Letters for Tuesday – March 07, 2006

• We know they’re there

• Issues with ethanol article

• Not a mindless follower

• Letter rankles reader

• Skewed viewpoint

• Legislators’ judgment suspect

• Rather hunt with Dick than ride with Teddy

• Guys aren’t all bad

We know they’re there

Most people know where the main drug activity houses are in their community.

That means the “police” know also!?

So, why did this problem become an “epidemic?!”

  • Margaret Simao

Issues with ethanol article

Rep. Hermina M. Morita’s Feb. 1, District 14 e-News article entitled “Ethanol blending Mandate Coming Soon” contains information that is contradicted by a joint study from Cornell University and University of California-Berkeley published last summer. Morita quoted a 27-year-old study by the American Petroleum Institute: “It took more energy to make a gallon of ethanol from corn kernels that was contained in the final gallon of fuel ethanol.” In other words, ethanol production costs more than it is worth. This is still true, but then Morita added “Plants with higher cellulose content like switch grass or sugar cane are much better.”

According to the 2005 study: “Switch grass requires 45 percent more fossil energy than the fuel produced.” I believe Morita equates switch grass with sugar cane. Therefore, sugar cane requires more fossil energy than the fuel produced. I’d like Morita to explain how this is any better than using corn kernels. Ethanol production is a joke! Apparently, Rep. Morita continues to misinform voters whenever it benefits her big business backers. You know, the ones getting $50,000,000 from the State to build an ethanol production plant.

The study can be found in Natural Resources Research (Vol… 14:1, 65-76). Its author concludes, “Ethanol production in the United States does not benefit the nation’s energy security, its agriculture, economy or the environment.”

  • John Wyatt

Not a mindless follower

Dennis Chaquette’s diatribe against President Bush (Letters 3-6-06) is the same old same old Democrat party-line. I must resent being tagged as “a mindless follower!” I am not ashamed of my-self. Rather as a proud and loyal Republican in the USA’s two-party system.

Dennis, please face these facts:

The Democrats are no longer in power in Washington after 40 years. There is a duly elected Republican President and Republican majorities in both houses of Congress.

Republican state governors are in the majority including Hawai’i with Gov. Linda Lingle. President Bush has recently adjusted the balance of the Supreme Court to reflect the will of the people.

In the Nov. 2004 elections some 80 percent of the USA’s counties voted for our President.

Dennis, please cut the insults and allow our two-party system to continue working.

  • Bill Harper

Letter rankles reader

Dennis Chaquette (The Garden Island, letters, March 6) excoriates President Bush for “Allowing 9/11 to happen.” “Allowing Katrina to happen” and “Allowing our soldiers to come into harm’s way for nothing.”

He further states that a Republican who supports President Bush “is not a real American.” These ridiculous statements represent the extremes to which some among us are driven by their hatred and paranoia.

  • Myles Fladager

Skewed viewpoint

I’d like to respond to Dennis Chaquette’s letter to The Garden Island dated March 6. He states, “Bush knew about 9/11 a month before it happened, and did nothing to stop it.” Dennis, do you really think that President Bush hates America so much that he wanted to see thousands of Americans killed?

Mr. Chaquette must think that all Republicans are downright clairvoyant. That would certainly explain Dennis’ point of view.

I think I’m starting to understand the liberal point of view. Discrimination, exploitation, double standards, and sexual harassment is wrong, sexist, and unconstitutional ONLY when liberals say it is. As well, the president knew what THEY say he knew, ONLY when they say he knew it. Thanks for setting me straight.

  • Peter R. Saker

Legislators’ judgment suspect

I saw on the news that several of our Hawai’i legislators still support the gas cap law by thinking that they should keep it and tweak it.

It is no longer the money these particular legislators have cost us that up-sets me. The worst part is being embarrassed before the entire world that we elected such ignorant and willful people to lead us. Now I cannot trust their judgment on anything else. I will not be contributing money to their election campaigns, as I have in the past, and I will never again vote for any of them.

My fervent hope is that some form of logic and sanity prevail this session in the Hawai’i State Legislature, and I pray that all local reporters help keep this insulting issue dead center on the table.

Thank you for the space to speak my mind. My regard…

  • T.G. Rusk

Rather hunt with Dick than ride with Teddy

To all your Teddy Kennedy DEMO readers that hate Bush and Cheney. I would rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than for a car ride with Teddy Kennedy! Cheney’s friend did live, which is a lot more than can be said about Teddy’s friend!

  • Ted J. Milenkoff
    Hobart, Ind

Guys aren’t all bad

These days I like reading the editorials more than the comics.

It’s cool that guys are finally saying stuff.

In school we learned that girls are the good ones with the good grades, don’t do drugs, and aren’t interested in sex, while boys do all the bad stuff, but it’s better to be one of the boys than being made to be a girl. It seems like just having an argument with a girl is sexual harassment. I remember listening to a sexual harassment lecture by someone who I swear hates guys and she made everything that guys do seem sexual harassment while mentioning nothing about the stuff girls do. Even the men teachers wouldn’t say anything, so just when I thought all older guys are “whipped,” guys like Peter Saker and Michael Smith write stuff to balance the “feminist rhetoric” to say guys aren’t all bad.

  • Ray Kanahele

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