Letters for Wednesday, April 25, 2007

• Keep Kaua‘i ‘The Garden Island’

• Let Supercenter go through

• Superferry supporters don’t look ha‘ole to her

• Join a party and vote

Keep Kaua‘i ‘The Garden Island’

Kaua‘i used to be known as “the Garden Island” but now it’s being promoted as “the Discovery Island” by the tourist industry.

As a visitor who has come since 1997, I have seen too much over-development and traffic. Try going to Ke‘e Beach or driving through Kapa‘a. Kaua‘i is losing its “Garden Island” charm. I hear this all the time from both residents and visitors like myself.

Personally, I propose the following to make things better:

• A moratorium on building hotels and housing developments. Period. If one wants to visit Kaua‘i, like myself, there are plenty of hotel rooms already available at “existing” hotels.

• Also, enforce zoning laws on illegal vacation rentals. Let your residents live in peace. This practice of illegal vacation rentals has got to stop. Neighborhoods are losing thier close community touch. I hear this all the time from locals.

Visitors like myself are coming to Kaua‘i to basically experience the great outdoors and a room in a hotel does just fine for sleep/kick-back time.

• More public transportation to and from the airport to cut down on car rentals. More runs and runs that go all the way to Ke‘e Beach and Polihale. Enough room on the bus to take a reasonable amount of luggage.

• A strong educational outreach plan to inform both visitors/locals of public transportation available.

• Also, a more aggressive car pool plan for locals.

• Stricter control of helicopter flights so residents won’t be pestered by the noise, etc. In fact, fewer flights would be ideal. For example, I am tired of hearing intrusive copters at Lumahai Beach.

• Also, stop the Superferry. This will only bring more cars and problems to your small island community.

In sum, things need to be slowed down and to fully utilize what is already available to keep Kaua‘i “The Garden Island.”

Gary Saylin

Davis, Calif.

Let Supercenter go through

I would like to suggest to each and every one of you who are not able to attend the County Council’s “Big Box Bill #22-03” hearing (due to the fact that you have to work) to please fax your letter of support to Janie Whitehead at 246-1856. She will personally hand-carry your testimonial to the County Council.

I totally agree with Nisbe Belmes and Bill Murphy (Letters: 4/23) that the working-class and retired residents need to shop sensibly with a limited budget. I believe a Wal-Mart Supercenter will be able to provide us with quality products at reasonable prices. Yeah, sure they’re there to make a buck too, but at least they aren’t gouging us.

On a local radio station, I heard a comment that Costco’s low gas prices were just a “business ploy” to bait people into paying a membership fee. Well, I’m not sure where this person purchases their gas, but the prices I’m seeing at all the other gas stations are ridiculously much higher than Costco’s; not to mention the lines I see at Costco’s gas station every time I drive by or stop for gas.

As far as people testifying that Wal-Mart gives substandard pay and benefits to its employees, that is not true at all. Having been previously employed by Wal-Mart, I can vouch that I received excellent benefits and pay that was much higher than any other retail establishment was offering.

How many employers can honestly say they give their employees adequate pay raises after their three-month probation period and again annually, if not sooner, if earned.

My previous employer gave me a minimal pay raise after my six-month probation period. In order to obtain a second and third pay raise, I had to threaten to quit; with the employer stating, “yeah, you do great work, but we can’t afford any pay raises.”

Don’t let the rich and a few retail business owners tell you that Wal-Mart’s Supercenter will be bad for the community. The rich don’t need to worry about pinching pennies; ever hear the phrase, “more money than brains.” And it has become quite obvious that the current grocers aren’t able to handle the supply and demand the current population requires. It’s only going to get worse with all of the future planned developments.

All too often I can hear tourists in line at the grocery store or fast-food restaurants complaining about the wait time. Not long before they’ll figure out that Kaua‘i is not the vacation place for them; then what happens to our dependency on tourism?

It is quite evident that we, the people, have to look out for our own best interests. Although, that should be the job of our so-called elected officials, that does not appear to be the case.

I say, let Wal-Mart go ahead with their planned Supercenter and let the people decide where they want to shop and spend their hard-earned money.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who believes the people have already spoken by the lack of parking at both Wal-Mart and Costco on any given day. And for those of you who are against this expansion, go shop elsewhere.


Francine M. Grace


Superferry supporters don’t look ha‘ole to her

Mahalo, Mary Alexander, for pointing out Dennis Chun’s example of the racism that continues to exist here on Kaua‘i.

I do not support the Superferry nor do my ha‘ole friends. However, the ones I hear supporting it on the TV, radio, etc., don’t look so ha‘ole to me.

Let’s look at the leaders of this island and the state for the past 20 years and hold these non-ha‘oles accountable for the poor planning that continues to this day.

Brenda Zafirides


Join a party and vote

Regarding Walter Lewis’ view point in Forum (“How would the Kingdom of Atooi be governed?,” A Better Kaua‘i, April 22).

Actually all of these people who want to return to the past need to come into the “here and now.” Regardless of what some may think was a criminal offense, the United States government is not about to give up any of her states. No more than she would return Texas to Mexico.

The best that will happen is the so-called Akaka Bill will pass. And if it includes casinos, like the American Indians have, all of the so-called “blood Hawaiians” would be wealthy if the profits were equally distributed. But that ain’t gonna happen.

So my suggestion is join the political party of one’s choice and vote.

Gordon “Doc” Smith



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