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Letters for Sunday, June 22, 2008

• We all need to maintain trails

• Friend of Israel

• Is it worth the costs?

• Accident waiting to happen

We all need to maintain trails

Years ago the Kaua’i Bicycle Club went up to the Moalepe and Kuilau trails to see the damage by the Esprit De Corps Riding Academy. Mountain bikes were not yielding to horses and horses were committing Cat D-9 damage. We met with Dale Rosenfeld and DLNR. Using IMBA guidelines we cleaned/cleared and fixed the trail areas. Myself and members, Scott “Lunchmeat” Ferguson, Ann Leighton, and Bob Nishek, cleared overgrowth, cut diversion ditches, drained sink holes, and made water bars n sandwiching industrial rubber between 2-by-6s or 2-by-4s. Knowing that not all members of the Kauai Bicycle Club would show, I recruited five guys from the Parole Office who needed time for community service. These guys were hunters and motorcyclists who realized what we were doing and worked the hardest that weekend.

Esprit de Corps and DLNR aren’t going to do the work on the trails to stop the erosion damage, unless they have help. It is time for CORK, KORR, Sierra Club, Eastside Hunter’s Club, Boy Scouts, and/or any civic-minded organization to step up to the plate. Abuse it and lose it.

Bobby Ritch


Friend of Israel

I have been reading the latest news coming out of Israel with cautious optimism: the ceasefire with Hamas, an offer to begin talks with Lebanon, and the ongoing talks with Syria and the Palestinians. It looks like Israel is bearing in the right direction in its quest for security and peace.

I have been struck, however, by the absence of public expressions of support for these recent peace efforts, most notably from the pro-Israel community that is normally such a vocal advocate for Israel and its policies.

As an American who believes that the security of Israel, its neighbors and the United States is enhanced by a peaceful Middle East, I strongly support these initiatives and hope that the United States will do more to facilitate their success. I hope that those who consider themselves to be friends of Israel will join me in this strong expression of support.

I know Kaua’i does not have a huge Jewish population, but know that there are many Christian Zionists who love the Lord and support Israel. In fact I have found many of my Christian friends caring more about Israel than my own Jewish inner circle.

“Christians make the best Jews, and Jews make the best Christians,” meaning many Christians support Israel and have a new found desire to learn as much about Judaism and Israel as their minds can handle, and remember the first Christians were all Jews, including Jesus.

Remember to vote for candidates that are pro-Israel.

Kimo Rosen


Is it worth the costs?

The two articles in Saturday’s edition are on different subjects but carry a common theme – the waste of resources.

While most of us are struggling to fill our cars to get to work to make money to get food, our illustrious governor leases a gas-guzzling SUV. Come on Gov. Linda Lingle, please take it back and get something more efficient and cheaper.

The second article about waste is the “Choppers help locate pot plants” story. The federal, state and county governments are wasting our money on this program. Do we need noisy expensive equipment for this program? How much did it cost for that one day? The Big Island residents just said “No” to this program. Their leaders listened and their county saved large sums of money, that were then put to better use.

Apparently this program has been reinstated. Instead of bickering about dog poo, let’s tell our leaders to start saving our money in a better way.

Laurie Ross


Accident waiting to happen

On the corner of Kaumualii Highway and Punee Road in Omao there is an accident waiting to happen. Before, one could exit Punee Road to head east onto Kaumualii Highway without crossing into the oncoming westbound lane. Now since the road has been eaten up by bad weather approximately three years ago to exit Punee Road to head eastbound. A vehicle would have to make a sharp wide turn right and cross into the westbound land before completing into the eastbound lane to get to Lihu’e.

If the county has no plan to repair that section of Punee Road than the county should change Punee Road to a one way road. Entry only off Kaumualii Highway unto Punee Road and exit south on Punee Road to the the little side road (don’t recall the name of that road, sorry) and onto Oma’o Road then up north on Oma’o Road onto Kaumualii Highway.

I’ve seen too many close calls in that area and there is no caution sign of that dangerous intersection to warn drivers traveling on the state (Kaumualii) highway east or west.

Posted speed limit in that area is 40 mph which is already to speed when approaching that intersection. Most drivers I’ve seen travel way over the speed limit there. Approximately 50 mph or faster.

Let’s make the change. Don’t wait for that accident to happen.

Howard Tolbe



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