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KIUC should be neutral on path to

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Tell it like it is

KIUC should be neutral on path to hydro

It was disturbing to learn that KIUC was encouraging its members to vote a certain way on the FERC issue. Instead of passing out fans and literature encouraging them to vote “yes,” they should have stood neutral and provided a venue for an exchange of information, options and ideas.

I thought as our Co-op they were more like “We the people,” not an autonomous entity pushing their version of what’s right and wrong.

Mr. Asquith, I thank you and the 250+ who signed petitions to get this historic special meeting off the ground. To those on the KIUC panel (and Ann Barnes), I

think you made a tremendous mistake. Your behavior was not considered Pono by many and probably served only to alienate and diminish whatever level of trust those in attendance had in your style of leadership.

Proudfoot should heed his own warning to members who may vote “no” in the future. After all, he was sitting at the table with those who should have known this issue could become contentious with its own membership. Perhaps THEY are at fault for making deals with contractors prematurely. Perhaps they should have involved the primary stakeholders (all of us) before putting ink to paper.

I’m afraid KIUC made the same mistake Japan made back in 1941 at Pearl Harbor.  Does the phrase “Awakened a sleeping giant” sound familiar? Go ask Linda Lingle.  She spent a bunch of our money in vain too. Forgot history?

Vincent “Vince” Cosner, Lihu‘e

Don’t know much about history

Donna Brazile’s column (June 7: Are you ready to hear ‘Sarah Palin for President’) could not have been better timed in lieu of Palin’s recent visit to Massachusetts. During that visit Palin did indeed demonstrate her tremendous ability to “make the evening news by sending a single tweet, using what she calls ‘creative language’” when she pointed out the heretofore unknown fact that Paul Revere’s midnight ride was accompanied by the sounds of gunfire and ringing bells. The purpose of the ride, according to this potential future President, was in fact to warn the British that the colonists were about to exercise their rights under the 2nd Amendment!  This is exactly what we need in a President — the ability to not only make history, but to actually rewrite it.

Robin Clark, Kalaheo

Tell it like it is

In June 5th’s Sunday business week section of The Garden Island news it’s reported that Coconut Marketplace shopping center has a 70 percent vacancy rate and it looks like the begining of a ghost town for tourism business. Right below this story Sue Kanoho of the tourism authority, is giving us the scoop that Kaua‘i is experiencing an ongoing trend of positive tourism growth. Huh? She even goes on to tell us that tourism expenditures for Kaua‘i visitors are up 17 percent.

With Coconut Marketplace ready to fold, no immediate signs of future jobs or business growth, people continuing to default on their homes, and thanks to our Government the high cost of living here continually climbing, I find it hard to believe that tourist increase in spending is making an impact on Kaua‘i business, or the fact that they feel sorry for us so they are here to spend more.

Yes, thanks to our legislature, they are spending more (17 percent) or more because like all of us here on Kaua‘i everything cost 17 percent more than it did last April.

They are going to continue to spend more when they visit here, just like the rest of us who live here or want to travel like they do. Airfares are gong to skyrocket in the coming months. Let’s face it when a barrel of oil is $100 it’s going to drastically change the cost of everything we do or they do.

Steve Martin, Kapa‘a


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