Letters for Tuesday — March 14, 2006

• Celebrate with a smile

• Constituent not happy

• Senior citizen upset at treatment by officer

• This is justice?

• Beware of dog hunters

Celebrate with a smile

We lost an amazing man on Feb. 27. This past Saturday my husband and I attended Greg Espina’s memorial at St. Catherine Church in Kapa’a. I lost count of how many times the word “smile” was said during the speeches made by his friends and family.

We’ve lost a man who smiled and greeted people with deep sincerity. I chose Territorial Savings because of that smile. Thelma and Greg were the two people who greeted me the day I passed through their door at the bank. For nearly five years I’ve been greeted weekly by Greg’s warmth. Even when he was busy on the phone, if I turned to catch his eye, he’d raise his arm to wave at me.

He’d always make eye contact and give me that gorgeous smile. I am writing because I feel that all of us who knew Greg need to carry that torch. I, for one, will make an extra effort to acknowledge people with the same respect and kindness that Greg always put forth. I invite all who knew him to celebrate his life by passing on what he gave us daily: the blessing of connection.

  • Pam Woolway

Constituent not happy

Just a quick note for those who are interested in what your representatives are up to.

On Tuesday, Ed Case, D-District 2, voted with the Republicans to reauthorize the USA Patriot Act, essentially telling the administration it’s OK to continue its violation of the Constitution and thumbing its nose at the rule of law.

If you agree that we should sacrifice the liberty that our forefathers fought and died for, then by all means, vote for Case again. I, for one, won’t make that mistake again.

And those of you who are willing to give up a little liberty for a little protection against the Muslim boogieman would do well to remember that it is far far more likely that you will die in a car wreck than you or anyone you know being harmed by a “terrorist.” Peace.

  • Leonard Lyons

Senior citizen upset at treatment by officer

I am a senior citizen and a resident of Kekaha. On my way home from the Kekaha Neighborhood Center where I attend a variety of senior-citizen-related programs and activities, I was stopped by a police officer near the Kekaha Mill site. As he approached me (speaking with someone on a cell phone) he wagged his finger at me. I could not help but feel that I was being reproached.

He pointed out that the date of my safety check had expired and that it was long overdue. Consequently, as an officer of the law, it was his duty to cite me. Realizing that I was, indeed, in error, I asked him if there was a deadline for me to pay the fine for this infraction of the law. His reply was “Just read the instructions on the envelope because I gotta get out of here.” This was also intensified by the look of anger on his face that further intimidated me.

I am not seeking sympathy in the fact that I should be given consideration for being a senior citizen. I am not asking to be excused from the penalties and fines that have imposed on me for not paying attention to the details which come with owning and driving a car. As difficult as it is to live in a community where there are no gas stations when at one time we had as many as five in different parts of our town, I know and I realize that I am still responsible.

However, I am concerned with the abrupt rudeness of this officer. I strongly recommend that he should exercise this authority with some degree of compassion. The words that he uttered in the tone of voice that he used have created a great deal of personal anxiety for me. I was raised to be respectful of the law. I have endeavored to teach my children and my grandchildren to do likewise. To be treated in a demeaning manner is totally uncalled for, and, perhaps, a major reason why people lose respect for officers of the law who are unmindful of the impact they make as they make contact with the citizens that they serve.

I humbly ask that the members of the Kauai Police Department will respond to this concern in a way that will be constructive and positive in the future. As for this officer, I hope you will think about the way you go about your work.

  • Juana E. Domingo

This is justice?

I have been a critic of our justice system for several years. I see things that force me to write again. A case in California comes to mind. A man names Morales killed a beautiful 17-year-old girl by bashing her head in 23 times with a rock and stabbing her 16 or so times. He then dragged her body into an orchard and had sex with her dead body. To top it off properly he ran over her with his car. This was 25 years ago.

Now his defense lawyers and some judges are deeply concerned that when he is executed he might feel some pain!!!!! They have stayed his execution until they can be sure he will feel no pain at all. Their concern for this poor misunderstood man is commendable. I’m sure we should try harder to relate to how important it is that this brutal monster not feel pain when he dies. I certainly wouldn’t recommend he be put on a rack and pulled apart (Though that is an idea.) No hanging either because again he would feel pain. A bullet to the brain? He would know it was coming and that would probably cause him some expectation of pain, not good either. No wonder other countries think we are nuts, and Muslims are convinced we are weak. They just whack their heads off.

Will we ever return to a justice system where we have more concern for the victim’s family than the criminal. I hope so.

  • Bob Yount

Beware of dog hunters

Please let anyone know who lives in Kalaheo on Wawae Road and Puuwai that some heartless empty head person is feeding anti-freeze to poor animals that get loose from their leashes. We lost 3 dogs in 6 months to this animal hater.

Please let this person know that our animals were not mean and that they took something from us that we really loved. And I hope they do not own any kind of animals. Because someone will take it away like they did ours.

  • Lorna Brun

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