Christian book review: ‘Sex God’ by Rob Bell

Editor’s note: This review was submitted for print by the 5th Gospel store located in Kukui Grove.

“Sex God.” Got your attention? The title of this book is eye-grabbing, or should I say ear-grabbing.

What is it about? It’s about the world we live in, about us — people, the human race and how much we have in common whether we are Christian or not. The chapters are as boldly intriguing as the title of the book — chapter one is “God Wears Lipstick” and two is “Sexy on the Inside.”

The introduction of “Sex God” titled “This is really about that” centers on what the whole book is about. In making this statement, the author speaks about the old adage: things are not what they seem. The daily problems, for example, a couple may have in a relationship are not just about the thing they are arguing about, but about something more, which has deeper roots and is more than what meets the eye.

Bell goes on to typify how our sexuality and our relationships are tied together, intermingled and completely connected to our spirituality. Ultimately, the spiritual connection is with God. If there is a gap, a separation, an emptiness and disconnection from spirituality and therefore, God, the sexuality part of ourselves suffers and the relationships that individual has will be affected.

An ideal day would be to spend a whole day at the beach reading ‘Sex God’. But I would have to put it down every now and then to reflect and ponder: “Now what does he (the author) mean by that? Do I find this to be true?”

The author Rob Bell talks directly to the reader, as if you are a dear old friend. I find myself feeling good inside reading this book and at the same time feeling convicted. Convicted? Isn’t that bad? No, when I say convicted I mean that I feel like I’m learning more about myself, growing as a person, becoming less and less judgmental and more aware of the truth — seeing things as they, well, truly are. In essence, turning into a more understanding person. Which translates into loving not only my family and friends, but all people, humanity as a whole. And that is precisely what God wants. For all of us, whether you consider yourself a Christian or not.

Really, you may silently wonder, could a book be that powerful? I believe it can be if read for the purpose of learning and when read with an open mind. But if you came to read “Sex God” with strong opinions about this world and how it should be, then you may find yourself at odds with this book, debating each and every piece, dissecting it bit by bit in some never-ending wrestling match with someone you can’t touch or see.

“Sex God” is simply written, but full of insight and depth of understanding. Rob Bell captures in words what the human heart is all about.

“Sex God — Exploring the Endless Connections Between Sexuality and Spirituality” is available for purchase or order at 5th Gospel in Kukui Grove Shopping Center. Call 245-9499 for more information.


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