Letters for Wednesday, May 14, 2008

• Wailua Homesteads burning not appreciated

• Pet prosecutor

• Change time

• Indigenous ahead in brotherly love

Wailua Homesteads burning not appreciated

My wife and I live at and operate Alexander’s Nursery and we too have been choking on the smoke happening in the evenings in this neighborhood. For the last 10 nights or so there has been a nasty smelling haze of rubbish smoke which seems to include plastic and animal hair and dry leaves. Between the vog and the light-to-no breezes lately, not to mention the no-burn declarations of the state Health Department for those days, the smoke from these fires triggers breathing troubles which can be deadly. Especially to those who suffer from asthma or COPD.

Whoever is doing this burning should consider his or her neighbors’ discomfort and hazard. There is no excuse for such dangerous and inconsiderate burning. There are other options for disposing of whatever is being burned. And no one should be doing any burning on voggy, windless, no-burn days or nights. By the way, we don’t spray toxic pesticides, or herbicides in our nursery out of respect for our neighbors, ourselves and the environment.

Richard Beach

Wailua Homestaeds

Pet prosecutor

I see that Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho is running for county prosecutor. If that means she will be off the County Council, I am ecstatic. However, if she becomes prosecutor, I fear for the populace, because she is such a nitpicker and she has a grudge against the Kealia to Kapa‘a beach path.

To wit: she and Mel Rapozo, both of whom seem to have forgotten that the council is there to do what’s best for the people of Kaua‘i, tried to sabotage the beach path. Instead of finding ways to make it work and make it better, she focused on whether the path was 5 feet too close to the beach.

Fortunately, she lost. Unfortunately for her, we don’t forget.

If she becomes prosecutor, with her nitpicking mentality, I foresee her prosecuting dog walkers with leashed dogs and plastic bags for dump removal because the path is a county park (which is an idiotic restriction and a subject for another discussion). She will likely ignore loose-running, vicious dogs released by their owners on the path, in their neighborhoods, and on the beaches in general, allowing them to attack leashed pets and foul beaches, sidewalks, and lawns, because it’s too much trouble to catch these outlaw owners but it’s easy to zap pet owners on the path.

It would be nice if Iseri-Carvalho would do something to help us instead of doing her best to make our lives more difficult.

Jon Evans


Change time

Is anyone else wondering how such a big ‘oops’ happened on Kaua‘i (“Budget realizes $2.2M surplus,” A1, May 9)?

Steve Martin has the right idea (“Budget surplus rage,” Letters, May 14) that the money should be returned to its rightful owners. Those who were “accidently” overcharged.

In the real world, that may just happen, but in the world of Kaua‘i politics, I don’t think so.

Seems the Mayor Bryan Baptiste administration has already spent the surplus or has thought up some creative ways to dispose of it.

The administration states several items that the original budget was made to fund; but now with a big surplus, their creative minds are working overtime. As reported in the article, it seems “the extra property tax revenues were also used to raise by several hundred dollars the salaries for department heads and other top positions.”

What’s the saying, “The rich keep getting richer”?

Glenn Mickens seems to think Gabriela Taylor has a good idea to try and get an amendment on the ballot; but don’t forget what happened the last time an amendment got on the ballot. The great leaders of Kaua‘i County didn’t like being told what to do or the outcome, so they sued and wasted more taxpayer money.

Just remember Kaua‘i, every time the elections roll around and the same people keep getting voted in, these are the people you keep electing to look out for your best interests.

As Barack Obama keeps reminding us all, “It’s time for change.”

Think about it.

Francine Grace

Hilo, Big Island

Indigenous ahead in brotherly love

Why it is dangerous to be a Libertarian: The idea that liberals taking from the rich to help the poor is a bad thing, is to have a short memory for history. The poor usually outnumber the rich 10,000 to 1. Without a strong government impetus in place to regulate the equality of society, things tend to get kind of bloody.

Look up Marie Antoinette. The current “Republican Versailles” on the Potomac is even worse. In the past seven years, the Republicans actually increased the national debt more than all other administrations in history combined. So please spare liberals the tax-and-spend label. Republicans spend way more and most of it gets wasted on war.

I find it contradictory that conservatives also want to save unborn babies so we can send them to war later. It’s also ironic that Republican conservative Christians who claim to follow the teachings of Jesus also support such a Darwinian, survival-of-the-fittest type of economic structure.

I think indigenous and native cultures were and still are miles ahead in the brotherly love department when it comes to community. By the way, Peter Saker (“Call me backward then,” Letters, May 14), I never said liberals were morally superior, I said voting for Republicans for religious reasons if you are not financially benefitting from their policies is dumb.

Jason Nichols



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