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Letters for Wednesday, June 22, 2011

• Take a deep breath • AARP has not

changed its position on S.S. • Flying


Take a deep breath

Many of us are disturbed by the misinformation and tone of letters concerning development of hydro resources on our island

First, the question on the ballot is not are we in favor of hydro or not; it is, do we approve or not of the KIUC Board’s decision on March 29, 2011,”approving a Development Services Agreement and an LLC Assignment Agreement that had been negotiated by KIUC staff with Free Flow Power Corporation.”

Most of the KIUC Board we have elected were either born and raised here on Kaua‘i or in Hawai‘i. These are our friends and neighbors, not people from elsewhere who don’t understand or care about our island. They all volunteer their time to serve us on the board.

We have been pressuring the KIUC Board for years to be more proactive about moving from burning oil to using renewable sources for energy. Now that they have acted on what they perceived as a financially sound opportunity to explore developing our hydro possibilities, they are met with fearful opposition. “Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.”

Free Flow Power chose the FERC process because it provides a step-by-step guide through the complicated process (must acquire as many as 80 permits) to build a hydro project here. Our state does not have such a process.

We don’t seem to understand that the LLCs or the preliminary FERC permits are really not a problem. David Bissell (KIUC CEO), the KIUC Board members, their lawyer, and the representatives from Free Flow Power all assure us that if there is a conflict with state regulations or concern, KIUC can withdraw from and abandon the FERC process at any time, as happened with the Wailuku project on the Big Island.

Could we all on Kaua‘i take a deep breath of our wonderful air, relax and take time to learn the facts. Let’s give KIUC an opportunity to come out into the community as they should have done before, but are now doing and let’s please speak and listen respectfully to each other.

We can’t keep burning oil for our energy. Responsible and sensitive hydro development is so important to our island. Let’s not lose this opportunity to not only lower and stabilize our electrical costs, but do it in a sustainable way which will serve our great-grandchildren. I’m voting “yes.”

Sharry Glass, Kapa‘a

AARP has not changed its position on S.S.

Contrary to inaccurate and misleading reports, AARP is as committed as it has ever been to fighting to protect and strengthen Social Security for today’s seniors and for generations to come.

AARP is currently fighting proposals in Congress that could cut Social Security as part of a deal to pay the nation’s bills. Social Security is a separately financed program that did not contribute to the deficit and should not be used as a piggy bank to solve the nation’s deficit.

This bedrock program deserves its own broader discussion in the context of making retirement more secure for future generations, not less.

For years, we have maintained that long-term solvency is essential to protecting and strengthening Social Security for all generations. We have urged elected officials to confront the program’s challenges in a way that is fair for current seniors and future generations.

Our long-held policy is that Social Security should be strengthened and that it its solvency can be ensured with a stable trust fund for the next 75 years. Any changes to this critical lifeline should be phased in slowly, over time so they would not affect any current or near-term beneficiaries.

As we have been for decades, we will continue to protect this bedrock of lifetime financial security for all generations of Americans.


Barbara Kim Stanton, State Director AARP Hawai‘i

Flying high

On Friday, June 17, one more Letter to the Editor would be published to the issue of eradication of marijuana plants. This time, the letter published was by Mr. Andrew Gorsline, titled, “Green Harvest.”

Mr. Gorsline suggests in his letter that “DEA monster” aircraft darken our Kaua‘i skies, terrorizing babies out of peaceful slumber, and frightening pets. Mr. Gorsline throws in one more victim to “Green Harvest Operations” as he writes about “…the little old man growing a few plants to help his family…”

As best I can calculate in researching TGI stories/LTE to issues of marijuana and eradication efforts by law enforcement, there appears a balance in this newspaper and to 2007. Such stories as “Green Harvest Successful,” “Green Harvest Veterans visit middle school,” and “Green Harvest completed” were published.

In 2009, different stories appeared — ink being invested in inflammatory stories such as, “Kaua‘i serenity disrupted by Green Harvest,” “Residents: Green Harvest landing illegal,” and, “Just 75 plants taken in Green Harvest,” to name a few.

Officers and agents involved in community efforts in stories — and about 10 LTE — have been accused by some Hanalei residents of violating county law in landing aircraft near Waioli Park, Hanalei. Check the records, KPD gained permits, contrary to the accusations. This is along side suggestions that officers are: (1) Placing visitors on horseback in danger, (2) Hurting the business of a “lady on Wainiha Powerhouse Road” (as TGI reports, May 31, 2009), (3) Flying aircraft frightfully low over residents’ homes, (4) Putting fear in children, women and frail old men.

Please TGI, there are different views to this one inflammatory vista of green harvest operations — a view that is flying high. Please leave some ink for the fact that many community members do honor these officers in their efforts.


Deborah Morel, Kapa‘a


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