Letters for Wednesday • May 10, 2006

• Polling

• Road war heats up at Pila‘a

• Don’t forget Dr. Torres

• Teachers deserve recognition

• For a special mom


Dr. Peter Saker’s latest letter shows how even educated people twist themselves in knots trying to deny science if the evidence doesn’t match their preconceived notions. Now that “Intelligent Design” has been completely shot down as religion dressed up as science, he turns his ire on the use of statistics in polling since dozens of recent polls don’t confirm his own faith in G.W. Bush.

The most recent Gallup poll reports that just 31 percent of American adults surveyed this weekend approve of the job Dear Leader is doing. Based on the sample size of 1,013 responders, this result has a margin of error of 3 percent, which means that 95 percent of the time, the result of sampling the entire group would give an approval between 28 percent and 34 percent. So it’s possible Mr. Saker is correct, just not very likely. But enough of science. If it doesn’t fit our gut feelings we can ignore it, as Steven Colbert so rightly says.

Like Mr. Saker, I have a hard time believing 31 percent of the American people approve of George Bush. After five years in which he told us far less than the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in leading us to war; firing subordinates for estimating the Iraq war would cost $200 billion (now projected to be $500 billion!); ignoring the advice of military experts that stabilizing Iraq would take twice the number of troops planned (good work, Gen. Shinseki); and alienating virtually every ally we had around the world, how could one doubt his foreign policy?

Here at home, he’s appointed incompetent cronies to run critical departments like FEMA, presided over pork-laden budgets designed by his Republican party that turned a surplus into $3 trillion of public debt, failed to protect our borders, used public money to fund ineffectual, religious-based, abstinence programs while programs like Malama Pono struggle for funding, sat by while Congressional Republicans and some administration officials sold their offices for cash and prostitutes, spent more time on vacation than any President in the last 50 years, hid from the public by only speaking to pre-selected true believers and the list goes on. Again, what’s not to like?

How could Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, the Republican Propaganda News Channel (Fox), fundamentalist (pseudo) Christian preachers and the lazy corporate media have brainwashed even 31 percent of our nation into believing this is an acceptable job performance? Can that many people be in denial?

  • Dave Camp

Road war heats up at Pila‘a

My family, the William Huddy Trust, owns a parcel of land that is next to Rick and Amy Marvin’s property at Pila‘a. We have known Clipper Joe, Joe O’Hagan, for 35-plus years and can attest to his upstanding character and we support him in his quest to clear his name. Joe has been both a tenant and a friend to the Huddy family.

  • Heidy Huddy-Yamamoto

Don’t forget Dr. Torres

Regarding your story on the West Kauai Youth Golf Association, there was an omission of one person who has dedicated tremendous time and effort to this and other causes. Dr. Mariano Torres, when not taking wonderful care of his patients, or volunteering as golf coach for Waimea High School can be found drumming up support at the community meetings, and working tirelessly behind the scenes to support the WKYGA.

He has worked relentlessly over the last two decades to improve the health and general welfare of the Westside. He is a great mentor as a physician, and a tremendous role model and positive force in the community. So please, when you see Dr. Torres around, remember to thank him for all he does, because we, as a Westside communitym surely benefit from his efforts. Aloha.

  • Rick Goding MD

Teachers deserve recognition

Many education leaders suggest that the best way to improve education in this county is to give teachers the status, support, and recognition they genuinely deserve. Kilauea School PTSA (Parent, Teacher, and Student Association) agrees.

We are joining a nation of PTSAs to focus attention on the outstanding work of our public school teachers. Their dedication and expertise form the cornerstone of our nation’s education system. They are there for our children, often under trying circumstances and with less-than-adequate resources and support. Without the hard work of teachers, the scientists, artists, and political and social leaders in this country would not be among the best in the world.

Please recognize our Kaua‘i’s ‘ohana of teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 8 n 12.

  • Susan Keller
    Kauai County Farm Bureau

For a special mom

This week as people all around the nation are celebrating Mother’s Day, I feel sorry for them, because even though they may truly believe that they each individually have the BEST mom in the world, I know that title belongs exclusively to my own mother, Janet Haffner!

My mother is the kindest, sweetest, most generous, tender-hearted, compassionate, loving, caring, sweet, patient, and intelligent lady on the planet! She is beautiful inside and out! My Mom is the sort of person that can light up a dark room with her smile and her radiant personality. She glows with an inner light that shines for the whole world to see. My Mom is a Christian lady who has let her life do the preaching.

When I was very, very young, my father died unexpectantly. My Mom was left with three children to raise. I was the baby and I have an older sister (Janelle) and an older brother (John). I know my Mom struggled to make ends meet and did her very best to give us all she could. She helped us believe anything was possible and that we could do anything we set our hearts and minds to. She inspired us to fulfill our God-given destinies.

I know that I was humbug most of the time growing up. I tried to get away with so many things, and now I know and recognize all she put up with because of me.

There are not enough words to express my thanks and appreciation to God for giving me such a wonderful MOM. I live so far away in Texas, but there is not a day that passes that I do not try to call and keep in touch. My family has given her their own titles as my wife really believes that she is the “Word’st Greatest Mother-in-Law” and my children think she should be ‘Grandma of the Year” each and every year!

I want everyone on the island to know how you blessed are to get to live on the same island as this amazing, wonderful, fantastic MOM! So Mom, from Janelle (Moriguchi), John (Aquino), Cher-Lani (Haffner), and me, we wish you the greatest Mother’s Day ever!!! And all your grandchildren shouted Amen!!!

  • Jeanno Aquino
    Harlingen, Tex.

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