Letters for Monday, November 10, 2008

• Chair should have stuck it out

• Obama the ‘elitist’

• Let freedom ring

• Superferry proof in the pudding

• Keeping it green

Chair should have stuck it out

I am writing in response to Mr. Hubbard’s comments that he stepped down “because a haole should not be in his position” as council chair (“Burial Council rejects Naue plan,” The Garden Island, Nov. 7).

The obvious racial overtones really are wrong and in this day an age deplorable. As many minorities are seeing greater roles in goverment, should haoles seek less?

Now it is true Mr. Hubbard was not a good choice for the burial council as he has deep ties with development corporations. It has nothing to do with race, if he would have simply asked the question, “would I want my grandparents dug up or a house placed over them, hm?” He could have easily chaired the council.

Lack of oversight, corruption of SHPD and lack of empathy has long plagued Hawaiian burials, which have been too many times disturbed and relocated. It would have served all better if Mr. Hubbard had done his job on the council, stuck it out, making the inevitable hard decision to revoke Brescia’s permits.

In the future I hope others of foreign birth take their position on the council from a moral and legal standpoint and don’t just “warm the seat” so to speak. It’s not where you were born or color, it’s about your character. Hopefully, that will set the record straight.

Remember there were a lot of haoles helping the Naue ‘ohana, even getting arrested, and to those I say imua.

• David Denson,  Hanalei

Obama the ‘elitist’

Barack Obama held his first news conference to reiterate his promises to solve all of our problems. I sure hope that he is successful.

KHON TV news did a little puff piece about the eagerly awaited puppy issue. President-elect Obama stated that he would definitely keep his promise.

A wise politician would have said “as soon as time permits we will visit the shelter to look for a suitable pup.” This would show the world that he is humble like the rest of us. Then later he could accept a gift from one of the many dog breeders who certainly will make offers in an attempt to get their breed on display in the White House.

Instead, he said, “I don’t want to go to an expensive pet shop (asking for freebies?) but many breeds are more hypoallergenic than others. I should go to the shelter but most dogs there are mutts like me (pointing at himself).” I guess this semi-joke was intended to show that he is just a down-to-earth guy.

The feeling that I came away with is that there will no “mutts” in his administration. Everybody will be vetted by pedigree — perhaps political lineage, racial lineage or social class lineage.

The words that pop into my mind are “racist” (check out Jeremiah Wright to know that not all racists are white), “elitist,” “exclusionary” (Republicans need not apply), “specie-ist” (if there is such a word to describe those who choose a dog based on its AKC papers rather than on its appearance and personality), and “snob.”

I sure hope that I am wrong.

• Stan Godes, Hanalei

Let freedom ring

I too listened to one of Rush Limbaugh’s radio programs and he had only negative things to say towards our President-elect Barack Obama.

He mentioned that President Obama will raise taxes, our 401k will be taken away and put into somewhere else to give people more money to pay higher taxes, etc. He (Limbaugh) went as far to say that President Obama is hiring his radical friends to work under him.

Some people just can’t accept changes and still look down on people of colored skin.

In President Obama’s speech, he said, “I’m everyone’s president.” So, why can’t we let him lead our country as commander and chief without judgment on him?

President Obama lived in a country where terrorists existed most of his life before coming to Hawai‘i. He should know more on how to react on terrorist attacks on America.

Remember the old saying, “In God We trust?” Let’s all as Americans put our trust in God and support our Commander in Chief Barack Obama, who God put on this earth to serve America as our leader. And Mr. Rush Limbaugh on your radio program theme song, “Let freedom ring.”

• Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele

Superferry proof in the pudding

Sandra Herndon has written to educate those of us who don’t know any better about Superferry (“Another letter about the Superferry,” Letters, Nov. 9).

She names two sources that consist of biased misinformation having nothing to do with research or scientific method. Like many Internet misinformation sites, the authors use Google until material is found matching their preconceived conclusions.  Even better, there are sensational pictures to accompany the package.

The problem is, the information and pictures are about a place on the other side of the world very different from Hawai‘i and pertain to sea life we don’t have here.  Sure, some of it is presented by a Ph.D, a doctor, but the doctorate is in physics; not marine biology.

The relevant information out there is being generated by the hundreds of unremarkable voyages made by the Superferry in Hawaiian waters and the absence of impact on all who lack hysterical imaginations.

Sandra also needed to educate us on this transportation option being tainted by a military connection. Next time she’s at the airport, I hope she considers the size and importance of Boeing Aircraft’s military branch.

The military is an integral part of our society. They are Sandra’s neighbors or her neighbor’s sons and daughters. We literally cannot live without them. At the very least, it is a sign of wisdom and sophistication, not to make antimilitary comments on the days between the Kapa‘a Veteran’s Day Parade Saturday and Veteran’s Day tomorrow.

• Pete Antonson, Wailua

Keeping it green

Thank you to all candidates, volunteers and homeowners who removed their political signs within 48 hours after the election. Mahalo for keeping Kaua‘i “Clean, Green and Beautiful.”

• Board of Directors, The Kaua‘i Outdoor Circle


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