Letters for Monday — March 13, 2006

• Sweet talk is not enough

• Whose community is it?

• Investment opportunity

Sweet talk is not enough

In response to the letter by Mitch Heller published on Thursday, March 9:

Although the sentiments aired here appear at first glance to be reasonable and fair, the fact is that Mr. Heller is not a resident of Kaua’i — as I understand it, he resides in Las Vegas with an office in Honolulu — therefore, the concerns voiced herein are not those of ‘our’ community, since it is not his. Mr. Heller being a key player in Coconut Beach Developments LLC, who are proposing to build two major new vacation projects on 20 acres of ancient Hawai’ian burial grounds at Waipouli Beach, the concerns he has expressed are in support of those developments, not in support of the best interests of Kaua’i. In light of this fact it is easy to understand that most of what he wrote is misleading. The money for improvements would only be spent AFTER his new developments had first significantly over-burdened our infrastructure. Nothing would be spent ahead of time to improve the infrastructure FIRST; that ‘as much as $12 million’ is only being offered CONTINGENT on permission to build his developments being granted! Nor should we be misled into thinking that contributions of $2.3 million (i.e. only 20 percent of that $12 million) are being offered by the developers as a gesture of goodwill or generosity — the fact is, without that money being offered, the deal doesn’t seal! Contrary to what his letter implies, Mr. Heller’s company isn’t doing Kaua’i any favours. In truth, the developments proposed by his development company would flood the already crowded Kapa’a area with over 1,200 new people plus at least 800 new cars, for which a 20 percent contribution to the road, water and sewage systems is NOT ENOUGH. The traffic survey carried out on behalf of Mr. Heller’s company which came to the patently inaccurate conclusion that the impact on traffic (if approval for all this new building goes ahead) would be a mere 5 percent is based in Las Vegas; as those who have visited that city in recent years can attest, Las Vegas suffers from such severe traffic congestion that the traffic surveyors might just as well come from Los Angeles for all the credibility such a conclusion warrants!

It is not clear what ‘important work with community partners’ is actually being referred to; presumably, work which is important to the success of these proposed new developments, ergo, entirely unimportant to the real needs of the east-side communities of Kaua’i, who are under threat of having their last open beaches closed in by condotels built by Mr. Heller’s company. While it is easy to understand and sympathize with the developers’ frustration at having invested time and money in two potentially lucrative developments now being jeopardized by the many very real and legitimate concerns being raised by those of us who live here, the solution is to wake up to the fact that in their present form, his company’s proposed developments are unrealistic and inappropriate — rather than trying to sweet-talk us local yokels into buying his snake-oil … whilst masquerading as one of us!

  • Eve Hands
    Waipouli Beach

Whose community is it?

Hello Mitch … The last I looked, OUR community residents do not have a Vegas driver’s license as I.D. nor a reputation of fleecing property while pretending to have our best interest at heart. At least in Vegas they show you a good time before leaving you poorer for the experience. Your article reminds me of a person lying to another while they are both aware of it, but the liar continues to tell the lie as if he really believes it.

Aren’t you the one who wanted to close the Planning Commission to the public and end the debate? Your lethal injection of a response offends our intelligence and speaks of your barely contained contempt that you have for those whom you feel are standing in the way of you getting your pay-off. I saw your partner on the phone to your handlers outside the Planning Commission meeting, and you could tell they were pissed. So ENOUGH ALREADY.

We need RELIEF from YOUR congestion. Let us pay you a favor in return. Drop your money at our hospitality sites, have a good time, and go home somewhat the poorer and gamble with someone else’s future. IT’S VEGAS … BABY.

  • Steve Haray

Investment opportunity

Looking for an easy way to make a lot of money?

Why not sue Kaua’i County?

Everybody else is!

In fact, they’re suing themselves!

It’s the latest craze and it can provide you with a quick settlement or you can take them to court and watch their attorneys step on each others’ toes, plus you get the added bonus of knowing that county officials are sweating bullets behind closed doors just for you.

Suing the county has never been this easy. There’s no experience required. It’s something anyone can do and the rewards are positively amazing.

This is not a limited time offer because its been going on for years. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but if it did, you could probably sue the county for keeping it out of your reach. Besides who needs a money tree when we’ve got a cash cow just waiting to be milked. Others have made out like bandits — what are you waiting for? Operators (attorneys) are standing by to file your complaints and get you started on the fast track to big bucks. No money up front because when you sue Kaua’i County; it’s a slam dunk!

You won’t see this offer in stores, but when you settle your claim you’ll be able to buy lots of things in lots of stores. And, don’t worry about the money, there’s plenty of taxpayers out there with skyrocketing tax assessments ready to fill the coffers after you help our county officials empty them.

Here are just some of the dozens of lucrative plaintiff opportunities waiting to be filed in your name: job discrimination, (one of our most popular categories), race discrimination, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, false arrest, fall-down-go-boom (could happen to anybody).

Choose the lawsuit that fits your complaint and then turn your lawyer loose. It’s that simple! Remember it’s cheaper to settle than go to trial and the county council basically mints its own currency every time it goes into executive session. Why shouldn’t you have some of the loot? Think of it as a taxpayer dividend!

Imagine the envy of your friends and neighbors when you drive up in your brand new SUV sporting that “I just took the county for a ride” smile.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let that gripe get overripe … if you’re sick or lame, the county’s probably to blame, so pick up the phone and dial — 1-800-GET-SUM2.

  • Fred von Wiegen

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