The bottom line Sunday night was: Someone got their expensive water craft back and the aforementioned lifeguard deserved a well-earned word of gratitude from its owner.

To the lifeguards everywhere on Kaua‘i, and all around the Hawaiian Islands, mahalo.

Craig Navratil, Kapa‘a

Too little, too late

It is amusing to see that Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz is warning the residents to prepare for hurricane season, though thirteen days late. Gov. Neil Abercrombie should have done so June 1, but as a true politician, his primary focus was on raiding the Hawai‘i Hurricane Relief Fund in order to balance the current fiscal budget ending June 30.

Schatz could and should have conversed with Abercrombie the concerns of the homeowners and businesses who were forced to pay into the state’s hurricane fund and the foreseeable consequences of depleting the fund. But this would have been unlikely, especially as both of them are both liberals of the “old-boy network” (aligned with the majority of liberal legislators).

And with that Act 62 (relating to the Hawai‘i Hurricane Relief Fund and the Hurricane Reserve Trust Fund) designated for the depletion of the fund without due compensation to the beneficiaries, such as homeowners and businesses.

The mechanism it purports in recapitalizing the hurricane fund, if needed by issuance of revenue bonds, are “unrealized” and is determinant only if sufficient general excise revenues in fiscal years 2013, 2014 and 2015 are raised.

The revenue bonds to maintain a balance in the hurricane fund is “illusionary borrowed monies” that would mature in 20 to 30 years from the date of issue. If they do become “realized,” said bonds, by definition, are solely committed to benefit the HHRF beneficiaries.

Drew Kosora, Honolulu

Look out for ‘Big Wind’

I felt it was important to write this letter to the people of Kaua‘i. Please be vigilant as to our state government, which is trying to sneak by you folks the “Big Wind” project.

As you know, Lana‘i and Moloka‘i are being targeted to receive over 150 large wind turbines. On Lana‘i, the amount of land needed for the wind power plant could exceed a quarter of our island.

All of the power generated on Lana‘i and Moloka‘i will be sent to O‘ahu via an undersea cable. The state of Hawai‘i has stated that the cable would cost approximately $1 billion dollars. What you folks need to watch for is that the state is trying sneak these costs to the taxpayer of Hawai‘i rather to the ratepayer of O‘ahu.

Why should Kaua‘i, Maui, Lana‘i, Moloka‘i and the Big Island pay for this project when only O‘ahu ratepayers would benefit from this power. 

John Ornellas, Lana‘i City

PMRF did it again

A truly successful evening. Last Friday evening, the annual fireworks and Fourth of July celebration was held at the Barking Sands.

I don’t know how many people were there — it had to be over 5,000. Even with such a large crowd, there were no flights or disagreements — everyone had a wonderful time. A true family gathering.

I know we saw many of our friends we have not seen in months. You could see this happening all over the area — everyone seeing friends and enjoying being with them. Smiles on everyone’s faces and lots of hugs being shared.

Everyone was respectful of each other. The entire organization was outstanding, from parking cars, going through security and after the program, heading home.

Thank you again for having such a wonderful evening. 

Vivian Nickerson, Lihu‘e


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