Letters for Thursday — March 23, 2006

• Sending aloha and donation

• Let us not be rash!

• Get involved before the next disaster

• Realtors should be held partly liable

• Stop ‘bad bill’ from becoming law

• Vote honesty in

Sending aloha and donation

Aloha to all the people of Kaua’i. I send my sympathy to the families of those lost during the flooding. May peace be upon you all.

As a frequent visitor to Kaua’i, I am troubled and wonder if FEMA is there helping? I have not seen any news regarding President Bush doing a [late] ‘fly-over’ as he did when my fellow Gulf of Mexico neighbors were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

I have seen no outcry for donations of money, but I am sending a donation through The Kaua’i Island Fund, a part of Hawai’i Community Foundation in Honolulu, as a token of my gratitude to Kauaians, who have always made me feel welcome.

May you be blessed with help, health and strength. Aloha and mahalo.

  • Chris “Kilikena” Lovett
    St. Pete, Fl.

Let us not be rash!

I cannot even begin to express my sympathies to those who have lost family members, friends, and property as a result of the Ka Loko dam breach. They are all in my thoughts and prayers.

I, too, sympathize with the farmers who rely on the waters from the Ka Loko Reservoir and Wailapa Stream, and am hopeful that our mayor, governor and other Hawai’i officials will not make rash decisions about destroying and/or removing dams in the Kaua’i area. Personal property owners are responsible for the up-keep and maintenance of the dams and I do not believe that farmers who rely on the diversion of these waters should suffer and lose their livelihoods due to the blatant negligence of personal property owners.

This issue should not be considered until the investigation into the condition of all dams (whether privately owned or state/county owned) is complete. At that time, I believe it will be clear that all Kaua’i dams (whether owned privately or by state/county) present no hazards, with the exception of the Ka Loko dam due to negligence by the private property owner of that particuar dam.

  • Ann Walker

Get involved before the next disaster

Hurricanes can happen again, how many homes were allowed to be put in harm’s way … again? And who will clean up the mess, again? And how many people will have to be saved or relocated again?

Get involved, and look at what your Planning Department is doing before the next disaster hits.

Prayers for the lost ones out on the North side.

  • Norm Smith
    Lincoln, Ore.

Realtors should be held partly liable

I think Mr. Pfleuger should reveal who sold him this property. The real estate agency and the agent should be in part liable for Pfleuger’s problems … because these potential problems should have been revealed when he bought the property.

Obviously they were not. Pfleuger is an astute business man.

Mr. Pfleuger has been attacked by people who claim to have aloha. The attackers of Pfleuger have their own self-interest in mind, in my opinion.

estate company? Is the realtor part of this attack on a man who has provided for and employed hundreds of Hawai’i’s people?

Who is the realtor? Also, who sold the properties that flooded Kilauea?

Why is this not in your newspaper (are they advertisers) ?

  • Jim Holbrook

Stop ‘bad bill’ from becoming law

What does the American Civil Liberties Union; the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii; Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays; Civil Unions-Civil Rights Movement; Democratic Party of Kauai; Gay and Lesbian Education and Advocacy Foundation; and other similar groups have in common?

All provided public testimony in support of House Bill 1233 relating to civil rights, intended to prohibit discrimination in public accommodations on the basis of sexual orientation.

Sounds harmless? Read on.

If this bill passes, “sex” would no longer be “male or female” but would be legally defined as whatever a person perceives him or herself to be.

The phrase “sex, including gender identity or expression” would be a fundamental redefinition of law because it would mean that the definition of “sex,” i.e., male or female, would be expanded to include “gender identity or expression.”

If language stating that “sex” includes “gender identity or expression” becomes codified in law — and subsequently extended throughout Hawai’i’s statutes — the “unintended consequences” could be far-reaching.

Taking into consideration Hawai’i’s definition of places of public accommodation, this would include shower facilities at public parks and campsites, swimming pools, spas and health clubs in hotels, resorts, and in the community. In addition, restrooms in all public accommodations would no longer be “male” or “female” but would be open to anyone regardless of the sex they were born with because under the “gender identity or expression” law you can choose to be whatever you want, whenever you want.

Please contact our state representatives and senators to stop a very bad bill from becoming law! If not, the State of Hawai’i is destined for major upheaval!

  • Garret T. Hashimoto
    State Chairman, Hawaii Christian Coalition

Vote honesty in

Well, once again, we have all lost as your government spends your money to fight your wishes.

The last police commission meeting obviously shows that Iannucci, Grady and Gonsalves are out to remove honesty in our police department and return it to the “Old Boy Regime” of business as usual. On Kaua’i, obviously “crime does pay.”

Fellow citizens, do you want crime and drugs to go unpunished again? It is time for all of you to stand up and be counted. The good people who are trying to return honesty to our island can’t do it on their own. We must all help out, write, phone and be heard.

County attorneys have a bottom-less bucket of your money to hire high-priced law firms to fight your will. Now is the time. Vote crime out, vote honesty in.

  • David E. Lindstrom

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