Letters for Wednesday, February 28, 2007

• Leave politics out of this one

• Right, let’s not dump

• Join the National Guard

• We are all slaves

• Kawananakoa’s rightful legal heirs to throne

• Speaking out

Leave politics out of this one

I would like to say that I appreciate Mr. Chaquette’s defense of Dr. Rhoades and the Humane Society. But what on earth does “G.W.” or being a Republican have to do with this situation in any context? I know of Mr. Chaquette’s political leanings as a daily reader of The Garden Island, but does he have to imply everything or everyone who has done a bad thing is a “G.W.” supporter or a Republican?

Dennis, if you read the paper daily (as I know you must), then you know I am a staunch supporter of Dr. Rhoades and her policies. Guess what, Dennis? I AM a Republican (admittedly not the easiest thing to be these days, but as Popeye said, “I yam what’s I yam”). While I admire your diligence in standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, please, can we leave the politics alone on this one?

Susan Straight


Right, let’s not dump

Chris, Chris, Chris … (“Gathering grounds are dumping grounds,” Letters, Feb. 22)

You are absolutely right!

No to dumping cars.

No to dumping refrigerators and mattresses.

No to dumping beer bottles (at 5 cents a pop you should be recycling anyway).

But I am not ashamed to call Anahola my home or my “gathering grounds.” I am proud of that fact.

You are wrong however when you say, “It’s more like your dumping grounds.”

If you are referring to me, or 98 percent of the Anahola residents, we don’t dump on our gathering grounds in our neighborhood.

In fact we clean up your messes and dumping on our gathering grounds; Anahola Beach Park is testimony to that.

Erik Danner


Join the National Guard

What is all this nonsense Mr. Bill Kerbawy is trying to implement?

Ex-police allowed to carry concealed firearms when the rest of the general public is not allowed to?

The military receives far more training in weapons than our police. Shouldn’t retired military be the ones who are carrying firearms everywhere? And isn’t part of our military’s job to take care of the country’s populace in the case of an emergency such as natural disasters, etc.?

Are they going to carry some form of ID so we know that they’re not just some bozo packin’ heat to knock off a liquor store? It’s a bad idea. You want to be on a reserve force, join the National Guard.

Joseph Lavery


We are all slaves

The issue of “slavery” pertaining to a recent letter to the editor has many up in arms. (Doc Smith’s letter of 02-24-07, “Slaves serve middle class.”)

One of Webster’s online dictionary’s definition on slavery is, “The state of being under the control of another person.”

Anybody who works for another person is basically a slave if they are taking orders from another person regularly.

If an employee is told what to do, when they can eat, when they can break, when they can go home, and are told what their duties are is slavery, according to Webster.

Marriage is a form of slavery, you are under the control of another, a husband being under the control of a wife, a wife being under the control of a husband. Most people enjoy being controlled in some way.

Slavery is only a word, and like the road of life and spirit there are many paths and many meanings…

The folks who are upset over the slavery issue are most likely the ones under the control of others and feel they need to defend not being slaves, with letters to the editor.

We are all slaves, even the self-employed, wealthy entrepreneur, he/she is a slave to himself/herself and trying to please everyone. We are all slaves to ourselves, our business, or significant other.

Most people are stuck in a materialistic world that enslaves them, a mortgage, car payments, gas, insurance, taxes…

Doc goes on to say Wal-Mart employees are not slaves, According to Webster they are.

We are all slaves in some way, even good ole Doc.

James “Kimo” Rosen


Kawananakoa’s rightful legal heirs to throne

I am troubled by the ongoing false claims still circulating on some prominent Web information sites about the Kawananakoa family not all being legal heirs to our Hawaiian/Kauaiian kingdom’s exiled throne.

There is a Web site that anyone can access that has photographic documentation of the legal and witnessed documents of Prince David Kawananakoa stating on record that Kapiolani Kawananakoa is his legal child and blood heir. There are several extensive pages of these and other related documents on this site as well. Thus the late Edward K. Kawananakoa and his children, including Quentin K. Kawananakoa, join Abigail K. Kawananakoa as rightful heirs as do their descendants. I hope this letter will enable the public to find all the facts and what the real truth is involving our prsent day ali’i.

The URL/Link is:


Kenneth Kaumuali‘i Hodges

Saratoga, Calif.

Speaking out

We all have the right to our own opinion. Fortunately, The Forum lets us speak our minds. Both sides of an issue are presented by letter writers for us to read and agree with or disagree with as we see fit. We should be grateful for this chance and remember that getting a letter printed is a privilege, not a right. As someone once said, the Constitution guarantees us the right to be publisher, not to be published.

Landie Silva



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