Letters for Friday — April 21, 2006

• Grossed out by litter bug

• Application should be rejected

• Delusional ducks don’t understand

• The mess in Iraq?

• Outraged by attack on poodle

Grossed out by litter bug

To the driver of the Jeep whose license plate ends in 86, have a little respect for our island. I was behind you for over a mile and you kept throwing rubbish out the window on Kaumualii Highway about 8:45 on Thursday, April 20 going past the shopping center toward the west side. It was gross.

  • Albert Spencer

Application should be rejected

We look to the Planning Commission to be leaders in the community, to see the big picture of Kaua’i’s growth and development, and to somehow predict the future.

It is intuitively obvious that further proposed resort and timeshare development in the Waipouli-Kapa’a corridor will choke traffic and overburden existing infrastructure.

Have you ever been caught in the frequent traffic crawls in this area that frustrate residents and visitors alike? Will the developers of these projects live here and sit in our traffic jams? Snarled roadways don’t make for good tourism PR. Our goal should be to build a sound foundation before constructing additional superstructure.

It might legitimately be argued that construction of affordable housing, or even gap-group housing, would be worth the sacrifices that the people of the island are asked to suffer by over-development in this area. However, time-share, hotel, and resort facilities are not needed and not a benefit to the community at this time, or in the near future. We haven’t digested what is already approved and on line (for example, across from Safeway, and near Running Waters in Lihu’e), and we already have over-development gas!

We hear pleas for private property rights. What about public responsibility? Isn’t it unethical to make the local people suffer for merely private monetary gain?

There must be terrific pressures on members of the Planning Commission to allow development of projects that are backed by big money and powerful persons. There is a precedent, however. The commission turned down a request for a similar project in this very same area back in the eighties.

The Planning Commission would do well to reject this application until such time as its development can be harmoniously incorporated into the island’s fabric.

  • Jack Lundgren

Delusional ducks don’t understand

I see that the cessation of the rains have brought out some of the Garden Island’s delusional ducks (GI 4/15). One, a “doctor” no less, who should know better, quacks that Iraq and Afghanistan are a mess, as though maybe it was better in those countries while the Taliban and Saddam were in power? Funny how those who only get their information about conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan from the DBM invariably get the impression that things are a mess, and yet, those who have actually been in those countries say that things are so much better than they were before we invaded and took out the bad guys. Hmmmm.

Maybe the good “doc” hasn’t heard that the reason one country is trying to get a nuclear weapon is to use it to wipe Israel off the map. One of the countries we invaded had intentions of acquiring nuclear capability, and wanted to use it on not just Israel, but the U.S., as well. With our arsenal, I can only think of two instances we’ve used our nuclear capability, and even though thousands died as a result, millions who would have otherwise died were spared, and it ended a war.

The other duck quacks about O’Reilly’s accurate assertion that Mexicans “have no right to be in America” (we’ll assume that Bill was referencing those in the country illegally, as those who have obeyed our laws, and gone through the process to be in America legally, DO have a right to be here).

What this duck fails to understand is that the Native Americans and “Mexicans” who were here before Columbus or Vespucci failed to form a unified nation, and to establish a government, with laws and a system of government that would have made the “Europeans” illegal immigrants.

This delusional duck doesn’t seem to understand that a country is only “yours” if you have the ability and the will to hold on to it. It’s something that the “Native Hawaiians” certainly didn’t understand, either.

  • Kent D Gibboney

The mess in Iraq?

Poor Dr. Miller. She thinks we made a mess. She’s frightened the U.S. may go to war with Iran because they’re on the verge of obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Don’t worry, Lucy, you’re right, Iraq and Iran are a mess. But regardless of your opinion about the mess in Iraq there’s one thing we know for sure. It will be a long time, if ever, until war mongering Iraq has a nuclear weapon.

As far as Iran is concerned, close your eyes, Lucy, and picture every Islamic terrorist organization in control of an atomic bomb supplied by the mullahs of Iran. Then picture New York and Los Angeles gone in 60 seconds.

Finally, radical Islam’s centuries-old dream of a world controlled by them, and God, is realized. Of course, the financial markets and economies of the Free World would collapse into anarchy. But don’t worry, Lucy, you may enjoy being offered to Taliban chiefs as a gift, and wearing a burka. Hey, who knows, if you or your daughter are a virgin you may just get the grand mullah so you can all procreate little mullahs. But wait a minute, any woman with Dr. in front of her name will be killed. We can’t have our women educated, or out of the house, you know.

Nuclear weapons cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of religious fanatics that have vowed to destroy other nations. And one more thing, Lucy, you won’t be able to write a letter to the editor whining about your government or you will be tortured and killed. Talk about a mess — that’s a real mess!

  • Gordon Oswald

Outraged by attack on poodle

I am outraged by the treatment of the Crawfords with the loss of their dog. How come those vicious dogs that attacked and killed her poodle aren’t locked up and euthanized? I feel shame for the Humane Society for not taking control of these uncontrolled dogs. They obviously were not contained in their kennel or they wouldn’t have killed the poodle.

If unresponsible owners like these are allowed to let their dogs get out and kill other individuals’ dogs or heaven forbid, a child, who is going to be responsible for the destruction. The Humane Society should not have left these killer dogs in the owners’ care. They should be quarantined and put down.

I am outraged by the lack of concern over the loss of the poodle when the owners were obviously doing nothing wrong. Shame on you!!

  • Lisa Blundell
    Bountiful, Utah

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