Letters for Saturday, March 10, 2007

• Don’t knock plans for ag land

• Lighten up, Mann

• Forum should be for everyone’s opinion

• Different beliefs

• Loves Lydgate and Kamalani

• Worry about freedom, not oil problems

• Keep ‘aina clean

Don’t knock plans for ag land

As a farmer, I am pro-farming, not pro-development. But I am dismayed by the antagonistic attitudes of individuals and groups regarding recent plans for agriculturally zoned lands. It displays a lack of understanding of our island home and any historical perspective.

It may surprise many people to learn that Hawai‘i in general, and Kaua‘i in particular, have some of the worst agricultural soils in the world. For a general account of why this is so you can read Jared Diamond’s recent book entitled “Collapse”, or for a technical account you can look at the publications of Peter Vitousek’s group out of Stanford University. There are very few things that grow productively in our soils, and these are largely grasses and trees. This is the reason that there are only three examples of long-term, large-scale, sustained upland agriculture by early Hawaiians.

Soils, water, sunshine, appetites, and economics will determine who grows what where. Go look at the abandoned house sites in Kalalau and abandoned cane fields around Kilohana. Do not confuse your frustration over the island’s recent growth spurt with a knowledgeable recommendation for viable agriculture.

If tea, truffles or teak don’t work out in the long run, then your grandkids will park horses in the abandoned mansions and try something else; but don’t knock somebody for trying.

Adam Asquith


Lighten up, Mann

Gee whiz. Is it just me or is anyone else tired of reading Michael Mann’s responses to EVERYONE’s letters? I’ve never seen one person have an opinion of everyone else’s views like Michael Mann.

When I read his letters, everybody else is either misguided, misinformed, miscommunicating, or just plain don’t have their facts straight. By the way. You criticized my last letter about female drivers and scolded me that there should be nothing funny about it. Fer cryin’ out loud! Well, next time read the beginning and the end. Both times I said it was just for humor. Apparently you have none judging by the overtones of most of your letters. I received seven phone calls, four comments and one e-mail at work about that one. Guess what? Each one was a woman and they all thought it was funny. Geez, lighten up, Mann. No pun intended.

Stephen Shioi


Forum should be for everyone’s opinion

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that the “Letters to the Editor” or “Opinion Page” was where people could state their opinion for others to read or bring to attention some unknown facts.

It seems that there are a “select few” who get their letters published almost daily and are using this forum to have a war of words amongst themselves. If this is the case, guys; why not exchange e-mail addresses and have your battles among yourselves. Some of us don’t really need or want to be subjected to this on a daily basis.

Yeah, I may not agree or like what someone else has to say but hey, isn’t this the good old USA; where everyone is entitled to their opinion, freedom of speech, and all that good stuff?

Let’s keep the Opinion Page just what it’s meant for, everyone’s opinions.

Francine M. Grace


Different beliefs

In El Salvador, a Catholic theocracy, abortion is illegal under all circumstances. There are no exceptions for any reason. Even incest or rape.

If a woman shows up in a hospital with indication of a botched abortion she is immediately shackled to her bed and considered a criminal. Many are serving prison terms for as long as 30 years.

If Catholics wish to live by these laws, so be it. But please don’t tell those of us who don’t believe that we must. May the voice of reason ring out loud and clear.

Bettejo Dux


Loves Lydgate and Kamalani

Attn: County Council members

My name is Alex Lotko. I am 9 years old and I live in Morgan Hill, Calif. Every summer since I was a baby, I’ve gone to visit my grandma and grandpa Bill and Patty Engel. I love to visit them because I have so much fun.

Every morning we would go to the bike trail at Lydgate. My sister and me would ride scooters and walk their service dog Maggie. We love the bike trail because it’s right by the beach. I love the smell of the salt water and the sound of the waves crashing down. We also love it because it’s right by the park.

After we finish our walk we would go play on the playground at Kamalani Park. I love the slide and how big the playground is. I also love running on the bridge. I hope that some day my kids get to ride on the bike trail and play at the park too.

Alexandra Lotko


Worry about freedom, not oil problems

I sure hope Juan Wilson (Forum, 3/7/07) is correct regarding Iraq and Iran. We really do need their oil and if we can be in control, it is even better. Especially since the Congress won’t allow us to use our own oil. Better we run the Middle East out of oil first, then we can start using our oil.

However I’m afraid it is all for naught, since the Muslim world is creating babies at almost five times the rate of the free world, they (the Muslims) will take over the world’s religions and agnostics and atheists, just by sheer number of members. Remember every baby born to a Muslim family is automatically a Muslim and will get the intense training that their religion requires.

So I would suggest that we start worrying about our freedoms with more intensity than oil problems.

Gordon “Doc” Smith


Keep ‘aina clean

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers who cleaned up the trash from our roadways last weekend.

I’m sure many of you also noticed the hard-working individuals in bright orange T-shirts. They all did such a wonderful job picking up the litter that was strewn along our roads and highways. Everyone should do their part to help with this effort by disposing of your trash in the proper receptacles, and not in the back of your pick-up trucks, or out your windows. Let’s keep Kaua‘i clean.

Kim Lucas



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