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Letters for Thursday, May 8, 2008

• County needs to cut budget

• Raise children with respect

• Better than a leash

County needs to cut budget

In presenting the county budget, our administration seems totally out of touch with realities. The proposal to add millions to the county expenditures and increase personnel with new positions comes at the wrong time.

Such increases would bring a heavy burden on a large number of our people. Continuing inflation of fuel, food and health care will leave little money for discretionary spending at restaurants and local shops. The home mortgage crisis may create more homeless. Retired persons may be hit by declining value in their retirement funds by an uncertain stock market.

In addition, there is the factor of the island’s main industry — tourism. With the loss of airlines, future mergers and higher fuel costs, air fares will increase.

There has been a reduction in cruise ships. Tourists from the Mainland are facing recession, inflation, housing losses and thousands face the fallout of these effects resulting in unemployment.

Already Hawai‘i has seen a 14 percent drop in tourists and Kaua‘i has a 41 percent drop in Japanese tourists. The trickle-down effect of fewer tourists to Kaua‘i will bring less business and more unemployment. How can we afford to pay higher taxes?

Altogether, this is not a time for growth. It may be difficult to convince our wealthy government leaders that many will face financial hardship in the coming year. The county should help reduce the financial burden by cutting back its budget and eliminating unneeded positions, following the example of the state which has cut its budget by millions. This is not a time to be concerned with funding community relations or image building for our leaders.

Fred Wells


Raise children with respect

In regards to Kimo Rosen’s letter “What’s wrong with the youth today?” on May 5:

Children have not taken over. I’m going to college at the University of Arizona (close to a retirement community) and trust me, having public pools with age restrictions for children sucks the life right out of you. I’ll be moving back home to Kaua‘i this summer and can’t wait to be surrounded by the greatest kids in the world.

Rather than venting your supposed subjugation toward brats, blame the acts of these children on the ineptitude of their parents. Yes, the fear of kids reporting false accusations to child protective services or any other authority is frightening, but these actions are of those children who were raised with disregard and a lack of discipline. If someone did not offer you their seat on the bus or treated you disrespectfully, I am truly sorry. It’s the incompetent parents who did not take the initiative to raise their children with respect and generosity toward their elders.

Let me just say that there is enough corruption on Kaua‘i to last us a long while. Until the current mayoral administration cracks down on it, I don’t believe Kaua‘i’s youth should be responsible for the island’s future degradation and corruption.

What’s wrong with the youth today?

Nothing, Kaua‘i’s youth are beautiful.

What’s wrong with those disrespectful brats and punks who have no respect for their elders and their surroundings?

Their parents.

Instead of blaming Kaua‘i’s children on their “angel status,” try showing them respect and you may see it in return.

Waipuna Higuera-Trask


Better than a leash

As a long time committed dog lover/owner, I understand the premise behind leash laws in public areas such as beaches and walking paths. There is at least one device I know of that works better than a leash and it would be nice to have that recognized and accepted as a mode of safe animal control as well. I use an electronic collar for my 175-pound Great Dane — he responds to the sounds emitted from the remote controlled collar by his handler instantly.

Using a leash with a dog that size is basically useless. I plan to continue this discussion with the humane society since Murphy did receive a “warning” yesterday at Hanalei Bay — he was glued to the side of his handler wearing his collar when the warning was issued. These collars are also endorsed by Bill Woodard who is an excellent local dog trainer.

Hopefully, this will be an accepted option in the near future.

Petrina Satori-Britt



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