Letters for Monday, December 1, 2008

• Congratulations, officials

• Time for real change

• Defending Pflueger questioned

• Path is ‘da kine’

Congratulations, officials

Congratulations to the newly elected mayor and council. In my heart, and from my soul, I know that we are all connected. Yes, we are individuals, responsible for our own judgments and in possession of our own free will, but nonetheless we are part of something larger. 

Some may call it the collective unconscious or spirit or life force. Whatever your word of choice, we are not isolated from one another or from the Earth and the life on it. This feeling of connectedness implies certain responsibilities. If we are all part of a larger picture, then we must protect our air, water and land from chemical pollution. We must not exploit because we will be exploiting ourselves and our children’s future.

The council’s awareness of these responsibilities creates the value system that effects the future of Kaua‘i island’s most beautiful unique eco-system. All must work tirelessly to convince the council that we must work without rest for the future for our children and their children. 

Too much land, water and air have already been polluted from the chemical companies. Out of our mutual great concern for the peril of our planet, protect our children, protect our food. We are all one.

• Diana LaBedz, Kekaha

Time for real change

This election brought out a lot of new voters hungry for real change. On Nov. 24, Kaua‘i took a step backward. The majority on the new council voted for business as usual. They are trying to silence the voices calling for change.

But Kaipo Asing and his co-conspirators have made a mistake.

Muffling three progressive voices will not stop the thousands of Kaua‘i voters who spoke clearly on Nov. 4, that we need more, than more of the same. We are not going to be silent; we are not going to let Kaua‘i slip back into incompetent governance. We will join together to demand that the county moves forward to create a sustainable Kaua‘i.

We will speak up and demand an open, transparent county government where we can all stay informed and participate in creating a better Kaua‘i.

Mr. Asing said of his dictatorial takeover at Monday’s (Nov. 24) meeting, “That is the nature of the game.”

This is not a game, it is about creating a better future for Kaua‘i. This is not about petty power politics.

This is about our elected leaders working together to create a sustainable Kaua‘i. No, to paternalism. No, to patriarchal shibai. Yes, to a new direction.

The people of Kaua‘i are going to ride the wave of change that Barack Obama’s campaign has generated. Yes, we can Kaua‘i, create a coalition for real change.

• David Thorp, Kalaheo

Defending Pflueger questioned

The letter by Mizdebz De Silva Carveiro (“State’s responsibility,” Letters, Nov. 29) in defense of Jimmy Pflueger’s ignorance of the state of his dam and accusation of a government cover-up sparked my curiousity.

She states “It disgusts me to know that our children and their children will grow up into this type of democracy.” 

I wonder if she would care to name one such country or for that matter one safer place than Kaua‘i that would be better for her children and grandchildren? 

Also, Mr. Pflueger is a self-made man. 

Such successful individuals have complete knowledge and control of their interests. He knew what the score was concerning the dam and decided to ignore the advice of others. As a businessman and for his own personal desires he threw the dice and lost big time.  Unfortunately, other individuals paid with their lives. 

The cries of “being made a scapegoat” by the powers-that-be are the actions of a desperate man. Is there really anyone on the island who truly believes he did all one could, knocked on all the doors of the appropriate officials to avoid such a “possible” tragedy, innocent, blameless as a newborn infant? Please Ms. De Silva Carveiro don’t insult our intelligence. If you wish to sway our opinion give us facts, names, dates, evidence. The only thing that disgusts the ‘ohana of our island more than government curruption is the stroking of egos of the rich and powerful.

• Eduardo Valenciana, Lihu‘e

Path is ‘da kine’

I keep reading all this negativity towards the walking path. I believe it is one of the best things the county has provided for residents. If you have ever taken a stroll or ride on the path you might feel the same way. Smiles, people waving, and feeling good as they exercise in a breathtaking environment.

All the controversy seems silly when you look at the people enjoying the Eastside coast. Yeah, maybe it wasn’t done correctly. Yeah, the dog issue is a little tricky. But, the path is ‘da kine.’

• Todd Anderson, Lihu‘e


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