Letters for Wednesday, March 14, 2007

• Fitness center should be denied

• Get him off the street

• It must be who you know

• Save what’s left of Kaua‘i

Fitness center should be denied

Attn: Planning Commission

Re: Coco Palms fitness center complex

Please do not allow this fitness center/spa complex to be approved.

It is NOT appropriate for Open District Zoning. Historically, it is part of a culturally significant and sacred area. It is located in a flood plane and a Special Management Area.

When do we stop kowtowing to special interests?

Repeatedly, the Planning Commission has declined to use its powers to protect the interests of all islanders to see instead to the needs of developers and the wealthy few.

More and more people are tired of the backroom deals and rushed-through plans that this island has become notorious for.

Do we have to overdevelop most of Kaua‘i‘s coastline before you are satisfied?

When do we decide that we have reached a saturation point for our current infrastructure?

You must be strong in your decisions to protect Kaua‘i from being paved over and developed by developers whose business it is, is to build.

Please consider the future of Kaua‘i when it comes to your decisions.

I ask you to:

• deny the commercial fitness/spa facility as proposed

• deny the variance permit to exceed the 10% lot coverage

• deny the 1-story buildings in the Open District (structures with 4-walls are not appropriate)

• deny the use of fill material in the SMA (7-8 ft. of fill is not appropriate in the floodplain)

• leave the land open; allow unencumbered views and minimize further drainage impacts from development.

Kaua‘i needs managed, responsible development, appropriate land use, and sensitivity to important cultural sites and environmental constraints.

Please follow the intent of the laws and not make exceptions.

Keep Kaua‘i RURAL and country. This includes allowing farmers to live on their farms so they can be farmers and FEED US! (Food is very important.

Karen Tilley and Jay Dorrance


Get him off the street

I am in Bangkok and just read about Say online. What are you people crazy? Get this guy off the street for life.

Toby Searles


It must be who you know

Byron Say should be tarred, feathered, displayed in the stocks and pillories, and then become the guest of honor at a public hanging held in Vidinha Stadium.

Instead, he is offered a plea bargain and will soon be back to endangering the community.

As has often been said about this island — it isn’t what you know — it’s who you know. I am curious as to who are Byron Say’s benefactors.

Stan Godes


Save what’s left of Kaua‘i

I am not political. I’m sorry I am painfully ignorant of the workings of politics and government. But I know that a “high-end” development at Kealia, another one at Wailua and another one in ‘Oma‘o and probably plenty others I don’t even know about, are scaring the h**l out of me when I participate in the daily overloaded traffic gridlock.

What are our city, county and state administrators thinking? There is inadequate infrastructure to support what has already been overbuilt! And they are still approving this insidious megabuilding!

It’s not unconstitutional to impose a “no-growth” policy on ourselves as a county. When I left the city of Santa Barbara over 30 years ago, there was a no-growth policy in place, and it worked fine. They knew there wasn’t enough space, roads, water, all the requirements for a sensible infrastructure, so they disallowed any more building.

Kaua‘i needs to do this. It’s not anybody’s inalienable right to over-build an area until it’s uncomfortable and unlivable

Please, I implore the powers-that-be to get some common sense and save what’s left of Kaua‘i. Thank you for your time.

Donna Alalem,

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