Letters for Monday, March 26, 2007

• Fisherman thanks Kaua‘i reps for their support

• What’s taking so long?

• No explanations needed

• Pro-war or pro-life?

• Distraught by lack of progress on bike path

• Belief results in trust

• No explanations needed

Fisherman thanks Kaua‘i reps for their support

Fishermen of the state have been asking the legislature for the past two years to require the state Department of Land and Natural Resources to use the best available science and the scientific process and to include the fishermen in the process of rule-making.

Instead, the department has focused on the single “science” of area closures to manage our resources. They have enlisted the help of the environmental groups to drive a wedge in our community.

We all need to better understand that closing areas are designed to only limit fishermen but do not protect our marine resources from other stressors including things like the Ka Loko Dam break, or the Pflueger development run-off, introduced species like taape and ro‘i, and fresh water diversion.

These effects have longer-lasting impacts than fishing for it destroys habitat and need to be monitored continuously! Fishermen want the DLNR to be responsible, to be professional and to follow its mandate in a fair and transparent manner.

Thanks to the support of Honorable Representatives Roland D. Sagum III and James K. Tokioka, our voices were finally heard and the House of Representatives supported by advancing the bill to the Senate. Unfortunately, our Senate Water, Land, Agriculture and Hawaiian Affairs Committee gutted the bill and replaced our language with those of the Nature Conservancy and DLNR. A slap in the face for sure, we may be down, but not out!

Thank you, people of Kaua‘i, for electing open and fair-minded representatives who took the time to understand the issue and asked questions and placed their support behind fishermen who truly wish to protect our marine resources through management that protects resources at sustainable levels for all generations to follow. Mahalo a nui loa.

Roy N. Morioka

A fisherman from O‘ahu

What’s taking so long?

Mayor Bryan Baptiste and council members, why are you taking so long to make a decision for Wal-mart to expand? Have you been to our store lately? There are locals and tourist alike shopping.

Our island is only 80,000 people strong. However, we lack jobs for our children and seniors. Expanding our store will create jobs and will help our ohana to afford a better life. It will help us to buy more for less. I believe if you go around any store you’ll find that every store is buying imported goods, too!

Remember, “if you build it they will come.” (smaller stores will benefit on our expense. more tourists mean more customers).

Winnie Kali


No explanations needed

The notion that the increased American troop death rate in Iraq proves the failure of President Bush’s “surge” is totally ridiculous.

The reason is simply that there are more targets. No defeatist explanations are needed.

John A. Broussard

Kamuela, Maui

Pro-war or pro-life?

Now is it just me or is that an oxymoron? What, is this the new recycling policy? How can a so-called representative of one who “laid down his life for his friends” and “turned the other cheek” be pro-war? Please, no defense necessary; if you haven’t noticed, my questions are rhetorical. But then would a person who uses “pro-war and pro-life” in the same sentence notice that? Those who write such nonsense should pray for “spittle-mud” to anoint their eyes (John 9:1-25).

Paul Kelley


Distraught by lack of progress on bike path

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to the editor, excited about my walk on the path that went from Otsuka’s to the Kealia River.

Since then my happiness turned into dismay seeing that the machines are there, the cones are there, and yet for almost a month, nothing has been done — and our bridges in Kapa‘a continue being closed.

Now, can someone from the government tell us what is really going on here? Who is responsible for this disaster?

When the work was being done I had a smile in my face. Now I am distraught every day by the sights of absolutely no progress — and no, I cannot walk that path again, because it makes me sick. Hello? Who is at fault now and what are you doing with our money?

Lillian deMello


Belief results in trust

Responding to Michael’s troubled heart as to what he considers un-responsive Christians.

First Michael, let’s find a cure for your troubled heart: In John 14 verse 1, Jesus gives us His remedy: Let not your heart be troubled, believe in God and also in me (Jesus). That’s what people do, who call themselves by his name: Christians. We believe!

That belief results in trust: We trust that ultimately God is in charge of His creation. However, as people we have free choice and often we make wrong choices. Like many do in Iraq, Afganistan, Israel and even here on Kaua‘i.

Honestly, I do not like what is going on in the Middle East any more then you do.

But we are not inactive. On the contrary, we pray frequently, throughout the week, individually and corporately, like we did this morning at 6 a.m. On our knees, praying for peace and safety for those in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel. Some of us have sons who are slated to go there to do what they can to keep the peace. We hope they do not have to. But if they do have to we trust them in the all-powerful hands of the Creator God who loves them (and all of us, including you) beyond measure. We believe and trust that it is very safe there! May God bless you in your choices!

Rudy Bosma


No explanations needed

The notion that the increased American troop death rate in Iraq proves the failure of President Bush’s “surge” is totally ridiculous.

The reason is simply that there are more targets. No defeatist explanations are needed

John A. Broussard

Kamuela, Maui


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