Letters for Friday, July 1, 2011

• New world economy • Preserve our way

of living • Watch out for Abercrombie

New world economy

Because preserving American sovereignty is reserved in popular media for paranoid pro-gun, racist, right-wing extremist Tea Partiers and fighting globalization is pandered to the masses by the establishment press to reveal equally frightening characters of a different sort not unlike manic motley youth brigades of disenfranchised skateboarders, indoctrinated and fist pumping to X-generation fear-mongers , I’ll remember this the next time I vote my ever-shrinking dollars away again at the Walmarts, Kmarts, Costcos and Home Depots — some of my Kapa‘a neighbors are thinking already, “Get over it brah where else are you going to buy your car seat-covers, hair products, UFC sponsored snacks and garden gnomes cheap?”

China is negotiating with Idaho Gov. Butch Otter to purchase 50 square miles of Idaho for a fertilizer plant through an Obama Administration sanctioned program called “Project 60” to help alleviate Chinese debt and to allow China’s hold on the market pipeline since that U.S. Treasury buy did not work out so well.

But it appears that Idaho is not the only state willing to take one for the global team du jour in what looks like a big treasonous sell-off directly to China.

According to Joe Wolverton’s article, “Idaho Governor selling his state to the Chinese?” (New American, June 9, 2011) other governors like Utah’s Gary Herbert and Washington State’s Gary Locke think this kind of dealing ain’t bad.

Must be okay if they say so. Hawai‘i could be so fortuitous.

Dumb luck could have the UN, IMF and World Bank-loving Obama shill China to the Aloha State and direct his buddy Gov. Neil Abercrombie to put in a call to the local push-over oligarchy to create a genius deal in the name of universal prosperity.

In a dream something ever more propagandizing than KIUC’s FERC swindle would produce a massive Kaua‘i land sell-off to pay China so they can with any more luck transplant their GMO dairy operations here to produce human breast milk (see “Chinese cows produce human breast milk”, Reuters, June 16, 2011) — a would be primo boon for local newborns and those farmers who’ve forgotten the promising buzz that surrounded GMO corn’s debut.

Exciting are the prospects of the new world economy spurned by altruism of the global elite and visionary politicians in conjunction with the rich business acumen of a nonplussed citizenry.

Rolf Bieber, Kapa‘a

Preserve our way of living

What if, as community good will, these so called “large power accounts of KIUC” could be convinced to install photovoltaic systems on their facilities?

Off the top my head here are a few: Costco, Home Depot, Safeway, Times, etc.

You get the picture. O h, and let’s not forget Barking Sands’ huge military installation, the county buildings, the federal facilities. They could, furthermore, use local contractors and suppliers.

Think how much less oil we would have to import.

We are unique in that we are totally surrounded by beautiful oceans, incredible environment, beautiful people of all races, intermarried over generations, each respecting one another.

Do we not have an obligation to our children to preserve our way of living?

I simply do not believe the big, for-profit organizations fit in very well in our community. Remember Citizens Utility? They made a huge amount of money from us. We were easy prey. It is in our nature to be friendly and believe in our souls that they have something better to offer. Well, show us. Truthfully, without twisted ads and messages and promises that will never happen.

Are we naive? Only to those who seek an easy profit and perhaps also power.

“Humbly Yours,” what does that really mean? Lets save some oil imports.

And by the way, let me not forget that Kaua‘i has been generating hydro-power for well over 100 years, and they are still going.

Think Wainiha powerhouse, built and owned by McBryde sugar company, operated and maintained by the late “Jack” Hashimoto and gang, Glen and others before him.

Wainiha valley remains as pristine and beautiful as it always was. Thank you for speaking my peace.

Peter Tennberg, Koloa

Watch out for Abercrombie

The legislators had unfortunately given Gov. Neil Abercrombie unilateral authority that no other governor was given.

 They are now realizing Abercrombie’s administration is undermining the separation of powers.

The governor is dictating how the state should be run.

He demands that the state’s government entities be restructured as he sees fit or abolished.

He pretends to listen to the concerns of the community, for when he speaks, it is unclear what he is saying.

The state being in a precarious circumstance has a governor that sees the opportunity to use his office to govern without legislative oversight. Abercrombie must be closely watched and scrutinized, for his actions are detrimental to Hawai‘i.

Drew Kosora, Honolulu


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