Letters for Monday, October 6, 2008

• Progress takes progressives

• Time for aloha to reemerge

• We need change now

• Online computers replacing people at HR departments

• Bring renewable energy to Kaua‘i

Progress takes progressives

With all the challenges facing our island, our state and our nation, it has become clear that a real change in direction is needed. More of the same is just not going to cut it.

Creating a sustainable Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i and America requires nothing less than a paradigm shift in how we deal with: energy, transportation, our economy, solid waste, housing, managing growth and protecting our environment.

We need leaders with the vision to clearly see the way forward. We need leaders committed to public service who will make sure we make real progress down the path to a sustainable world.

For the sake of future generations we have to do better than the last eight years nationally and the last 14 years at the county level.

That’s why I’m voting for progressive candidates on Nov. 4: Barack Obama, Gary Hooser, JoAnn Yukimura and Lani Kawahara.

If we don’t step up and support JoAnn and Lani, Kaua‘i will not have a single woman who has a voice in deciding county policy. We need more women’s voices in government, not to go backwards. The time to start making this happen is now.

• David Thorp, Koloa

Time for aloha to reemerge

I was saddened to read a personal character assassination directed toward me for a TGI letter I wrote simply clarifying for a previous letter writer the altruistic intent of my boycottsuperferry.org.

Pete Antonson’s Friday letter, “Wading through the junk science,” instead of citing pro-Superferry research, made unfounded assumptions about me personally and now I need to set that straight.

Pete assumed because I own a swim lesson school on the Mainland, I’m gone from Kaua‘i half the year, when in fact I’m gone only six weeks for training my staff. Actually, it’s my sister company, John Tyler’s Aloha CPR, operating statewide here, that would indeed benefit from a responsible Superferry, but I put my personal convenience lower rank to seeking long-term island protections reviewed by an EIS first.

Pete also assumes I give “baseless speculation of Superferry being a military conspiracy.” Just last week, newspapers stated Superferry’s new second vessel has a special loading ramp specifically installed for military use and which was being heavily lobbied for in Washington while “no military connection” was Superferry’s public mantra.

Regarding the military, my brother is a high-ranking combat Green Beret. I have an honest interest to be respectful and fair to the military. There are a lot of great people serving.

Still, a private commercial venture like HSF should be upfront in its intentions and affiliation, having been publicly subsidized by Hawai‘i taxpayer money.

Lastly, calling the Web site’s 1,000-plus hours of compiled work by several Hawai‘i environmental groups, “cherrypicked junk science and hysterical imagination” is completely inaccurate. These same points were key topics in the Maui court case, substantiated by expert witnesses in the field.

Mr. Antonson could have easily contacted me on my Web site page to get accurate info about who I am; instead he chose to publish his character assassinations in TGI without seeming to care of the personal harm he would do.

This self-justified “shoot first, ask questions later” style seems more the norm nowadays imported from Mainland political shows. Yet, I ask for aloha to reemerge again and people refraining from personal attacks based on assumptions.

Talk and listen to your perceived “adversary” and better understanding and respect come forward. Just ask a Green Beret and his environmental brother.


• John Tyler Cragg, Anahola

We need change now

I totally agree with Michelle Carroll (Obama has vision, TGI, Saturday) that this country is in big trouble and needs change.

After the first four years of George W., I thought people wouldn’t be dumb enough to elect him for a second term. I was wrong, they did and look at the state of our country now.

So once again I will preach the same — get to the polls and vote for people who will lead us out of this horrible mess our country is in.

Please don’t vote based on name recognition or the same old tired, old boys network because obviously it isn’t working.

We need change and we need it now. Notice how McCain decided to adopt the “Change” slogan, once he found it working for Obama.

• Francine M. Grace, Hilo, Big Island

Online computers replacing people at HR departments

Most companies nowadays require a person to apply for a job online on a computer through the Internet. If a person is computer illiterate, what is a person to do to apply for a job at that particular company?

What is the company’s human resources department for?

Most of the companies’ HR won’t see a person without a job application. Then, again, you are back to square one. A person would have to use a computer online to put in an application and download a resume.

Whatever happened to human interaction (one on one) in applying for a job? Especially if it’s only a simple laborer job like restocking shelves, etc.

• Howard Tolbe, ‘Ele‘ele

Bring renewable energy to Kaua‘i

Renewable energy delivery systems are on their way.

Lihu‘e airport is harnessing the sun. Who or what will be next?

KIUC may need to fast track its efforts to weigh and consider what proposals may be brought to the table. In this respect, a petition is being circulated to consider what Western Renewable Energy may have to offer that can lower our electric utility bills sooner than later.

Circulating this petition is our way of being collaboratively and proactively involved in seeking more immediate solutions, yet maintain the integrity of supply and demand of electrical power as mandated by the PUC.

Hopefully, this can be achieved through a focused effort to bring a renewable energy delivery system to Kaua‘i as proposed by WRE LLC.

•  Jose Bulatao Jr., Kekaha


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