Letters for Tuesday, October 14, 2008

• God not waving a wand of judgment

• Confounded by ConCon

• Why take away from the children?

• Corporate statism is capitalism’s antidote

• Only vote for who you want to win

God not waving a wand of judgment

This is not about supporting Obama or not (“Sacrificing our children,” Letters, Oct. 13), rather whether we as women have the “right to choose.”

It is time for us to wake up from the idea of a God sitting up in heaven and waving  the wand of judgment over us.

God is love, light and life and this is our true essence, excluding no one, whether or not we are conscious of this fact.

Who truly knows what experience each being needs, unborn or born, to grow spiritually?

This is much deeper than we all think and know.

How can anybody be in judgment of another woman who is choosing abortion instead of  giving birth, even assuming that she does not know better.

Why do we need the government mandating a woman’s action or choice?

This is a deep spiritual quest for any woman. This is not to say that abortion is the ultimate solution when pregnancy is an inconvenience.

To choose means to hopefully make a decision that brings us closer to who we truly are, regardless of the outcome.

I would rather have somebody who will give us the “right of choice” than somebody proclaiming he or she has the answer for all women.

Hopefully we will be able to stop judging each other when it comes to individual choices. To live with an open heart means just that.

If we really want to understand and live the message of love, it would be helpful to stop demonizing what does not fit into our understanding and preconceived notions, or what we have been taught traditionally.

With much aloha,  

 • Anna-Charlotte Handler, Princeville

Confounded by ConCon

I’m confused. The people who want change don’t want a Constitutional Convention (ConCon) so I must assume they don’t want change.

Can someone explain this? Do they want change or do they not want change?

Of course they tell us that it will cost too much in these critical times, yet they can give their friends a $1.2 million increase in pay. Then they tell us a ConCon will cost $40 million and some are saying it would have to come out of the DOE’s $2.3 billion budget, when the last ConCon cost only $3 million.

I’m not an accountant, so this is probably why I don’t understand it all.  

Then I am told that I can vote no on the ConCon two ways. One is by voting no and the other is by not checking any box on the ballot for or against the ConCon.

Just think, if this ConCon voting method was applicable to the candidates, all we would have to do is go the polls and leave the box blank. What would happen then?

Would this negate all those votes for the candidate? Why not? What’s good for ConCon should be good for the candidates, in all honesty.

• Don Gerbig, Lahaina, Maui

Why take away from the children?

Right before her re-election, Gov. Lingle kept talking about how we in Hawai‘i had such a huge surplus, that Gov. Lingle and Lt. Gov. Aiona were going to give all of us a nice big tax cut check in the mail.

Now, after Lingle and Aiona get four more years, they are trying to cut the DOE budget (“Educators warn of more cuts will affect classrooms,” A1, Oct. 13).

Hawai‘i has already gone even lower in the national averages in school scoring. Hawai‘i went down a few more places to come in at 48 in the nation.

And now Lingle and Aiona want to cut school budgets and take away from your children and their futures.

What is the final goal for Lingle and Aiona? No. 50 in the nation?

Why are Lingle and Aiona trying to take away from your children’s education and their future?

• Dennis Chaquette. Kapa‘a

Corporate statism is capitalism’s antidote

It is my intention to run for president in the election to be held in November because I believe we need more political movements in this country which should be every spectrum of the rainbow.

I see not only a need for new grassroots movements in this country, but also for the average man to step into the political arena and take an active role in government.

A fascist candidate for president will shake up the driftwood and cause a few minds to get busy.

We must break the two-party monopoly in conventional politics in this country if we are to preserve the American people’s freedom of choice.

We must create new political movements that the masses can polarize around if we are to keep the general public interested in politics, of those, surely one can be fascist.

We must end the reign of terror of the capitalist elite, which has driven the middle-class to the brink of extinction and holds the poor down to a loathsome level where they are no better than medieval serfs.

Corporate statism, an economic system under which government and corporate interests cooperate with each other for the betterment and general welfare of the nation, whereby government makes a profit for the people instead of exploiting them is the perfect antidote to capitalism.

To correct the flaws in modern society the United Fascist Union recommends: halting the monopolies on utilities, imposing a strict censorship on the press, halting urban sprawl and enacting rules of public conduct which police would rigidly enforce.

• Jack Grimes, Elkton, Md.

Only vote for who you want to win

It’s important to remember that you need not vote for all seven Kaua‘i County Council positions.

If you particularly like just one, two or three people for the council it is best to vote for just those people.

If you choose four others you know nothing about just to have chosen seven, you will dilute your vote for the ones you do care about, which in the end means that your candidate has less chance of winning.

I’m writing this letter because I was unaware of this method as a way to help my candidate when I first moved here 22 years ago and so added on some doozies, who later I wasn’t too thrilled about just to fill out my ballot.

• Joy Jobson, Kapa‘a


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