Letters for Saturday • May 27, 2006

• Humane Society response

• Money is locally spent

• Bridge a sign of larger troubles

• Quacking back

Humane Society response

In Mr. Michael Mann’s May 6 letter to the editor, he asks that I tell readers what a pet owner’s responsibilities are and what the Kauai Humane Society is doing to get people to adhere to them.

This is a fairly wide-ranging topic. Let me begin with an analogy. Some people study harder for their driver’s license than they do to become parents or pet parents. They do not necessarily read the materials provided as resources for becoming parents, rearing children and the day-to-day issues arising out of parenthood. The state or county does not act as “big brother” or step in regarding the rearing, nurturing, adherence to laws or the socialization of a child unless there is reason to. The same is true with pet parents.

Since 1952, the Kauai Humane Society has been dedicated to ensuring compassionate, informed care of all Kaua‘i’s animals and promoting the human-animal bond. When someone adopts a pet at our facility, they sign an adoption agreement whereby they agree to take responsibility for owning and caring for their new pet.

They receive a copy of a “New Parent Guide,” a “Puppy Pak” nutritional guide, “Guide to Pet Emergencies,” a brochure on how to teach the pet not to bite, information on pet products, a CD on “Training Your Adopted Dog,” and information about Kauai Humane Society hours and services, including the responsibilities of owning and caring for a pet and the services/resources of the Kauai Humane Society — a few of which include the humane education and training of pet owners and pets (a variety of programs available to students of all ages), animal rescues and cruelty investigations, assistance with neighborhood animal issues including animal law violations, for example. Our full-time staff and volunteers are always seeking solutions to the challenges of our diverse and fast-growing community.

As part of our newest program, “Aloha for Animals,” Kauai Humane Society staff and volunteers are visiting homes in various neighborhoods on Kaua‘i two weekends in a row, talking with pet owners, passing out information about Humane Society programs and leaving a free bag of pet food. Residents are encouraged to participate in those Kauai Humane Society programs which will help them become more responsible pet parents.

As to legislation that will protect animals, the humane societies on the islands work together every year to get a variety of animal protection legislation before the state of Hawai‘i legislature.

  • Becky Rhoades
    Executive director, Kauai Humane Society

Money is locally spent

In answer to Mr. Mann’s letter to the editor dated May 26, I dare say, 80 percent of our money is spent with the locals. Probably more.

We shop at the Sunshine Markets, Big Save and the other two locally owned grocery stores in Po‘ipu.

The only time we go to Kmart is to get Domino’s Pizza. We feel we can shop at Kmart and Wal-Mart on the Mainland. None of us eat at any of the franchise fast food places. We eat out at the local restaurants. We buy gifts for our home or ourselves from the vendors at Spouting Horn.

Mostly, we stay at the resort and enjoy each other’s company. When we come over there, there are anywhere from three to six people that come with us. I don’t want to give the impression that the two of us spend that kind of money, but I must say every time we come home the first call I make is to Weight Watchers

  • Polly S. Stroud
    Waxhaw, N.C.

Bridge a sign of larger troubles

To Councilwoman Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho,

Just one thing…

Thank you for setting the record straight on the Foodland-Safeway Shopping Centers and reiterating the “lei around the island” on the shoreline bike and pedestrian path so well needed.

In the two shopping centers’ failure to comply all these years, shouldn’t the “scolding” be for them to build not a pedestrian bridge but a feeder auto road/bridge from Safeway to Foodland so people can stay off the highway to utilize both centers for a greater profit of each center and exit out the back of Foodland to the Bypass Road?

On the other hand how can you expect either of the centers to comply with any bridge project when both of them cannot even paint a pedestrian crosswalk for safety to its shoppers going from their cars to the shops. Cars vs. humans was never good odds … but odd. Try that in the rain at night … shame.

What a wake-up for Kauaians, while “Howsit? Easy!” was going on over the last several decades, the driven money making people were moving at full speed to hit and run the island and its culture.

It’s sad but probably true, our wonderful elected and appointed leaders, too few of them probably never lived long enough in the horrible cities of the mainland and the world from which the super wealthy will never stop coming until they have made it here like where they had come from. Please councilwoman, cause your colleagues to stop the plunder.

  • Jay Trennoche

Quacking back

Once again, one of the island’s habitually delusional ducks has posted its typical spin and distortion of the facts in order to justify its irrational hate for one president, and to excuse the felonious acts of another.

For the record, Clinton was impeached for lying under oath in a sexual harassment case where he was the defendant, under a law that he himself had signed not too many months before. Again, for the record, when one is under oath in a court of law, one does not have the option of which questions one will or will not answer truthfully. None of us could get away with that.

Again, for the record, it has been well established that President Bush neither lied nor mislead anyone in taking the country to war against terrorists, when he made the same claims, based on the same intelligence the following had.

And again, for the record, delusional ducks should re-read the Joint Resolutions to understand all the reasons for the invasion of Iraq.

I don’t know if it’s true that Democrats are “constantly being made fun of … for their lack of guts,” but it’s certainly true that they are justifiably criticized for their duplicity, intellectual dishonesty, and inability to understand that the nation is at war, like it or not, and that every false accusation against the president encourages the enemy, and gives them reason to continue fighting and killing both Americans and Iraqi civilians.

  • Kent Gibboney

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