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Letters for Thursday — April 27, 2006

• Lum was qualified

• Keep Puolo Point natural

• Delighted by road paving

• Moloa’a bridge follow-through

• Keep Internet free and open

Lum was qualified

Once again, the biggest magic show of smoke and mirror has occured on Kauai.

First of all, the claim that Chief Lum did not meet the qualifications to be chief according to the Kauai County Charter is totally untrue and false.

Section 11.04 from the County Charter states, “The Chief of Police shall have a minimun of five years of training and experience in law enforcement, at least three years of which shall be in a responsible, administrative capacity.”

The Kauai Police Commission developed an application consistent with this provision of the Charter. Said application was reviewed and approved by our County Attorney.

The Kauai Police Commission discussed and set forth the rank of Lieutenant as the lowest level they would consider to have met the qualification, fulfilling the section of the Charter that required the applicant to have satisfied the administrative requirement. The discussion and approval by the commission was with the blessing of our County Attorney.

The Kauai Police Commission received a total of eight applications. Four of the eight applicants were of the Lieutenant’s rank. The commission rejected two applications and proceeded to interview six candidates, three of which were Lieutenant.

On the final three applicants, two of the three applicants were Lieutenants. After a battery of background check, polygraph testing, psychological testing, and a final interview, the final candidate was selected.

To now say that Chief Lum did not meet the qualifications is false. The final contract was prepared and approved by the office of the County Attorney. I see this as just another smoke and mirror game to complete someone’s personal agenda.

  • Stanton Pa, former Kauai police commissioner
    Wailua Homesteads

Keep Puolo Point natural

Recently the State offered to turn Puolo Point over to Kaua’i County. This property includes many acres of state-lands in the area of Port Allen airfield. A regional park has been proposed. There has been talk of creating recreational facilities, playing fields for sports events, and even a drag strip at the new park. At a recent public meeting, citizens over-whelmingly voiced opposition to sport activities, vehicular access, commercial ventures, and development that would interfere with the traditional Salt Pans located at the site.

Puolo Point is one of the few remaining public sections of Kaua’i coastline that is in a natural state. There are natural wetlands at the park, scrub trees, and a beautiful rocky coastline. Water birds are plentiful, as well as owls. This park is a valuable scenic treasure that should be preserved and protected.

The park has also been the site of the Hanapepe Salt Pans, a place where Hawaiian sea salt has been collected since ancient times. The Hui Hana Pa’akau group, which takes care of the salt beds, has asked that they be involved in the planning for the proposed park. The Hanapepe Salt Pans have historic preserve land designation in the state of Hawai’i.

Hawaiian sea salt and the salt-making process have cultural and spiritual significance to Native Hawaiians. The Hui Hana Pa’aka group and many others have concerns about run-off which would be generated by paved surfaces, sports playing fields, vehicular traffic, dust from increased activity and septic fields. All of these activities could have a negative environmental impact on the Salt Pans. This valuable cultural resource and local food source should be protected.

Please do not allow paved surfaces, vehicular traffic, sports fields, or septic systems at Puolo Point. Hanapepe and Waimea already have parks with pavilions and playing fields. The Hanapepe facilities have tennis courts, night lighting, a community center, soccer fields, baseball fields, a football field with bleachers, etc. It is already a regional park. If we need more playing fields, surely we don’t have to put them on this site. If this land is developed, we will lose something truly beautiful and unique; a natural coastal wetland with unique working Salt Pans.

I call on the mayor and the council to make Puolo Point a nature preserve and conservation district. Environmentally sensitive trails and educational signs for a self-guided nature walk would contribute to the natural beauty and educational and cultural value of this area. This area may also qualify as protected federal wetlands.

The Kauai Westside Watershed Council, under the direction of Rhoda Libre, has offered to to manage and maintain the site. This group should be involved in any plan for the area, and given some administrative power, along with the Hui Hana Pa’aka group.

Let’s keep Puolo Point and the Salt Pans as a natural, cultural and scenic treasure for the people of Kaua’i and our visitors.

(Note: For views of Puolo Point, including a local artist’s rendition, go to

  • Linda Pascatore

Delighted by road paving

About a year ago I went to the Public Works Department to request my street be repaved. They did come and fill the really bad potholes, but my street needed more than that.

I then asked my councilman and neighbor Daryl Kaneshiro to see what could be done. Before the rainy season he got back to me and told me that he placed a work order and to be patient. Yesterday I was delighted to come home from work and find my road completely repaved.

Mahalo to everyone who worked so hard, It looks beautiful. On behalf of my-self and all my neighbors, we thank you, Councilman Kaneshiro, you are a great councilman and a fine neighbor.

  • Sharon Aquino

Moloa’a bridge follow-through

Mahalo to Mayor Bryan Baptiste, Shelli Teraoka, Mary Daubert, Warren Koga and all the county workers and crew, and state (did the funds come from their disaster relief dept.???) for replacing the bridge that almost got away in Moloa’a.

We sincerely appreciate your efforts especially after the Ka Loko dam broke.

Knowing that Ka Loko would take precedence, the Mayor’s office saw this great Moloa’a (but not as important to the rest of the island ) need and continued seeing this project to the end.

  • K. Johnson

Keep Internet free and open

Without the efforts of our legislature and government leaders, whom we trust to protect our interests against the greed of the corporate self-interest, the Internet will become yet another avenue for corporate revenue. The Internet is the last remaining area for free voice and free expression left to the citizens of this country and the world. Please make every effort you can to keep the internet as free and open as possible.

  • David Perugini

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