Letters for Monday • May 8, 2006

• The After Press Dinner sound of ‘Colbert Chatter’

• Question of ethics

• News you can use

• Who doesn’t understand?

• Hats off to Stanton Pa

• Likes bashing liberals

The After Press Dinner sound of ‘Colbert Chatter’

The “debate” over Stephen Colbert’s performance at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner misses the point. The routine was neither a flop nor very funny.

Mr. Colbert’s aim wasn’t to please the attendees; there was no trace of anxiety when a “zinger” was received in silence. His real audience was at home, and his aim was to make his allegiances clear. On that score, it was no flop. And although I am a fan of Mr. Colbert, I rarely laughed. If his performance wasn’t funny, perhaps it was because he wasn’t joking and it was all too true! Something those in Washington or at the White House rarely hear from Democrats or the corporate media.

  • Lee Mentley
    Los Angeles, Kaua‘i part-time

Question of ethics

The Ethics Board members seem to have a lot of power over the way the County of Kaua‘i manages its affairs lately.

Can someone from the mayor’s office tell me what kind of background check the mayor uses before he/she appoints a member to the Ethics Board, if any? I’d also like to know if the appointees are asked if they have ever had an ethic’s complaints filed against them?

Finally, are memebers of the Ethics Board required to recluse themselves from voting on a case if they have an apparent conflict of interest?

  • John Wyatt

News you can use

I found the editorial in the TGI of 4/28/06 regarding the county council most interesting.

The allegation that the GI doesn’t print the facts seems puzzling. Who is it that refuses to disclose details of so-called executive meetings and has paid a lot of county money to keep them secret? Seems to me it was the County Council.

The council can’t seem to separate letters to the editor from the news column. Recent statements from council members talking about potential traffic problems in Po‘ipu and Koloa seem self-serving and hollow. What about Kapa‘a and what council was it that approved all of these multi-family developments that created this problem? Seems to me it was the current council.

I for one will vote in the next election for anyone who is currently not on the council.

  • Bob Yount

Who doesn’t understand?

In response to Kent D. Gibboney (4/21/06): He calls a doctor and Native Hawaiians “ducks.” Gibboney states that “Mexicans and Native Americans failed to establish some kind of government and system to make it illegal for Europeans. This is something Native Hawaiians don’t seem to understand.” I don’t think yooooouu understand. The Native Hawaiians did have their own Sovereign Government. The Hawaiians did have their own constitution and it was stolen by force, illegally. Gibboney continues, “It’s only yours if you have the ability and the will to hold on to it.” I don’t know about you, but it sounds more like (hmmmm, what’s the word? oh yeah!) STEALING! I hope you’re not a defense attorney for a purse snatcher, they would probably fry him for your statement. Thanks to Bill Clinton’s Apology Bill (Public law 103-150) the entire world can see what wrong has been done. Sen. Akaka tried to pass the Akaka Bill. Like you he didn’t know the difference between “Kingdom” and “Tribe,” apple and oranges. That’s why he has no respect from true Hawaiians and neither will you.

  • Benehakaka Kaiwi

Hats off to Stanton Pa

Congratulations, Stanton Pa! The timing of your outstanding letter to the editor, (4/27/06) “Lum was qualified” was perfect as it factually and completely debunked the myth that K.C. Lum didn’t have the qualifications to be our police chief. Your statement “Once again, the biggest magic show of smoke and mirrors has occurred on Kaua‘i” hit the bullseye.

Wow, Mr. Pa, these words and your analysis of our charter were revealing as they came from an unbiased, creditable source and not from us “Nitpickers” who are usually branded by government officials as rumor spreaders. And the final sentence of your letter couldn’t have been more accurate, “I see this as just another smoke-and-mirror game to complete someone’s personal agenda.” The majority of people on Kaua‘i are on your same page as you knowing that the ONLY agenda is to remove Chief Lum. It is strange how some of our elected officials assume that the general public is unaware and does not understand what is going on whereas most of them know exactly what is happening.

And since a dedicated person like Mike Ching was forced from his 6-year volunteer position by the “process” doesn’t the question arise as to why the other three commissioners who voted for Lum (including you, Mr. Pa) weren’t sanctioned or accused of using improper judgment to make Lum our chief? Four of you commissioners voted your conscience — each vote having the same weight no matter what was said about Ching’s “influenced” vote — and Lum was democratically made our chief.

In fact, Chief Lum and his officers just confiscated 12 pounds of cocaine — a new drug bust record for Kaua‘i — so again, he and the fine officers under him are making our island a better place for all of us to live.

Thanks again, Stanton Pa, the people salute you!

  • Glenn Mickens

Likes bashing liberals Hats off to Stanton Pa

You can tell a lot about a political party, an organization, or a movement when all they can use to push their agenda forward are lies and false statistics.

The latest from our liberal media is that the president’s approval rating has dropped again to 33 percent.

Well gosh, how did they come up with this enlightened news? They polled 1,000 people. When does polling 1,000 people give you a true representation of anything in America?

And who did they poll? People from Los Angeles or New York?

The liberal media must think that the American people are so stupid that they will not be able to see through this ridiculous façade. The media either creates an artificial and deceptive news item and then they report it or they selectively omit information to further push their own agenda. All of this in an attempt to give Democrats a false sense of security and hope for the upcoming elections.

Deceiving and being deceived is the order of the day.

Even after almost 40 years of this constant propaganda and indoctrination from the left, most of the American people just aren’t buying what they have to sell. Time will tell, but I think we are going to have some very surprised liberals once again in November.

  • Peter R. Saker

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