Letters for Monday — March 27, 2006

• Car stickers aren’t gang related

• Disputes Kondracke’s opinion

• What happens when the coalition leaves Iraq?

• Title IX response

Car stickers aren’t gang related

This is a letter to address the Pacific. (The Garden Island letters, “Bothered by Crips decals,” March 21.) First of all it’s not THE CRIPS, it’s DAC-RIP. For Pacific vocabulary it means the best or it’s all good. Let me school you: “Wow this surfboard is ‘dacrip,’ ” or ” ‘That car is pretty crip.’ “

Here, how’s this fo’ all the surfas: “Bra, the waves are so crip right now!” So this is not about a gang, it’s pidgin English. This is not L.A., this is Hawai’i and if you have a problem with that maybe you should address “allbline,” or “allbus” or even “dakine.” If you’re not from here you don’t understand that it’s all slang. Aloha, DACRIP On Da Islands … you can get it from a surfshop near you.

  • Liko Villatora
    Da Island

Disputes Kondracke’s opinion

I’d like to respond to Morton Kondracke’s Media Voices in the March 19th edition of The Garden Island.

He laments the South Dakota decision to ban abortions in its state except when the mother’s life is at stake, e.g. ectopic pregnancies. This of course represents less than 1 percent of abortions while only 3 percent represents those abortions due to incest and rape. That means almost 97 percent of all abortions are performed just because the baby had the misfortune of being conceived when it was inconvenient for the mother. Mr. Kondracke adds that a woman may have to travel up to 350 miles to step all over the Fifth Amendment and have her unborn child ripped from her womb piece by piece. An arm, and then a leg, and then ripping off the child’s head. All the while the child’s central nervous system is intact and the child is able to feel pain. A lot of these children are almost full-term babies. What a shame that South Dakota has made it so inconvenient. I mean, we must not give the mother time to think about what she is doing.

As usual, the Democrats have it backwards. Abortion is not a civil rights issue for the MOTHER, but a civil rights issue for the CHILD. If the polls show that most Americans support abortion, it’s only because abortion and all kinds of other evil has been SOLD to America by the liberal media and other well-known organizations just like you would advertise and sell a loaf of bread. Using false statistics, lies and deceptions by omission they have sold this horrifying evil to the American public as normal and a woman’s right. Of course no such right exists in the Constitution.

As well, how you word a poll makes all the difference in the world. The liberal media knows that so asking Americans if they are in favor of banning ALL forms of abortion is a deceptive question and the media knows it. Most Americans are for abortion to save a mother’s life and therefore they have to answer this question NO.

Something else to think about is that the mental giants in the Democratic Party have unknowingly made abortion self limiting. Thanks to the murdering of 47 million Americans since Roe vs. Wade, America will, in time, have less and less liberals. You see, liberals tend to raise liberals. Without looking toward the future pro-abortionist are killing off millions of Americans that would otherwise be raised in a liberal household and would probably in the future vote for abortion, same-sex marriage etc. Liberal leftist need to reconsider their position for in time there will be fewer liberals to vote and Roe vs. Wade will become mute.

  • Peter R. Saker

What happens when the coalition leaves Iraq?

I am glad that the three Christian Peacemaker team members were found and freed (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,188861,00.html.) I am sorry that one of their members was killed. However, I quite honestly do not understand what they hoped to accomplish by going to Iraq nor do I understand the logic of peace activism. In the end, one who is willing to use violence, terror, and fear will prevail over one who refuses to use violence. Whether it be individuals or nations. I can arrive at no other conclusion.

And what do we suppose will become of Iraq at this point if, as many suggested, the coalition withdraws from Iraq? That Iraq will suddenly become a peaceful nation living in harmony with each other and the world? What indications are there for this belief? If the coalition forces leave today, Iraq will plunge into complete sectarian violence and civil war. The elected government currently struggling to form will be ripped to shreds and eventually, a new Saddam will rise to power. In a land where force and violence are the only languages truly respected by all, the only way to peace and justice is through force and violence. We all wish it wasn’t true but there it is.

  • Gordon “Doc” Smith

Title IX response

Someone needs to respond to The Garden Island’s praises of Title IX. Even though an amendment to Title IX specifically prohibits granting preferential or disparate treatment to the members of one sex on account of an imbalance, Title IX has been four times more effective in eliminating male athletes than in developing female athletes.

According to the NCAA, 200 men’s teams, and over 20,000 male slots on team rosters were eliminated between 1992 and 1997. During that same time, the number of female athletes increased by only 5,800. Nearly four men were dropped from teams for each woman who joined a roster. The NCAA studies showed that the difference in interest was evident by mens willingness to remain on the team roster even if they did not get to play, while women quit teams if they did not get to play. It didn’t matter. By 1999, an estimated 354 men’s teams had been eliminated via the discriminatory gods of Title IX.

As always, feminist groups have used intimidation and litigation to transform a law intended to eliminate discrimination against women into a law demanding discrimination against men. The NCAA reports that there are now more women’s teams than men’s among its members, but the male rosters remain larger, and so the carnage afflicting men’s sports continues. Does this only affect men? No sir. In a study using 90,000 students who attended 30 selective universities it was discovered that a female athlete had a 53 percent better chance of being admitted than a non-athlete female with the same SAT score. Let’s stop discriminating and start following the intent of the law and its amendment that no preferential treatment may be given to the members of one sex on account of an imbalance.

  • Peter R. Saker

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