Letters for Tuesday, May 29, 2007

• Proper letter etiquette

• Superferry reaches Midwest

• Cheap stuff deprivation

• Council admiration

• Maybe skinny high-rises?

Proper letter etiquette

I think Letters to the editor is an excellent platform for us to have as a way to express our opinions and get things off our chests.

I would like to remind readers that it is completely inappropriate to contact the writer of a letter by telephone to hassle them about their opinion. That becomes a violation of privacy, bordering on harassment. I have experienced this several times, the last time was in regards to a certain North Shore criminal, and from what I hear, another local resident received a phone call from this person’s family as well after writing a letter expressing his opinion and concerns. Considering that we are not permitted to write anonymously, it seems as though a reminder of proper protocol is needed.

If anyone has a retort pertaining to a published letter please direct it to The Garden Island, that way your opinion can be heard as well in the appropriate forum.


Petrina Britt


Superferry reaches Midwest

Here in the Midwestern U.S. we have just heard about the Superferry.

I think it is a huge mistake. I come to Kaua‘i to enjoy the beauty and peace. I appreciate the local atmosphere and try to be a good guest — walking lightly on your land. I am grateful Kauaians allow us Mainlanders to visit. A ferry would make Kaua‘i just another stop on an ocean “busline.” More would be ruined than gained. I fear Kaua‘i’s uniqueness would be destroyed.

Finally, will the ferry operators ensure invasive species wouldn’t be spread to Kaua‘i?

Kathy Deutsch

Florissant, Mo.

Cheap stuff deprivation

Well, golly-gee.

Thank heavens for the fellow from Princeville who took the time to warn me that I am the dupe of a “com-symp cabal” headquartered in the Historic County Building. And thank many of you for the economics lectures and political discourse. I had no idea our elected officials were part of a sinister plot to deprive us all of our constitutionally guaranteed right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and humongous piles of cheap stuff.

I must have missed that in civics class.

The quality of life on Kaua‘i is not defined by the aggregation of large stores for all of us. If a Wal-Mart Supercenter meant so much to us that we had to write lots of letters to The Garden Island about it, we’d probably decamp to some retail Valhalla — say Bentonville, Ark. — rather than suffer any more consumer angst. But you don’t see Wal-Mart building any monstrous stores in Bentonville.

Anyway, they are the cat’s meow of retailing, and I’ll bet they can find a way to squeeze higher returns out of the pitifully small space they occupy in Lihu‘e. And if we elect officials to sort through quality of life issues like the rate of development, traffic, treatment of the aina, etc., it is because the founders so ordained it. I’m not all that hot and bothered to have SMS polls determine public policy — not because I have anything personal against SMS — heck, I lie to them all the time.

Pau, please.

Bill Spitz


Council admiration

As an annual visitor to your lovely island for nearly a decade, I applaud the recent decision by the County Council to keep Kaua‘i rural. Big box retailers do have a way of quashing the local vibrancy of an area.

I admire your courage and tenacity.

Mahalo for keeping Kaua‘i “Kaua‘i-like.”

See you soon.

Summer Ehrmann

Elko, Nev.

Maybe skinny high-rises?

I watched recently, with interest, the County Council unanimous approval limiting the size of big boxes to 75,000 square feet. Each member voiced their reasons why they were for the bill. Each claiming not being “hypocritical,” yet all shop the big boxes and one even admits going off-island to shop a Wal-Mart Super Store.

What am I missing? Isn’t this a prime example of hypocrisy? Not willing to put your money where your mouth is, is hypocrisy.

Competition among the big boxes is also necessary for the consumers’ protection. Why restrict Wal-Mart from competing with Costco? What’s this got to do with our rural ambiance?

All the council seemed very proud of stopping all high-rises. I must admit nothing higher than a coconut tree is catchy. Look for the ocean from Foodland. All I see is sprawl covering the complete area with 48-foot-high buildings. Maybe a skinny high-rise with lots of open space would be better. This Waipouli Resort is definitely a view stopper and a big box eye sore. Doesn’t look rural to me.

Charles Armstrong



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