Letters for Monday, October 20, 2008

• Ferry impact irreversible

• Aloha Spirit alive on Kaua‘i

• Miticides manage varroa mites

• Vote for your children

• To the Moribe ‘Ohana

• No excuses

Ferry impact irreversible

Candidate Lani Kawahara’s letter explaining her stand regarding the ferry is very sincere.

I admire her honesty but it lacks reflection of the real consequences should the day come when that boat docks at Nawiliwili.

The respected candidate states that she would use her authority to “maximize the benefits and minimize the negative impacts.” Unfortunately the ferry is a Pandora’s Box.

Once on Kaua‘i, the negatives can never again be removed. Every so-called benefit of this issue is rooted in seducing us to believe there are great riches to be had with the ferry’s arrival. Exportation of local goods is but one small part of the total impact.

What concerns me is who and what will be arriving. Yes, visitors arrive daily at Lihu‘e Airport but that system greatly controls the who and what. The ferry is an invitation for the madness that currently is escalating throughout our world to begin to poison our envied tranquility.

Steinbeck’s famous book “The Pearl” describes the turmoil of a simple family who obtains sudden riches in the form of a magnificent pearl and the awful evil that beset them in the form of a greedy, compassionless world which is only focussed on stealing the unique and beautiful pearl by any means possible.

Kaua‘i is that pearl and that ferry and some who will arrive on it desire her riches at any cost and no authority whatsoever will be able to contain the hurt and pain of our loss.

• Eduardo Valenciana, Lihu‘e

Aloha Spirit alive on Kaua‘i

I made a stop in Lihu‘e on Oct. 18 to promote my new single and upcoming album at Kukui Grove shopping center and was impressed by the people of Kaua‘i who welcomed me with so much love and aloha.

They overwhelmed me with support and gifts and many personally acknowledged my music which personally made me fall in love with the Kaua‘i people. I will definitely be back in the future and I will always and forever appreciate the people of Kaua‘i who showed me truly what the Aloha Spirit means and just how local people support one another no matter what island from Hawai‘i you’re from.

• Ryan Pugal, Aiea, O‘ahu

Miticides manage varroa mites

The County Council’s resolution and all the hype about the varroa mite is due to ignorance and unfounded fear.

The varroa mite has been on the Mainland for decades and it did not wipe out honeybees there.

Both the varroa and trachael mites are easily managed with miticides such as apistan.

I remember the same hype and unfounded fears when the mites first appeared on the Mainland decades ago. Any knowledgeable and prudent beekeeper has no problems with mites, they just manage the mite populations with miticides.

All that local apiarists and council members need to do is listen to and learn from one educated person with experience in beekeeping where apiary mites have been present.

I was a beekeeper and apiary inspector for many years where varroa and tracheal mites have been around for a long, long time.

•  Chris Webster, Kalaheo

Vote for your children

At the first mayoral debate, I saw four people who offered either strong points of view or teamwork.

While teamwork is always necessary, we need wisdom and experience to make the tough choices ahead of us.

Wisdom to make sure that Kaua‘i stays vibrant, healthy and strong, able to participate in the 21st century world by bringing forward the very best of our traditional values. And experience with tough choices to make sure we can participate in a modern economy and precarious geopolitical world.

Kaua‘i is at the mercy of global whiplash. Events and decisions made far away change our lives without our say.

The candidates who had served on the council were very knowledgeable and sharply aware of the issues. This made it clear to me that anyone who serves as mayor needs to have served on the council first so they know exactly what they are dealing with and the scope of our problems.

As mayor, they will appreciate the challenges confronting the council and they can build a powerful partnership to get things moving quickly and efficiently. There is very little time to get up to speed.

When you vote, you are setting the course for our children’s future. Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren depend on the depth and wisdom of your choice. This year, it’s a tough choice, but it’s ours.

• Virginia Beck, Lawai

To the Moribe ‘Ohana

Many thanks for sharing the writings of Rex Moribe concerning the death of his father with readers of The Garden Island in last Friday’s paper.

I feel deeply touched and blessed to have read his heartfelt thoughts about the death and about life in general.

I’m feeling the ripples in my pond of the thoughts he and the family shared and send many blessings to you all.

• Sylvia Partridge, Princeville

No excuses

Gov. Lingle signed Keiki Care into law in 2007. Seven months later she gave it the axe.

This was a law that gave children health care. How can you not get political these days?

How can you reasonably not notice what one party or the other does? Forget the rhetoric, forget all of the promises. Look at what actually gets done by their own personal will and actions.

We elected a Republican president who had a balanced budget, and now we owe the Chinese government $1 trillion.

We elected a Republican governor and now Gov. Lingle and Lt. Gov. Aiona have claimed a projected $900 million general fund shortfall by 2011.

And don’t make excuses. Don’t lie to yourself. In the end, isn’t it really our fault for not doing what is best for our state and country?

Here on Kaua‘i, we have voted in two Republican mayors, with promises of affordable housing units. How many have actually been built?

How much land has been given to rich developers?

If we can’t be honest with ourselves, are we really honest?

Will we vote for our team or will we vote for our children?

• Dennis Chaquette, Kapa‘a


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