Letters for Saturday • May 6, 2006

• Lydgate precious and unique

• TV talking heads; sectarian,blah, blah, blah.

• No talk of responsibility

• Bravo, Carol Furtado

• Not leaving Iraq soon

Lydgate precious and unique

I am in total agreement with John Lydgate regarding immediate action needed to be taken to repair and rebuild Lydgate Park. This beach park is precious and unique. It is a treasure, especially when it comes to family use.

Lydgate Park is the first beach I experienced on Kaua‘i because of it being very safe due its sea walls.

Whenever friends first visit Kaua‘i, I recommend Lydgate Park because they can experience the ocean in a safe protected environment. Mahalo.

  • Gary Saylin
    Davis, CA

TV talking heads; sectarian,blah, blah, blah.

Can there be any doubt about attempted thought control through the public media in the US of A?

Why doesn’t anyone point out that we have a full-blown religious war on our hands in Iraq? What is this sectarian BS?

Fact: By going into Iraq we destroyed the only secular (non-religious) government in the entire region. That scumbag, Saddam, wouldn’t allow any religious “sect” to come close to political control of Iraq. He gassed the kurds and shot the Shia after they tried to asassinate him. Now, the Sunnis are fighting for their lives, and they are accepting help from anyone willing to join the insurgency, no matter what their motivation. The Sunnis know that they will be the victims of a new genocide if the US allows the Shia Mullahs to dominate the new government. Can the US prevent this? Yes. We must use what military might that we have left to guarantee the separation of church and state in the new Iraq constitution. If we persist in supporting this phony majority (Shia) rule without the strongest guarantees of miniority rights , we will have failed the people of Iraq and created a situation that will require a large military presence of our troops forever.

Dividing Iraq into three parts as Senator Biden has suggested is not the answer. There will always be a strong man trying to reunite the country.

US Ambassador to Iraq, Paul Bremer, pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall when he dismantled the Iraqi army and put the Baath Party out of business.

We now have one chance to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, but time is of the essence. Let’s not blow it. If religious freedom is “ a basic tenet of democracy”  to quote Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, what are we waiting for?

  • Harry Boranian

No talk of responsibility

What I find most interesting and disturbing about the recent discussions about dogs is that there has been nobody in a position of authority, or even a pet owner, openly discussing what a pet owner’s responsibilities are to the pet as well as to the community the pet is in. I’m hearing a lot of praise for Becky at the Humane Society for talking about “dog socialization,” a lot of “he is a decent person” excuses for the owners of pets that are clearly out of control and hurt someone or some other animal, but absolutely nothing about what it means to be a responsible pet owner.

Perhaps this was talked about in depth at the meeting a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I could not attend it as I was on the mainland, else I would have definitely been there, having had many problems with pet owners in my neighborhood which prompted me to call the police as well as the Humane Society on several occasions.

So, I wonder, exactly what is the Kauai Humane Society’s stance on pet owner responsibilities? What actions do they take to inform and educate potential adoptees or pet purchasers of those responsibilities?

Furthermore, what do they do to further legislation that will actually protect animals by making those responsibilities enforceable in the eyes of the law? Without significant work in these areas, the Humane Society is a farce, since you can not claim to advocate the health and welfare of animals when you simultaneously put them in the care of people who don’t have a clue how to care for and protect them.

So, Becky, please tell us what a pet owner’s responsibilities are, and what you guys are doing to get people to adhere to them.

  • Michael Mann

Bravo, Carol Furtado

Attn: Carol Furtado

After watching you defend yourself at your contested case hearing (5/4), I can only say, “Bravo Bravo Bravo!! For a lady with no legal background, you did an unbelievable job before Judge McConnell and a lawyer that cost us taxpayers thousands of dollars to handle the county’s case. As an arbitrator in the case, Judge McConnell kept the hearing going smoothly and gave both sides time to say what they wanted.

The Garden Island reporter also did an excellent job of printing the facts as they were given and one must wonder if the powers that be will once again point the finger at TGI for false reporting?

For me, the most truthful and gutsy words that Ms. Furtado said in her entire testimony were, “As a single woman with responsibilities, I am not in a position to spend thousands of dollars in attorney fees to defend myself against these allegations which I strongly feel are part of a “witch hunt” which began immediately after the finalization of the perhaps unpopular decision of a volunteer body of commissioners.”

You are 100 percent correct, Ms. Furtado, that this whole unconscionable “witch hunt” is to remove “the best police chief we have ever had,” as Mr. Lemke said before the police commission. First Mike Ching was hassled into resigning and now you are in the cross hairs —isn’t this a clear pattern of the intent of a powerful few?

Fortunately the majority of citizens see through this facade and with people like you fighting back and this being an election year, some tunes might get changed.

  • Glenn Mickens

Not leaving Iraq soon

The 20,000 Americans dead and wounded in our struggle to bring the blessings of democracy to the Iraqi people have not suffered and died in vain. President Bush is planning on having an American presence there for a long time to come.

Along with numerous, permanent military bases, we are now constructing — for a half-billion dollars or so — the largest embassy the world has ever seen, about the size of Vatican City.

In addition to 21 buildings, and a super-size swimming pool (besides several smaller ones), the embassy will be surrounded by a 15-foot stone wall, will generate its own power and pump water from its own well, will have secret exits in case the locals start acting up, along with surface to air missile installations to provide for all contingencies.

Nope! We won’t be leaving Iraq. soon.

  • John A. Broussard

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