Criticism doesn’t distract KPD from its mission

Q: I’m retired but I’m a local boy from Kapa‘a living in Honolulu. Boy, you and KPD have been getting blasted in The Garden Island by Juan Wilson, an opinion columnist, and at least one other person on the Forum page. You seem to be doing a good job from the guys I talk to and there hasn’t been bad news in the paper since you took over. What’s going on?

• Ben, Hawai‘i Kai

A: I really don’t know why the animosity or undue criticism. Perhaps the honeymoon is over, or perhaps it’s just misinformation, personal attitudes, bad past experiences or just wanting to bring things to my attention. Perhaps it’s a combination of all of the above. Either way, I don’t let personal feelings sidetrack me or KPD from our primary mission. But it saddens me to think that there are people, albeit a few, that would attempt to malign the good we’re trying to accomplish.

Don’t get me wrong, I welcome public input, but in some cases, these types of comments are inappropriate and reckless. And although it does take time and energy away from working on more important issues, I still have to react to them because the public might believe some of the half-truths.

For your information, things are going smoothly and getting better and better because everyone is working hard. But like any organization the size of KPD, you will have bumps along the way, and we are addressing those issues.

By the way, thank you for your comments and your support. It’s nice to know that you appreciate our efforts, even though you’re all the way in Hawai‘i Kai.

Q: I heard that KPD does not want the Superferry come to Kaua‘i and that you, too, are against the Superferry.

• Justin, Kekaha

A: The Kaua‘i Police Department is neutral with respect to the circumstances surrounding the Superferry. By neutral I mean that from a law enforcement perspective if the Superferry does come to Kaua‘i, our primary duty will be to preserve the peace, allow protesters to express themselves if they choose to do so, keep everyone safe from harm and, if necessary, arrest individuals who break the law. Our position is simple and straightforward.

With respect to not liking the Superferry, I don’t let my personal feelings about any issue, including the Superferry, interfere with my professional duties and responsibilities.

Q: Dear Chief Perry:

I am interested to know what the KPD and state enforcement policies are regarding those who have legal medical marijuana cards.

• Michael

A: We do recognize medical marijuana cards by a licensed physician. According to Hawai‘i Revised Statute, if registered, you are allowed to have seven marijuana plants of which three must be mature plants and four plants in various growing stages. You can also have 1 ounce of process marijuana per mature plant.

The Department of Public Safety states that physicians who authorize their patients to utilize marijuana for medical purposes must submit the completed qualifying patient and primary caregiver written certification/registry identification forms and $25 registration fee to: Narcotics Enforcement Division, 3375 Koapaka Street, Suite D-100, Honolulu, Hawai‘i, 96819

However, please be aware that federal statutes still prohibit the possession of marijuana. If you need more information, visit

Q: Is KPD still enforcing ticketing lifted trucks with big tires? I still see them all over the place.

• Ken, Lihu‘e

A: Since January we issued a total of 190 citations. This is an ongoing problem that our Traffic Safety Unit and patrol officers are addressing on a daily basis.

In closing I would like to thank the Hanalei Rotary Club for inviting me as their keynote speaker this past Thursday. Mahalo. Take care and be safe.

• Darryl Perry is the chief of police at the Kauai Police Department. Send your comments or questions to


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