Letters for Saturday, May 31, 2008

• Give Juan a ride-along

• Doesn’t want fees raised

• Keeping secrets

• Let’s review the Constitution

• Paying dearly for security

Give Juan a ride-along

I would like to suggest that Kauai Police Chief Darryl Perry invite Juan Wilson to join the Kaua‘i Police Department for a month to get a real taste of what the life of an officer is all about.

Perhaps that will be an eye-opener for him to experience what “Kaua‘i’s finest” are really up against and maybe he’ll change his attitude that officers should be carrying “gifts of aloha” rather than protective gear (for their safety).

I was just reading the Police Blotter online and noticed that many of the arrests included disorderly conduct, assaults, high speed chases, and drug arrests which included one suspect in possession of a gun and silencer.

And Juan wants tthe officers to do what? Say “aloha” and shower these criminals with lei? Get real Juan.

A contributing Guest Viewpoint writer and architect does not make a person an expert on officer safety.

Francine Grace

Hilo, Big Island

Doesn’t want fees raised

After reading the article on greens fees possibly going up in the future at Wailua Golf Course I want to know where the “little amount” of money brought in by the greens fees are currently going.

If, as perceived, the so-called income of the golf course is going into a general parks fund for all parks maintenance, then stop that and let the golf course keep all its income then see how much fees need to be raised.

Help me understand … do other park facilities have a fee structure for their use like the Wailua Golf Course and its greens fees?

Sam Shirai


Keeping secrets

If you ever want to get the word out about anything, tell five people, “Promise not to tell anyone.”

If one wants to keep something secret you cannot tell a soul. There is something in us humans that makes us want to tell things to others.

Personally, I had a few medical issues that I wanted to keep confidential. I told two friends that I would appreciate this remains between us. To make a long story short, before long everyone I knew knew what my personal problems were.

The irony about all this is beyond the betrayal of trust, it is the issue of retelling the situation wrong. Just like the experiments with telling a joke; By the time 10 people have told the same joke, down the line it becomes something totally different than the initial joke.

That’s why if you have a personal issue it’s best to tell nobody, unless you want it repeated numerous times with a different twist.

Hey guess what? If you promise not to tell anyone I will tell you where the best fishing spot on Kaua‘i is.

Kimo Rosen


Let’s review the Constitution

I applaud Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona’s efforts to educate voters on the need for a constitutional convention. For a young voter like me, this is a first chance to support review of the state Constitution.

The last time there was a constitutional convention was before I was even born. Remembering that our Constitution is a work in progress that should reflect our lasting values yet align with the times, anyone can see that we are long overdue for a reassessment.

For me, a particular issue I would like to see addressed, should a constitutional convention be convened, is the issue of initiative and referendum.

Having this in place would allow Hawai‘i residents to vote directly on initiatives that the people feel are important rather than relying on the Legislature. In a small state like ours, these changes could give the people a stronger voice and make us more active in the political process.

Jon Chin


Paying dearly for security

Keeping America “safe” for only $600 billion a year; Is the primary reason a government exists to provide for the national defense of a country? Canada, New Zealand and Australia have Armed Forces that protect their countries.

Who is safer these days? They have freedom too don’t they? Does our government take better care of its citizens than theirs do? If America became the “Red Cross” of the world would we have people trying to attack us? Maybe, just maybe, the people of the world would once again like and respect us as they did for other generations of Americans throughout our short history.

Our forefathers fought against what eventually developed into tyranny.

We should all think about and remember those who gave their lives for our country.

But at the same time we should also try to be both intelligent enough and kind-hearted enough to try to keep other Americans from dying in the future, especially putting our brave soldiers in harms way because of personal political gain or corporate profit.

Only when we are all open-minded, will we be able to make the right decisions concerning the real defense of America and its citizens.

When we support what we know in our hearts to be wrongdoing, then we are wrong.

And we will then see a backlash against our own wrongdoing.

Cause and effect … that’s a simple concept.

So is the $600 billion we spend every year keeping America safe? Does it cause us to be actually safer than the $20 billion Australia spends to keep themselves safe, or the $1 billion that New Zealand spends? When was the last time Australia or New Zealand were attacked? Are we the world’s police, or have we become the world’s bully?

Dennis Chaquette



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